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The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas

Let's track down that pesky Sun Stone, why don't we? Go to 2300 AD, and on this island southwest of Keeper's Dome is the Sun Palace. Go in it.
Inside you'll fight the Son of Sun. You'll want plenty of fire protection in this battle, so equip one party member with the Fire Vest and the other with the Fire Mail. The third party member should be equipped with another Fire Mail (if you have one), or at least the Ruby Armor from Aoki Village (The Taban Suit works just as well if you want to bring Lucca). First thing's first, charm the Son of Sun to get a Black Mail. After that's taken care of, don't attack the Son of Sun directly. There are several flames that can be targeted, all but one will counterattack with fire, the other will damage the Son of Sun when attacked. This is the only way to damage Son of Sun. Every time Son of Sun uses the Roulette Shuffle, the flame that should be attacked switches position. All in all, this battle's extremely easy if you're properly protected against fire attacks.
After being defeated, the Son of Sun will fly to the back and transform into the Sun Stone. But that'd be too easy, wouldn't it? Turns out the Sun Stone is out of energy... so it's the Moon Stone now. You need to think of a way to recharge it with solar power... so head to 65,000,000 BC.
While you're here, you may as well get the SilverRock by talking to this Nu in Laruba Ruins. This Nu can also change the name of your characters (and if you want to change the name of Epoch, you can do so in Keeper's Dome).
But enough of that. Fly to the northwest, and you'll reach the Sun Keep. Drop off the Moon Stone here.
Let's see how the Moon Stone is doing in 600 AD. I think she's lookin' pretty good! Grab the Power Tab while you're here.
Now let's see how it's doing in 1000 AD. Well, it looks like it's gone. It took a mere 65,001,000 years, but somebody finally decided to take the Moon Stone.
If you fly around, you'll notice that the mayor of Porre's house is a bit sparklier than usual. Looks pretty sketchy if you ask me...
Hmmmm, guess he doesn't have it after all. Or maybe he's lying? Nothing you can do about it now, though.
You can bitch about it to his ancestor's though. Go to 600 AD and pay a visit to the people in the Porre Elder's house. Looks like the woman of the house is extremely lazy and wants to serve Jerky to her family for dinner.
Remember where to get Jerky? The Snail Stop in Porre, 1000 AD of course! Buy some Jerky here.
You can either sell the Jerky for a thrifty 100 G profit, or just give it to her. Just give it to her.
She'll be so moved by your generosity that she'll force her kids to be as generous... OR ELSE!
She did such a good job that 400 years later, her descendants are still ridiculously generous. Of course this new, improved mayor will return the Moon Stone to you.
Fly over to the Sun Keep, 1000 AD and drop of the Moon Stone again.
In 2300 AD, the Sun Stone will finally be restored to its full glory (amazing how so little changed in the first 65,001,000 years it was recharging, but it's radically different after the last 1300 years). Bring Lucca to the Sun Keep and she'll have a plan on what to do.
Lucca will be able to make her most powerful weapon from the Sun Stone, the Wondershot, and then aim the gun directly at her companions. Years of being ridiculed in school can cause violent outbursts occasionally. Anyway, this weapon's attack power varies, but it's generally strong, and sometimes is super-powerful.
Taban will also make the Sun Shades, which is a pretty nice accessory for raising your attack power. It's also handy for looking at girls' breasts without them knowing... Come on guys, you've all done it!

Item Checklist

Black Mail (Charm Son of Sun)
Moon Stone (Sun Palace)
SilverRock (Laruba Ruins)
Power Tab (Sun Keep, 600 AD)
WonderShot (Lucca's House)
Sun Shades (Lucca's House)

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