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First off, this section (and the rest of the game, really) is optional. But I assume you want to get Crono back, so sit down, shut up, and read on. Talk to Gasp... er, I mean the weird old man who hangs out at the End of Time, and the game will temporarily turn into a musical, and he'll sing a song called "Memories of Crono". Actually, the "song" is nothing more than the same music box song that plays all throughout the game, but don't tell him that!
When you try to leave, he'll stop you again. Talk to him and he'll fork over the Chrono Trigger, which is just a measly egg. You can't shoot lasers out of it or anything. What a gyp! He'll tell you to visit the maker of Epoch if you want to know how to use your precious egg.
Remember where you got Epoch? Keeper's Dome, circa 2300 AD, you dolt! Return here and the Belthasar/Nu thing will tell you he can't help you unless you have a clone of Crono. Now, I know I keep clones of all my friends lying around in my basement, but apparently Crono's friends weren't thinking ahead, and have no clones with them...
Where to find a clone? Remember that clone you just happened to win at the fair way back at the beginning of the game? If you head to Crono's house now, you can grab it from his mom (after lying to her and telling her than Crono's just hunky dory). If you didn't win one earlier, go to the fair and win one from the 40 Silver Point game. Cast your moral objections aside, and treat this clone as a subhuman and stuff him in your infinite item sack.
Show the clone to Belthanu...or is that Nuasar? Anyway, show it to this guy and he'll unleash an army of three Poyozo dolls to Death Peak to help you climb it. Apparently, at the top, there'll be something to help you revive Crono. Then he'll tell you to "turn him off". But he means that literally, so don't show him any pictures of your girlfriend. There's a switch on him you can hit that will... well, kill him. Do so if you like.
Take a quick jog to Death Peak, and run up to the first Poyozo. He'll help you scale the peak (and give the hippies of the world reason to celebrate) by... planting trees. That should help with the wind, right?
More about these trees. When he says to stand behind them, he really means BEHIND them. Like in this picture. You'll also have to keep moving upward while directly behind the tree to avoid being blown away. It's not as hard as it sounds. Suck it up and climb the mountain, foo.
You should be pleased to discover that after the windy part, the rest of the mountain is very calm, with only a few fairly weak enemies inhabiting it. Hurray!
Just continue along the path. Before you reach the first cave, you'll want to go down here. There's a treasure, and more importantly, a save point.
Inside the aforementioned cave, you'll find a Lavos Spawn. Whatever you do, DON'T ATTACK ITS SHELL. Attacking its shell will cause it to counterattack with a very powerful attack. So only target its head. Regular attacks are fine, but if you really want to wallop this guy, use your powerful single-target Techs (Ayla has plenty of 'em). Keep away from its shell and you'll do fine.
Keep making your way through the caves until you reach this point. Examine the sparkly here to reveal another cave near the save point you passed a while back. Now head back to that spot and go in the new cave.
Another Lavos Spawn. Do whatever you did to the last Lavos Spawn to make this one dead too.
This Poyozo's not kidding! Fall off this cliff and you'll have to start the whole game over! ...Or maybe you'll just end up landing by the save point and being only slightly inconvenienced, I dunno. Anyway, just run through this part quickly. It's not very hard.
The third Poyozo apparently suffers from some sort of brain-wasting disease, so he can no longer speak in full sentences. You'll still want to keep his words of wisdom in mind, though.
Don't forget to climb down here for a treasure and another save point.
The big boss of the mountain!!!!! It's actually just the same Lavos Spawn you already thrashed twice. Once more shouldn't be too hard.
This one leaves its shell behind. Heed the words of the Poyozo you just talked to, and push the shell under this ladder. You can now climb up the shell.
Haha! Your egg broke, and Crono is still dead!
But you'll still be transported back to Crono's death. Don't ask me how the fuck the logic in this part works... just switch the clone for Crono and get out of there.
Yeah Crono. Don't ever die again. Ever. If you don't live forever, I won't love you anymore!
OK, the rest of the game is like...non-linear and stuff. Talk to Gaspar and he'll give hints of all the little side-quest thingies for you to do. Feel free to do them in whatever order you want, though (or not at all, if you're a dirty heathen and just want this game to be over with).

Item Checklist

C. Trigger (End of Time)
Clone (Crono's House/Fair)
Magic Ring (Death Peak Chest)
Wall Ring (Death Peak Chest)
Giga Arm (Death Peak Chest)
BraveSword (Death Peak Chest)
StarScythe (Death Peak Chest)
VedicBlade (Death Peak Chest)
Dark Helm (Death Peak Chest)
Memory Cap (Death Peak Chest)

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