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The Rainbow Connection

Ah, the Rainbow Shell. Once home to the most colorful of shellfish. To start this quest, go to Choras Cafe in 600 AD and talk to Toma there. He'll get all morbid and give you some of his Pop (which I believe was Sake in the Japanese version).
Now head to the cape near Choral Village in 1000 AD. Examine Toma's tombstone, and your character will either relieve himself/herself or dump Toma's Pop on the tombstone (it's difficult to tell which). Toma's ghost will then pop out of the ground and talk about the Rainbow Shell and the Giant's Claw.
While you're desecrating Toma's grave, you might as well grab the Speed Tab that's hidden behind it too.
The Giant's Claw is on an island northwest of Choral Village in 600 AD. You can actually enter this place before even talking to Toma, but that wouldn't be any fun, would it?
Turns out the Giant's Claw is actually the buried remains of the Tyrano Lair. Despite becoming half-cave, the place is in remarkable shape, considering it's 65,000,600 years old. There are even dinosaurs still here! And any of the egg-chests you didn't get in the Tyrano Lair will be here if you missed them for some inexplicable reason.
Keep going through the place until you reach this familiar area. The front switch reveals a save point, the lower-right switch drops down some monsters (don't hit this switch), and the lower-left switch creates a pit (and kills a kitten). If you want to go through the skull gate, just examine it, but there's nothing there except a egg chest you surely got in the Tyrano Lair. Anyway, reveal the pit and drop down.
You'll land in another switch room. The left switch opens the skull gate, which leads to a Power Tab. The right switch just summons some monsters, so leave it alone. Go south to leave this room and continue on your journey.
At this point, you can climb up the top ladder for a shortcut to the exit, but that would be cowardly, so go down the bottom ladder instead.
Remember this room? Go to the left to find the FrenzyBand, which is one of the best accessories in the entire game. Going to the right will continue along your journey.
Remember these guys from the Mountain of Woe? More easy Tech Points!
After hitting the egg switch and landing in the jail cell, go to the left to grab another Power Tab. Go to the right, and you'll almost be at the end of this dungeon.
It's a Tyrano... a RUST Tyrano! If you have Ayla with you, you can steal a Red Mail, so you'll probably want to do that. Afterward, Rust Tyrano will mostly just count down from 5 and then do a fire attack on the party. If you're properly protected from fire (by equipping Fire Mails, Fire Vests, Ruby Armors, etc.), this battle will be easy. Just attack with your most powerful techs while the Rust Tyrano counts down (Triple Techs that use Ayla's Triple Kick work well), and you'll be fine.
Just behind the Rust Tyrano is the Rainbow Shell. But it's too heavy for your weakling party to carry, so you'll have to get help.
So it was decided that the Rainbow Shell would just sit in Guardia Castle for eons. Way to go...(?)

Item Checklist

Toma's Pop (Choras Cafe, 600 AD)
Speed Tab (Behind Toma's Tomb)
Sight Cap (Giant's Claw Chest)
Power Tab (Giant's Claw)
Full Ether (Giant's Claw Chest)
Power Tab (Giant's Claw)
Blue Rock (Giant's Claw Chest)
ZodiacCape (Giant's Claw Chest)
Lapis (Giant's Claw Chest)
FrenzyBand (Giant's Claw Chest)
Power Tab (Giant's Claw)
Red Mail (Charm Rust Tyrano)

Leftover Treasure from Tyrano Lair (If you didn't get them there)

Mid Ether
Full Ether
Full Tonic
Mid Ether

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