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There'll Be No Accusations, Just Friendly Crustaceans Under the Sea!

When you arrive in the Ocean Palace, you'll be greeted by Mune, who'll say something stupid. The game will then go to a cut-scene to show what's going on at the Mammon Machine currently.
When you regain control, you'll wind up in this large room. A few notes about the enemies... When you fight Jinn and Barghest, defeat Barghest first. Scouters are weak against Lightning magic, but counterattack with strong magic when attacked with non-lightning magic. Same deal with Blue Scouts and Red Scouts (but Blue Scouts are weak against water magic, and Red Scouts are weak against fire magic).
Anyway, you'll want to collect all the treasure lying around here, since there's some good stuff. Connected to the main room are smaller rooms to the upper-left, upper-right, left, right, lower-left and lower-right. You'll find a new weapon for every character (two for Frog), an Aeon Helm and a Aeon Suit. There are two chests in the central room, one in the room to the left, one in the room to the right, one in the room to the lower-left, and three in the southern room connected to the lower-left/lower-right rooms. Only one chest is especially difficult to get, the one shown here. Go to the southern room via the lower-left room, and hug the outside wall. You can then walk through this wall here.
After collecting all the stuff (check the checklist at the bottom of this page if you think you missed something), hit either the switch in the upper-left or upper-right room. Now, go straight down to the southern room. You should be able to access the central island here. Hit this switch.
Go back to the central room after hitting the aforementioned switch. Go straight down and you should now be able to access this exit.
You'll eventually end up in this room, with all the staircases and enemies. You can avoid most of the battles here if you take your time, or you can choose to fight your way through. Either way, make your way to the bottom.
At the bottom, Masa will do exactly what Mune did... then you'll get to watch another cut-scene.
When you regain control, you'll get to ride the elevator... OF DOOM! Basically, you'll just have to fight three battles. Keep your health up, it's not so hard.
If you want a Magic Tab, after you get off the elevator, leave the room and re-enter. Now ride the elevator back up, and you'll be able to access this Magic Tab. However, doing this means you'll have to go through the staircase room and ride the elevator back down again, but it should be worth it.
This switch right here won't work until you hit the switches in the rooms to the left and right. Each switch is guarded by a Scouter, a Blue Scout and a Red Scout. If you take Marle and Lucca with you to each room, and have Marle cast Ice on the Blue Scout, Crono cast Lightning on the Scouter and Lucca cast Fire on the Red Scout, the battles will be over before you know it.
When you get to this room, save and heal up. A big battle's coming up, ya know?
Remember the Golem you were supposed to lose to earlier? Now you'll have to fight two of them. This also means that Ayla can charm two Magic Tabs from them. Anyway, you can make this battle impossibly hard or mind-numbingly easy. If you stick to physical attacks, this battle will be almost impossible. Magic attacks, as you know, cause the Golems to counter-attack with the same element. Use this to your advantage. How you say? Let me give you an example. Say you have Marle in your party, and she casts Ice 2. This will cause both Golems to attack with water magic. If one party member's equipped with the Blue Mail, one's equipped with the Blue Vest, and one has a R'bow Helm, two party members will absorb the spell, and the other will have damage cut in half. If you keep casting Ice 2, only one party member can even be hurt! Just keep casting the same element and healing the one damaged character, and you can't lose!
When you beat the Golem Twins, you'll have to fight the GolemBoss!!!!! ...Or not, as Dalton gets scared and runs away again.
A once in a lifetime opportunity to watch a Nu commit suicide... and me without my camera!
When you reach the Mammon Machine, you'll find out that the Ruby Knife was actually the Masamune all along. You'll also find out that it sucks ass, and does nothing to even slow the Mammon Machine down.
Time to fight Lavos! Unless this is a New Game +, and you're just teasing me by reading this walkthrough, chances are, you'll die after one attack from Lavos. But that's OK, you're supposed to lose. Too bad real life's not like that too, eh? You'd be a super-champion!
The next scene is probably the coolest in the entire game. I won't spoil anything, just sit back and enjoy.
While all hell is breaking loose, Schala decides to be a good girl and warp you all to safety. Isn't that just the sweetest thing?
Zeal is fucked.
You'll wake up to the glorious sound of some of the worst grammar this side of Cloud uttering "off course!".
You see that tab behind the Nu shopkeeper? You can only get it when he moves his fat ass out of the way... the only trouble is... he doesn't seem to like to move. If he is staying put, leave and come back and wait a few seconds. Eventually he should leave, and you can grab your Magic Tab.
Head to the commons and talk to the old elder guy. Everybody kind of forgot about Dalton, didn't they? Well, they shouldn't have, since he comes by and kicks your party's ass, and captures them. What fate lies in store for our heroes now?!?!!?

Item Checklist

Rune Blade (Ocean Palace Chest)
Aeon Suit (Ocean Palace Chest)
Aeon Helm (Ocean Palace Chest)
Kaiser Arm (Ocean Palace Chest)
SonicArrow (Ocean Palace Chest)
Star Sword (Ocean Palace Chest)
Shock Wave (Ocean Palace Chest)
Demon Hit (Ocean Palace Chest)
Magic Tab (Ride Elevator Up in Ocean Palace)
Elixir (Ocean Palace Chest)
Magic Tab (Charm from Golem)
Magic Tab (Charm from OTHER Golem)
Magic Tab (Behind Nu in Last Village)

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