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His Leftorium is an Emporium of Woe!

Back in 12000 BC, you'll notice that Skyway is still blocked, so you won't be able to make it up to Zeal. You can, however, go west to Terra Cave. Inside you'll find the earthbound village of Algetty. Striking contrast to Zeal itself. Perhaps they snuck in a little social commentary?
Anyway, go down as far as you can and then right, and you'll be in the Beasts' Nest. The first thing you should do here is grab this Power Tab.
You'll also have to fight some beasts. They can be kind of tough, since their defense goes up as you attack them, but more importantly, you can charm R'bow Helms from them, which is an excellent helmet that cannot be found anywhere else. I suggest stealing as many as you can while you're here, and equipping your characters accordingly.
You'll then make it to the Mud Imp, who guards the entrance to the Mountain of Woe, and his bodyguards Red Beast and Blue Beast. Hopefully Ayla's still in your party. You can charm a Speed Tab from the Mud Imp and a MermaidCap from the Blue Beast (and a Elixir from the Red Beast, which isn't as cool, but still mighty fine...). After charming them all, kill the Beasts. Blue Beast is weak to Fire Attacks and Red Beast is weak to Water attacks. Attack the beasts accordingly and you shouldn't have too much trouble. When the beasts are gone, Mud Imp is a wimp, and will probably just run off.
You made it to the Mountain of Woe. Lots of rocks and chains here, but it's not too tough to navigate. But there are some enemies you should keep an eye out for, as I will now explain:
These guys don't attack, have a very high evade rate, and don't let you use techs, but you'll want to fight them as much as possible, since they give a cool 100 Tech Points when defeated. And they don't even attack. The only stipulation is that you must defeat them before they run off, so use characters with high accuracy, like Ayla.
Bantam Imps aren't especially tough, but you can charm AlloyBlades from them. If you chose the Safe Helm over the Swallow, the AlloyBlade will be the strongest weapon for Crono up to this point. If you have the Swallow, the AlloyBlade is still nice to have for completion's sake.
These guys can be annoying since they have an attack that reduces a character's HP to 1. Be sure to charm a Big Hand from them at some point, though.
Man-Eaters aren't particularly tough, but they can be aggravating since they can confuse your characters. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, be sure to charm them, as they give another weapon, the Pearl Edge, which is a great sword for Frog.
Most treasure is easily found here, just don't forget to cross this chain over to a little island to grab a couple of easily missed chests.
When you reach the save point, you'll know you're close to the end. When you find the Magic Tab, you'll know you're very close. When you're here, you'll know you're there.(?) Guru of Life, it's time to be rescued!
But it won't be that easy. The Giga Gaia will pick a fight with you first. This guys attacks are always Fire-based or Shadow-based, so you can do yourself a lot of good by equipping the correct Mails to absorb his attacks. First, charm yourself a Speed Tab from the head. Now, take out the hands. They only have 2000 HP each, so use strong, multi-enemy attacks like Falcon Hit to drop them quickly. Then attack the head. When the head revives the hands, they won't have full HP, so use a strong attack to kill them quickly before they have a chance to do anything. Keep this up, and Giga Gaia will be helpless.
Back in Algetty, Schala will help conspire against her own mother. She'll want you to go down into the Ocean Palace to stop their evil plans. If she's so magical, she should do it herself, but that wouldn't make a very fun game, would it?
After Dalton breaks the party up, talk to Melchior to get the Ruby Knife. Not an equippable weapon, but it will help you stop the Mammon Machine anyway.
Head back to Zeal Palace where you fought the Golem earlier. Here you'll fight Dalton himself. Unleash your most powerful techs and he'll die fairly quickly. His only attack is to reduce your HP by half, but he does a magic attack on the party as you defeat him, so make sure your HP is fairly high before you finish him off.
Beyond this gate lies the Ocean Palace. Are you a bad enough dude to stop the Mammon Machine?

Item Checklist

Power Tab (Beasts' Nest)
R'bow Helm(s) (Charm Beasts in Beasts' Nest)
MermaidCap (Charm Blue Beast in Beasts' Nest)
Speed Tab (Charm Mud Imp in Beasts' Nest)
AlloyBlade(s) (Charm Bantam Imps in Mtn of Woe)
Big Hand(s) (Charm Gargoyles in Mtn of Woe)
Pearl Edge(s) (Charm Man-Eaters in Mtn of Woe)
Lode Helm (Mtn of Woe Chest)
Lode Vest (Mtn of Woe Chest)
Shield (Mtn of Woe Chest)
Barrier (Mtn of Woe Chest)
Lapis (Mtn of Woe Chest)
Barrier (Mtn of Woe Chest)
Lapis (Mtn of Woe Chest)
Full Ether (Mtn of Woe Chest)
Barrier (Mtn of Woe Chest)
Shelter (Mtn of Woe Chest)
Shield (Mtn of Woe Chest)
Time Hat (Mtn of Woe Chest)
Full Ether (Mtn of Woe Chest)
Magic Tab (Mtn of Woe)
Speed Tab (Charm Giga Gaia)
Ruby Knife (Given to you by Melchoir)

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