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Much Ado About Forestry and Legless Women

If you told the lady in 12000 BC to plant her plant, you'll see this vortex near Fiona's Villa in 600 AD. If you didn't, get your ass to 12000 BC and tell her to plant it.
Inside is the sunken desert, a swirly, deserty mass of sand with treasure chests all over. And some enemies. Water magic works absolute wonders here (and it'll be necessary for the boss), so be sure either Frog, Marle or Magus is in your party. Clear out the enemies from the first room and collect all the treasure.
Head to the next room and you'll see that this bony bully is behind all the trouble, so fight him if you want to fix things. Again, be sure you have Magus, Frog or Marle in your party, or you'll be in a world of trouble. Ayla's useful too.
Time to fight Retinite. The first thing you'll want to do is have Ayla charm the Core, which will net you a Speed Tab. Soon after, the Core should be dead, since the top and bottom are assholes, and drain all its HP. The thing about Retinite is his defense is very high. Water magic does no damage, but lowers his defense. Attacking raises his defense. Have your Water Magic caster cast a couple water spells in a row to lower the defense, then have your other characters attack. Each round, your water magic caster should re-cast their spell to keep Retinite's defense down. As long as you're careful, this battle's not too bad.
Couldn't have phrased it better myself.
Go around and collect all the treasure you didn't get yet, then head toward the exit.
Don't forget this Power Tab on your way out, though.
With Robo in your party, talk to Fiona, and Robo will volunteer to help her replant the forest. If you say yes (which you should), Robo will leave the party to help Fiona out.
Fiona, being a lazy bitch, just sits around in her house the whole time while poor Robo transforms into tractor mode and does all the work.
Go to 1000 AD, and you'll notice this place where Fiona's Villa was. It's Fiona's Shrine, since she (with Robo's help) apparently re-planted the forest successfully. This place is cool because you can buy some badass helmets here, should the need arise.
Good ol' Robo! Talk to him, and he'll rejoin your party. But first...
The obligatory RPG campfire scene. Party members will speak of many things... of ships and shoes and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings! Or Lavos... one or the other. Crono apparently had a bit more than his fair share of the keg, so he'll be passed out during the whole conversation. Lucca will be spending most of her time downloading more hardcore nerdy girl scientist fetish programs into Robo's personality hard drive.
Lucca will then wake up that night. Head toward the southeast exit of the clearing.
Oooooh! A red gate! This should be good.
This magic moment! So different and so new! Was like any other... until I met you!
You'll actually be in Lucca's house, circa 990 AD. Read the notes you find all around, you'll learn that Lucca hates machines, and more importantly, a certain password...
Head into Lucca's living room, and her mother, Lara, will get her skirt stuck in this wacky contraption. In the past, her legs got mangled off in this accident, but now that you're here, you can alter history.
Go down here, and wait for it to prompt you to enter the password after the tone. Now enter in Lucca's mom's name, Lara. So press L, A, R, A. If you're playing the Playstation version, enter L1, O, R1, O.
If you entered the code correctly, Lara will be able to keep her legs. If not...well, she'll lose 'em. Either way, you can read in Lucca's journal about how she now wants to learn about machines. When you're done with all that, head back to 1000 AD through the gate.
Whether you saved Lara's legs or not, Robo will meet Lucca in the woods for some hot lovin' to give her the GreenDream, an accessory that will automatically revive a dead character once per battle.
If you did save Lara's legs, visit her in Lucca's house to see that she's now a vibrant woman who walks all over the place, instead of a bitter woman who hates everything.

Item Checklist

Lapis (Sunken Desert Chest)
Full Ether (Sunken Desert Chest)
Elixir (Sunken Desert Chest)
Aeon Suit (Sunken Desert Chest)
Speed Tab (Charm Retinite's Core)
Full Tonic (Sunken Desert Chest)
5000 G (Sunken Desert Chest)
HyperEther (Sunken Desert Chest)
Aeon Helm (Sunken Desert Chest)
Memory Cap (Sunken Desert Chest)
Full Ether (Sunken Desert Chest)
MuscleRing (Sunken Desert Chest)
Power Tab (Sunken Desert, after defeating Retinite)
GreenDream (After Lucca's flashback)

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