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Time to take out Ozzie. Pick your characters (I'd definitely take along Ayla for her charming ability, and Magus, because this is "his" sidequest), and fly just east of Magus' Lair, and you'll come across this place, Ozzie's Fort.
Surprise, surprise, Ozzie's inside. After tossing some insults, he runs off, so chase after him.
Looks like you'll have to fight Flea Plus now. Actually, he's a great deal easier now then when you fought him the first time. Give him all ya got, and he'll lose fairly soon.
Alright, this room simply kicks ass, and that's all there is to it. Sit back and watch.
Apparently, Slash is super now. He's also super easy. Pummel him for a little while, and he'll stick his tail between his legs and run off.
In the next room, Ozzie will try to lure you to a treasure chest with a blade in front of it. You can grab the chest, but it'll knock your party's HP down to 1. So just walk by and watch the ensuing Imp mutilation. After Ozzie leaves, you can grab the chest unscathed.
In the same room, you can walk through a hidden path here, as pictured. This is where you find all of Magus' best equipment, as well as a Magic Tab.
Time to fight all three at the same time! This battle's not as easy as the previous battles here, as the three of them have some nasty triple techs, one that's a shadow attack on all characters, and the other that's a fire attack on one character. Defeating Great Ozzie will win you the battle, and defeating Super Slash will cause Flea Plus to run off. However you choose to go about this battle, take the enemies out one at a time. The battle becomes much easier when the triple techs are taken away.
And be sure to take Ayla with you here! You can Charm some good equipment in this battle. Here, you can steal the pants right off of Great Ozzie.
And you can rip off Flea's Vest!
And steal Slash's sword! Too bad he still carries his sword after you steal it from him (and Flea Plus and Great Ozzie won't become topless and bottomless after stealing their goodies...).
Look familiar? In this battle, you might as well steal another OzziePants, then target the switch behind Ozzie like before.
Could it be? Could Ozzie actually have outsmarted our heroes by sending them down a pit to their dooms?
Actually, the pit only causes you to fall down one room. You'll be unharmed. Kinda makes you wonder what Ozzie was thinking. When you make it back to Ozzie, a cute kitten will take care of him. The pit Ozzie falls down apparently isn't as kind to him...
The past isn't dead, but Ozzie is... Or is he?! *ominous chord*
Now that that's all taken care of, if you visit Medina Village in 1000 AD, you'll notice that the Mystics are now nice to humans, and Ozzie VIII got his just desserts!

Item Checklist

Full Ether (Ozzie's Fort Chest)
Magic Tab (Ozzie's Fort)
DoomSickle (Ozzie's Fort Chest)
Gloom Helm (Ozzie's Fort Chest)
Gloom Cape (Ozzie's Fort Chest)
OzziePants (Charm from Great Ozzie and Ozzie)
Flea Vest (Charm from Flea Plus, in second battle with him)
Slasher 2 (Charm from Super Slash, in second battle with him)
Dash Ring (Ozzie's Fort Chest)
Sight Cap (Ozzie's Fort Chest)

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