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The REAL Ghostbusters

If you've been flying Epoch around in 1000 AD or 600 AD, you probably noticed a town that was previously unreachable, the town of Choras in the southeast. If you try to visit the Hero's Grave here in 1000 AD, you'll be attacked by the ghost of none other than Frog's old buddy Cyrus! That's not good... let's see what we can do about that, shall we?
Go to the "cafe" (yeah right) in Choras in 600 AD. Talk to this guy here and he'll bitch that his tools were stolen. If only you could find somebody else's tools to steal, you could replace his!
Go to Choras Village's inn in 1000 AD. Talk to this guy to hear the popular booze parody that you hear EVERYWHERE. But with soda pop (although you can bet the farm that the Japanese version had him drinking booze of some sort). He'll then say that you can "borrow" his "tools".
Go to the house next to the inn, and talk to the woman there. After threatening her husband with spousal abuse, she'll let you take his tools.
Return to the guy in the cafe in Choras, 600 AD. He'll want your tool...s. Give them to him.
Go to his house, right next to the cafe. Talk to him and he'll get his ass over to the Hero's Grave and start fixing the holes there.
Apparently, he's afraid of ghosts and skeletons, so he'll run off before finishing the job.
He wants the place cleared of monsters? Looks like a job for Krono's Krew. The enemies here are extremely resistant to physical attacks, and weak against fire magic, so taking Lucca and Magus would be a good idea. And you should have Frog along, since...well, you need him to do some of the stuff here. Clear out the monsters, DON'T GRAB THE TREASURE CHEST DOWNSTAIRS, and leave.
Now this assmonkey's gonna start charging you money to fix up the place. You don't have any choice but to pay him, though.
He's still a coward. Even if you already DID clear out all the monsters, he'll still run off before finishing the job.
Anyway, head through the left door, and again, you don't want to grab this chest (yet). Now go through the door pictured here.
Haha! So true! High five, Magus!
If you have Frog in your party when you examine Cyrus' grave, you'll get a scene with Cyrus' ghost, which will all culminate with Masa and Mune turning into surfer dudes/valley girls. The end result of all this will be that the Masamune will power up greatly, becoming Frog's best weapon. Pretty sweet, eh?
Talk to the jackass carpenter one more time, and after paying him again, he'll fix the remaining holes in the Hero's Grave.
Take the stairs on the right this time. Don't grab the normal treasure chest you find. When you come across the sealed chests, do what you did way back when you first found sealed chests, and examine them, but don't open them.
Make your way upward as high as possible, and you'll come across more sealed chests that should be examined, but not opened.
Now go to 1000 AD, and go back to the Hero's Grave... You can grab all those treasures you passed in 600 AD now. In Cyrus' grave room, you can find a Magic Tab as pictured. Also, the grave will say something different (it changed what it said after the Masamune powered up even in 600 AD, but I didn't feel like mentioning it then, but I will now anyway). It says some bullshit about Cyrus being avenged by Glenn. Yeah right, if he was so avenged, why would Magus be standing here, not only alive, but Frog's ally? Stupid Cyrus-ghost!
Now make your way upstairs. When you reach this room, don't forget to grab this Power Tab. Now collect the regular chest and the three sealed chests. You'll get the Moon Armor, which is the best armor any male character can equip, the Shiva Sword, which is a good sword for Crono, and the Valkerye, which is Marle's most powerful weapon.
Now you can go back to 600 AD and collect all the treasure here too. Hurray!
Now you'll want to go back to Denadoro Mountains. Yeah, you heard me right.
Make sure Frog is your lead character and make your way up the mountain until you reach this Free Lancer that throws rocks. Since Frog's in the lead, and you've powered up the Masamune, he'll grab one of the rocks, which will apparently become the Gold Rock. Yay!

Item Checklist

Tools (Choras Village, 1000 AD)
Masamune 2 (Hero's Grave, 600 AD)
HyperEther (Hero's Grave Chest, 1000 AD)
Magic Tab (Hero's Grave, 1000 AD)
Power Tab (Hero's Grave, 1000 AD)
Elixir (Hero's Grave Chest, 1000 AD)
Moon Armor (Hero's Grave Sealed Chest, 1000 AD)
Shiva Edge (Hero's Grave Sealed Chest, 1000 AD)
Valkerye (Hero's Grave Sealed Chest, 1000 AD)
HyperEther (Hero's Grave Chest, 600 AD)
Elixir (Hero's Grave Chest, 600 AD)
Nova Armor (Hero's Grave Sealed Chest, 600 AD)
Kali Blade (Hero's Grave Sealed Chest, 600 AD)
Siren (Hero's Grave Sealed Chest, 600 AD)
Gold Rock (Denadoro Mountains)

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