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Sealed Scavenger Hunt

With Marle's pendant charged up, there's a veritable shitload of sealed chests and whatnot to go back and get. This section of the walkthrough will help you get it all. Your first stop should be 600 AD. Most of the chests here will react when you examine them, then give you the choice if you want to get the item. ALWAYS CHOOSE NO. By not examining the chest but not grabbing the contents, they'll be powered up in 1000 AD. The first chest to examine is in Truce Inn (AGAIN, DON'T TAKE THE CONTENTS).
Now head to Guardia Forest. In the northwest corner, you'll find a sealed chest. Open this one up and you'll find a Speed Tab.
In Guardia Castle, examine this chest, but again, don't take the contents.
In the elder of Porre's house, there are two more chests that should be examined, but not opened. So examine them, but don't take the contents.
Return to the Magic Cave. Here's a sealed chest that contains a handy Magic Ring.
Now go to Medina Village, 1000 AD. You can break the seal on the Forest Ruins northeast of town now. There will be two chests here, the one on the left containing the Safe Helm, and the one on the right containing the Swallow Sword. The Swallow Sword is a decent sword for Crono, and the Safe Helm is all-around the second-best helmet in the game, and it cuts physical damage by 1/3. You'll get more longevity out of the Safe Helm, so I recommend that if this is your first time playing. But if you're really offensive-minded, the Swallow is a decent choice.
Return to Heckran Cave. The sealed chest here actually contains two items, a Wall Ring and a Dash Ring. Very nice.
Checking out Truce Inn in 1000 AD, you'll find that the item has been powered up! You see, by examining, but not taking the contents in 600 AD, the armor you'd normally get becomes more powerful when you get it in 1000 AD. Hurray!
Time to visit Guardia Castle, 1000 AD. You won't be able to get in unless Marle's in your party. The Chancellor will proceed to explain to Marle how horrible her father is, but he'll eventually let you in to explore the castle.
Since this is your first time exploring Guardia Castle, 1000 AD, there'll be plenty of treasure chests lying around the hallways, so grab them all (don't worry about the locked chest for now). Oh, don't forget to grab the sealed chest too.
If you talk to the king with Marle in your party, they'll have a little spat, and the king will rush off to his room. This isn't necessary, but it's cool to see Marle yell like that.
If you want to cause further chaos between Marle and her dad, go down to Porre's Snail Stop and purchase some Jerky for 9900 G. If Marle tries to give it to the King, he gets really pissed off and locks his door. You don't anything out of this, but it's fun, right?
OK, back to the sealed chests. Go down to the Mayor's Manor in Porre and grab the two chests there.
Now that you've pretty much cleaned out the sealed chests in 1000 AD, you can return to 600 AD and grab the chests you already powered up. You'll get the weaker versions of the stuff you already got, but it's still pretty useful.
Return to 2300 AD and make your way back to Bangor Dome. If you go through the gate here, you'll open up the gate in the End of Time that leads to Guardia Forest 1000 AD. You can open up this sealed chest now, which contains a Power Ring.
Go back to Bangor Dome and open the sealed door up. You'll find a Charm Top, Full Ether and Wallet for your trouble.
Now go just south, to Trann Dome. Behind this sealed door is a Magic Tab, Full Ether and the awesomely awesome Gold Stud.
Now to Arris Dome. Make your way here... but you'll notice that the sealed door isn't accessible! Remember the password the rat told you way back when? (Psst, the answer is hold L+R and press A...emulator users using their keyboards remember how to do this, I trust...) Behind this sealed door is a Power Tab, Lumin Robe, Elixir, Hit Ring and Gold Erng. Excellent!
Time to go to Keeper's Dome, so go through Sewer Access again. If you listened to me and already made it through here, this will be a breeze. If not you're on your own (...or go back in the walkthrough to find the part I talked about the Sewer Access). Behind the Sealed Door here, you'll like... learn stuff... or something.
You'll also find a time machine. That's pretty sweet, right?
After walking a loop around the time machine, try to leave, and Belthasar, who has transferred his memory into a Nu, will talk to you about the time machine, which has the default name of "Epoch". He'll also wheel in some seats so you can get in it.
But before you do go in it, go back one room to find this Magic Tab.
Alright, now hop into the Epoch. You'll see that you can conveniently only travel to the time periods relevant to the game's story. The first place you'll want to go to is 1000 AD...
Bring Lucca to visit her dad one more time and he'll give you the Taban Suit. What a nice guy!
Since you have a time machine now, they won't be able to keep you out of 12000 BC anymore... so take a deep breath and go there.

Item Checklist

Speed Tab (Guardia Forest - 600 AD - Sealed Chest)
Magic Ring (Magic Cave - 600 AD - Sealed Chest)
Safe Helm or Swallow (Forest Ruins - 1000 AD - Sealed Chest)
Wall Ring (Heckran Cave - 1000 AD - Sealed Chest)
Dash Ring (Heckran Cave - 1000 AD - Sealed Chest)
Blue Mail (Truce Inn - 1000 AD - Sealed Chest)
HyperEther (Guardia Castle - 1000 AD - Chest)
Elixir (Guardia Castle - 1000 AD - Chest)
Red Mail (Guardia Castle - 1000 AD - Sealed Chest)
Full Ether (Guardia Castle - 1000 AD - Chest)
HyperEther (Guardia Castle - 1000 AD - Chest)
MegaElixir (Guardia Castle - 1000 AD - Chest)
Black Mail (Porre Mayor's Manor - 1000 AD - Sealed Chest)
White Mail (Porre Mayor's Manor - 1000 AD - Sealed Chest)
Blue Vest (Truce Inn - 600 AD - Sealed Chest)
Red Vest (Guardia Castle - 600 AD - Sealed Chest)
Black Vest (Porre Elder's House - 600 - Sealed Chest)
White Vest (Porre Elder's House - 600 - Sealed Chest)
Power Ring (Guardia Forest - 1000 AD - Sealed Chest)
Charm Top (Behind Bangor Dome's Sealed Door)
Full Ether (Behind Bangor Dome's Sealed Door)
Wallet (Behind Bangor Dome's Sealed Door)
Magic Tab (Behind Trann Dome's Sealed Door)
Gold Stud (Behind Trann Dome's Sealed Door)
Full Ether (Behind Bangor Dome's Sealed Door)
Power Tab (Behind Arris Dome's Sealed Door)
Lumin Robe (Behind Arris Dome's Sealed Door)
Elixir (Behind Arris Dome's Sealed Door)
Hit Ring (Behind Arris Dome's Sealed Door)
Gold Erng (Behind Arris Dome's Sealed Door)
Magic Tab (Behind Keeper's Dome's Sealed Door)
Taban Suit (From Taban in Lucca's House)

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