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Oh, how could have I done this entire shrine without help? I don't know, but I would like to personally thank and give credit where credit is due.

Squaresoft- Thanks for making one of the greatest RPGs in history.

Chrono Trigger Zeal Archive- I got the Tabs and Sealed Chests lists from this site, which is another excellent Chrono Trigger site.

Bill Pringle- I found his endings list on RPGamer. It gave me the structure for my endings list. (Which I, Hiryuu, have redone yet again =P).

Zlefin- Provided some info on racing Johnny and Robo's Crisis Arm.

HopefulDeath- Gave me some misc. info

Crone - An editor that can alter enemies' stats. This was an invaluable resource in helping me gather enemy stats when the enemy page was updated. I couldn't have done it without it! Actually, I could have, but it would have taken me much, much longer. You can download this program at Zophar's Domain.

The Mynock - Provided the walkthrough (which was eventually replaced)

Xelopheris - Gave me the correct code to save Lara's legs in the PSX version of the game

Durham - Gave me a good tip to gain Tech Points.

Dark Paladin - He did a lot of the work for this shrine when he was still a member.

Arcygenical - Notified me of a location error in the Weapon section.

Crusader - He was the maintainer of this shrine after Dark Paladin and before ShaheenJim.  I'm sure he did something or another, but I don't know what.

ShaheenJim - Third site maintainer, redid the equipment lists correctly, started redoing the enemies list, and added a bunch of other random crap.

MmSquall - For providing me with lots of weapon and armor info and lots of screenshots. 57 to be exact.

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