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The Return of the Son of the Trial of the Millennium Returns II, in 3D.

You'll need Marle in your party for this side-quest, so pop her in. Also, you can't do this one unless you already retrieved the Rainbow Shell. Ayla, again, is handy with her Charming abilities here. Turns out the King has gotten himself into a bit of hot water since you last visited...
You can reach the courtroom by going up the stairs in the eastern wing of the castle. The guards guard, but they're no match for Marle's screaming ability.
The king sold the Rainbow Shell for personal profit? The BASTARD! LYNCH HIM!!!!!!!!!! ...Or maybe he was framed. I don't like the sound of the chancellor's evil laugh...
Marle will immediately abandon all hope until a party member reminds her that the Rainbow Shell is probably still in the basement. Or at least it should still be there if the King is truly innocent...
Next to the staircase that led to the courtroom is the staircase that leads to the basement. Here you'll witness a slight variation of the "guard falls asleep at his post" cliche. Turns out he was bit by a rat, and he's slowly dying. But your heroic party's in too much of a hurry to save somebody's life, so just leave him there to rot away.
You'll learn about the chancellor's evil plot by way of two snakes appropriately named Dumb and Dumber. I wonder if Ted Woolsey is a Jim Carrey fan? Anyway, all the enemies here are the same guys you fought back in the cathedral, so you should have no trouble. If you are having trouble with these enemies at this point, stop playing the game... NOW!
Magus kicks ass. But the note won't be burnt, it will be read. And it will warm your heart... Maybe.
You'll grab one of those damn sparklies floating around the shell. I mean, this is all the evidence that could be possibly needed to acquit the king. Don't tell the jurors to take a look in the basement of the building they're already in to see the shell itself or anything...
Armed with earplugs, the guards no longer fear Marle. Marle has other plans though...
Notice how there's no shards of glass flying anywhere? I guess they're all embedded in Marle's skin right now. Makes you wonder what drug she took to still have that shit-eating grin on her face...
Surprise, surprise, the chancellor was another Yakra. This one's harder than the last one though. First, have Ayla get your party another White Mail, then start wailing away. Yakra XIII isn't so hard until a certain point when he starts letting loose with needles. Luckily, they only attack one character at a time, so Marle should be able to heal you up easily. When Yakra XIII dies, he does one final needle attack on all three characters, so keep your HP above 300 or so at all times, 'k?
Are we playing Chrono Trigger or watching Full House reruns?
Melchior will bust into the castle out of nowhere with a hankerin' for some weapon makerin'.
Before you go after the weapons, return to the courtroom to grab this sparkly, which is actually the Yakra Key. On the way downstairs, you can now free the REAL chancellor from the locked chest, who, like his ancestor, must be some sort of contortionist to fit in that damn box.
Go back to the Rainbow Shell in the basement and Melchior will offer to make you either the Prism Dress or three Prism Helms. The Rainbow Shell doesn't even get used up, so why the jackass doesn't just make you both is beyond me, but c'est la vie. The Prism Dress is the best armor in the game, but can only be equipped by the girls. The Prism Helms are the most powerful helmets, and you get three, so I suggest the Prism Helms for now.
You'll get some more stuff from Melchior if you've already finished the Sun Stone side-quest. The PrismSpecs are pretty badass, as they make your attacks über-powerful.
And you'll get Crono's best sword, the Rainbow. This thing kicks ass, as it does critical attacks more often than not, and it looks pretty sweet too.

Item Checklist

HyperEther (Guardia Castle Basement Chest)
Elixir (Guardia Castle Basement Chest)
Lapis (Guardia Castle Basement Chest)
Elixir (Guardia Castle Basement Chest)
HyperEther (Guardia Castle Basement Chest)
Lapis (Guardia Castle Basement Chest)
PrismShard (Guardia Castle Basement)
White Mail (Charm from Yakra XIII)
Yakra Key (Guardia Castle Courtroom)
Chancellor (Guardia Castle Chest)
1 PrismDress or 3 Prism Helms (Guardia Castle Basement)
PrismSpecs (Guardia Castle Basement)
Rainbow (Guardia Castle Basement)

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