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Ah, Endings. They give games life. What a great advent for the gaming community. Sure, Pac-Man can be fun, but is it really fun to just keep playing until the game simply crashes on you? We, as a society, yearn for closure, and the endings provided in the games give us satisfaction, and they allow us to reflect back on our accomplishment, and realize that we have become the masters of our domain. We have taken this untamed beast of a game, and completed it, and the ending for the game is our great reward.
Often, games may disappoint with their endings. A simple showing of the credits and little else (or that stupid "That's Benjamin, you nut!" line in FF: Mystic Quest). Luckily for us, Chrono Trigger features a multitude of endings for our greedy selves. So I will list out all of the endings, as well as allow you to download each and every one for your Zsnes viewing pleasure.
* To make the save states work, change the name of the file to whatever the name of your ROM is. So if your rom is Chrono.smc, change the file name to Chrono.zst.

If you want to just download all the endings in one zip file, click here.


To get this much fabled ending, start a New Game +, and when you get to Lucca's Teleportation thingamabobber, enter the right telepod and fight Lavos. Or you can kill Lavos in the Ocean Palace (when you're supposed to lose).

This ending is great. You'll end up in the End of Time, and you can go around and talk to all the programmers who made this game. Once you've talked to everybody, go to Spekkio's room.



Head to the right Telepod (you have to be in New Game +) and fight Lavos right after rescuing Marle in AD 600 (the part where you're supposed to take Marle to the castle).

You'll end up back at the fair. Everybody will mention Marle "wearing a disguise" or something to that effect. When you talk to your father, he'll show an old wedding movie, with Frog marrying one of Marle's ancestors (looks like Leene, but wasn't she already married?).



You'll get this ending if you defeat Lavos from the first time you arrive in The End of Time to the fight at Zenan Bridge.

You like the 3 stooges? Well, they're here, but in animal form. Watch a Nu and Ribbit in their slapstick comedy routine, and eventually, a Kilwala joins in on the fun.



To get this ending, beat Lavos anywhere from the time you first get past Zenan bridge in AD 600, to when you get the Hero Medal from Tata.

It shows Robo and Atropos holding hands and just plain bein' in love, then it shows Tata in his quest to destroy Magus (but it seems Crono & Crew beat him to the task).



You get this ending when you beat Lavos after you get all the pieces of the Masamune (and Hero Medal), but before you get stuck in 65,000,000 BC.

Shows various scenes from the game.



Get this ending by beating Lavos from the time you get the Gate Key back from Azala to the time you get Frog in your party.

Shows various still pictures from the game.



Get this ending by beating Lavos after Frog rejoins your party, but before defeating Magus.

Frog will go to Magus's castle, make his way to Magus, and a fight will ensue (too bad you can't watch it). At the end, it shows a cloaked figure standing on top of Magus's Castle.



Get this ending by beating Lavos after defeating Magus, but before defeating Azala.

Starts just like the beginning of the game, but all the humans are replaced with Reptites!



Get this ending by defeating Lavos after defeating Azala, but before watching Schala open the sealed door, or after being sealed out from Zeal, but before getting through the Ocean Palace.

You see various scenes, most noteworthy being Magus going through the Ocean Palace on his way to fight Lavos.



To get this very rare ending, you must defeat Lavos after seeing Schala opening up the sealed door in Zeal, but before powering up Marle's Pendant.

This ending is great! Marle and Lucca rate several guys from Chrono Trigger, and they'll inform you which are studs, and which are duds! Also, Crono shows up and gives his only lines of the whole game!



Beat Lavos after Crono's dead, and Magus is also dead, and you didn't crash Epoch into Lavos.

Everybody appears and goes to their respective time period, and you go to the fair. Everybody shows up at the gate, and Frog is human again, and Lucca thinks he's a hottie. Then they all go looking for Crono.

If you let Magus live, this ending's pretty much the same, but Frog stays a frog.



Beat Lavos after Crono's dead, but this time crash Epoch into Lavos.

A lot like 11a, but you see everybody in the fair crowd, talk to them and they'll go to Lucca's Telepod, which has been modified to be a time machine. Everybody but Marle goes to search for Crono, and Marle takes a ride on balloons.

Both these endings will change slightly if you get the C. Trigger (very slightly), and if you saved Lara, she'll be standing, and for 11b, if you kill Magus, he won't show up (obviously), but Frog will still be a frog...



Get this ending after getting Crono back, and by using the bucket in the End of Time or the Black Omen to get to Lavos (don't crash Epoch)

Crono's stay of execution is cancelled, he's a hero, blah, blah...they go to the fair, everybody goes home, then Crono's mom chases all the cats (they're running away, because "Crono didn't feed them", regardless of how much Cat Food you have), and the cats and Crono's mom go in the gate, and you go in Epoch and try to find her.

The ending will change slightly if you let the Chancellor out of the chest in AD 1000 (otherwise Pierre will stand there in the castle), saved Lara (if you did, she'll be standing), killed Magus (if you did, he won't show up), or got more cats (the amount of cats you got is the amount that go in the gate).



Get this ending after getting Crono back, but by crashing Epoch into Lavos.

Just like 12a, but Crono's mom doesn't show up, and Crono and Marle float away on balloons at the end.

The variations are the same as for 12a, except the cat one (because the cats don't show up).



Get this "ending" by losing to Lavos.

It shows Lavos destroying the world (don't you feel bad for losing?).


(In addition to all of this, the PSX remake also contains two ending animated movies.

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