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Soylent Green is People!

Time to take care of that pesky "Origin of Machines" side-quest. Robo is absolutely essential here, and he has to be in the front of your party, so make it so. Now go to 2300 AD and, in an island to southeast, you should find Geno Dome.
Have Robo punch up stuff on the computer here and he'll get a message from Mother Brain, who proceeds to diss humans. Samus ain't around, so it looks like it's up to you to teach her some manners.
You'll start your journey on a conveyor belt, where you'll have to fight your way through a series of battles with robotic enemies. They look like the guys you fought way back in the Factory, but they're a tad tougher. Nothing you can't handle, though!
The rest of the place is an annoying collection of switches and other mechanized nonsense. I suggest you go around and kick some robotic ass, clearing the place of the annoying enemies on the first floor, then get ready to start hitting some major switchage.
Hit this switch near where the conveyor belt originally took you, and you'll see the chamber on the left open up. There'll be more switches like this, so keep your eyes peeled.
In the northern part of the first floor, you'll see another chamber, but no switch next to it. There are these three switches, though. One combination of the switches will open the chamber, but you don't know which combination. But there are only 8 combinations possible, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out... But since I know how lazy walkthrough-readers are, I'll just tell you the combination... hit the right switch and the left switch (so the order is Red, Green, Red), and the chamber will open.
Go back to where you opened the first chamber, and head to the right a bit. Here's a door you can get into just by walking into it. Inside is an elevator that moves you to the second floor. Note that just southeast of this door is the garbage chute, which can be used as an emergency exit.
On the second floor, first go down, then left. There's a switch here, but many people don't know how to hit it, so the MegaElixer and Magic Tab hidden behind it go to waste. The way to hit the switch is to get a running start, then press your action button when you're a ways away. This will cause Robo to jump up and hit the switch, leaving the goodies inside ripe for the pickin'.
If you keep going left, then up, you may come across this door. Mother Brain is back there, but you can't reach her yet. So continue to the left.
You'll find a human processing plant! It's unclear whether they are breaking the humans down into robo-fuel, or if this is just a Nazi-esque death camp, but either way, those no-good robots are up to no good! There's nothing you can do about this for now, so grab the treasure chest just beyond the plant, then start heading back to the elevator that brought you to the second floor.
Head into the door just north of the elevator. You'll reach a long hallway. Don't forget to grab this Power Tab, then continue up along the hallway. After a little skirmish, you'll find another elevator that will bring you back down to the first floor.
Back on the first floor, you should immediately turn left and go through this hidden passage (there's a Magic Tab hidden in the darkness of the passage, right near the middle, so don't forget to get it!). Make your way down to this switch and hit it so the conveyor belt starts moving upward.
By hitting this switch, you'll remove the laser barrier. As if you didn't know that already. But the more I type, the more you'll read, and the more time of yours I'll waste. So HA!
Just across from the conveyor belt is another switch that'll open up another chamber. So, open this chamber, and start running down the conveyor belt.
If you've been extra lazy, and have just been following this walkthrough word for word, you'll probably not have gone into this room yet. So, you might as well go in now. Inside, you can find some treasure.
Just north of the entrance of Geno Dome, you can find this computer and chamber. The computer will give you hints of what to do, but since you're reading this, you don't need no stinking hints! The chamber is important though. It will electrify Robo for a short while, and if electric Robo steps into another chamber, its door will open! Sweetness!
The first chamber you should go after is the one just near the entrance. Inside is some treasure, which never hurts.
Remember the three switches that were used to open the chamber? Open this one with electric-Robo, and you'll find the first Poyozo Doll. If you haven't been paying attention, the two Poyozo Dolls are used to open the way to Mother Brain.
If you go into another room, then return to where you found this Poyozo Doll, you'll see a Speed Tab in its place. Totally awesome to the max!
One more door to unlock... it's the one to the northwest near the conveyor belt. If you made the conveyor belt go north, you should have just enough time to run from the electrifying chamber to this one. If you didn't make the conveyor belt go north, do so now, or you'll never unlock this door.
You'll find some stupid robot that follows you around like some sort of lost, robotic puppy. But you can use this to your advantage. Have him follow you to the entrance of Geno Dome.
Just to the west of the entrance, you may have noticed that there's a robot that blocks your path to a Poyozo Doll. If you bring the follower robot to this robot, the two will gaze into each other's eyes and lose track of all other happenings in the world. You can use this opportunity to grab the treasure and Poyozo Doll.
Go back up to the second floor. You'll be intercepted by a girl robot. Uh-oh, was Robo evil all along?
Of course not, you silly goose! Robo will then start to bring the hurt down on his girlfriend. This battle's really not hard. Just use Uzzi Punch to attack, and Cure Beam to heal, and Atropos won't stand a chance.
After Robo kills her, she'll regain her memory and stop being evil. She'll also give Robo her ribbon, which isn't an accessory, but at this point, Robo's stats will go up as indicated.
Remember that gate you couldn't open earlier? Place the two poyozo dolls on the green spots, and you'll be granted access.
Mother brain's not a brain after all! What a rip-off... she's just some sort of hologram thingy! Have Ayla in your party and you can steal yourself a Blue Mail in this battle (you can get Elixirs from the Displays, if you wish). The first thing you should do is take out the three displays that keep healing Mother Brain. This pisses her off, and causes her to use more powerful attacks, but she won't keep regaining her HP anymore. Speaking of her HP, she only has 5000, so just use your most powerful Techs and she should die before she knows it.
Robo will now magically get the Terra Arm, which is his best all-around Arm, and the Crisis Arm, whose attack power depends on the last digit in Robo's current HP (the whole "attack power changes below 10 HP" thing caused many people to believe that the Arm is only good when Robo's HP is below 10 (as did its name), but it's really just a poorly phrased way of saying that its attack power depends on the "ones digit" of Robo's HP). Anyway, the higher Robo's final digit in his HP is, the more powerful the Terra Arm is. If this digit is 9, for instance, it's the most powerful weapon in the game.

Item Checklist

Lapis (Geno Dome Chest)
MegaElixir (Geno Dome Chest)
Magic Tab (Geno Dome)
15000 G (Geno Dome Chest)
Full Ether (Geno Dome Chest)
Power Tab (Geno Dome)
Magic Tab (Geno Dome)
Elixir (Geno Dome Chest)
Lapis (Geno Dome Chest)
Full Tonic (Geno Dome Chest)
Full Tonic (Geno Dome Chest)
50000 G (Geno Dome Chest)
Speed Tab (Geno Dome)
Full Ether (Geno Dome Chest)
HyperEther (Geno Dome Chest)
Vigil Hat (Geno Dome Chest)
Blue Mail (Charm Mother Brain)
Terra Arm (Geno Dome)
Crisis Arm (Geno Dome)

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