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Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night...

Your party will wake up in a strange room, all your money, items and equipment will be gone, and all your female party members will be ravaged... probably. Nothing else to do right now but climb up the ladder in your room.
Turns out you're in Dalton's pride and joy, the Blackbird. Remember the Blackbird he was building in Zeal? No? Well, that's where you're at anyway.
There's a definite advantage to bringing Ayla here. Ayla doesn't need any weapon to fight, so, unlike the rest of the party, if you engage an enemy, Ayla will be good to go. But enough of that. After you figure out where you are, by banging on the door here, you'll be given the opportunity to pretend to be sick (try to ignore the fact that in my picture Lucca, of all people, is asking Marle, of all people, what to do). By acting sick, you'll knock out a guard, and be given the opportunity to go out the front door, but my walkthrough's taking you through an alternate route, so only do this if you're so inclined.
Climb up the air shaft just to the left of the ladder and you'll be in the upper ducts. You can look below you through the gratings. If you make your way all the way south, you can see Dalton fucking with Epoch.
Where you'll want to go is near the upper left part of the ducts, to this ladder right here.
Go down it and you'll find the equipment for your lead party member. As you can plainly see, your lead party member's equipment will be here. Now you'll be able to fight, even if Ayla isn't with you!
Go back to the ducts, and climb down any other ladder, and make your way to the main room of the Blackbird. Now head south as far as you can go, until you're outside this door (you may have to manipulate some switches to alter the direction of the conveyor belts). Inside this door, you'll find the equipment for the character in the third slot!
Go up a smidge, and inside this door you'll find all your gold.
And in the upper-right part of this room, behind this door, you can find the equipment for the middle character. Now all you need to do is find your items...
Go up into the next room, and in the lower-left door, you'll find your items. You'll also see a door in this room... remember this door and return to the ducts.
Back in the ducts, make your way north as far as you can go, then head to the right. You can walk through this shadowy area, and it will lead you to a Magic Tab. This Magic Tab only appears after you get all your stuff back... so... just keep that in mind.
Now go back to the room you found your items in and go through the door I told you to remember. You're almost out of here, I promise!
Here you'll find yourself on the wing of the Blackbird. These Turret enemies are just like the Rubbles you fought on the Mountain of Woe, but they attack back. You should still fight them and get as many Tech Points as possible.
This is easily the easiest boss in RPG history. The Golem Boss is afraid of heights, so he'll just whine to himself for a while before running away. You should still unleash your most powerful attacks on him before he has a chance to run off. Free experience is nice, wouldn't you say?
At this point, the game will revert to an episode of Blue's Clues, and Dalton will be fully aware that he's in a video game.
Dalton will also gain either omniscience or super-hearing.
But he won't gain any super-strength, as he's still easily beaten. He counterattacks magic with the opposite element now, but he has so little HP that you'll make short work of him if you use your most powerful Double Techs.
Your bumbling will also end up blowing up the Blackbird, which is a good thing, I guess.
In case you couldn't tell, Epoch can fly around now too.
Now, return to the Commons. If you forgot to tell this girl to plant her plant in Zeal Palace, here's another chance.
Turns out somebody is looking for you on the North Cape. Who could that be?
It's Magus! He'll proceed to tell you all about his childhood, and give you a flashback where you'll learn lots of stuff.
He'll then ask if you want to fight him. If Frog's in your party, Frog will want to fight him alone. Whatever you do, CHOOSE NO. Fighting him will mean the end of Magus forever, and you don't want that do you? Really, there's no advantage to fighting Magus, unless you want to get a certain variation in a certain ending. But still, DON'T FIGHT HIM!
Since you were a good little boy or girl, and you chose not to fight Magus, he'll repay you by joining your party. How cool is that?
He'll also give you a hint on where to go next. Remember where Gaspar ended up? Remember Magus' flashback that somehow contained flashbacks of events he wasn't even present at? Remember? ...Gaspar's in the End of Time.
Oh, the Ocean Palace will rise up and become the Black Omen as well. Scary!(?)
Anyway, hop in Epoch and make your way to the End of Time...and adventure!

Item Checklist

Front Character's Equipment (Blackbird Chest)
Middle Character's Equipment (Blackbird Chest)
Rear Character's Equipment (Blackbird Chest)
Your Gold (Blackbird Chest)
Your Items (Blackbird Chest)
Magic Tab (Blackbird Ducts)

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