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You end up in some sort of blizzardy place. There's no access to Terra Cave to the west, so walk east and you'll find this mysterious skyway thingy. Step into it to be transported to a whole new world...
You'll end up on the floating islands of Zeal. The first village you'll reach is Enhasa. In the northwest portion of the town, you'll encounter a strange little boy who insists that one of you is going to die soon. But what does that little punk know anyway? Also note the blue square in the lower-left part of the picture. Walking over these instantly refills your HP/MP!
You'll also notice certain books spew out elements when examined. There's a water book in the northeast, a wind book in the northwest, and a fire book to the south. Open them IN THAT ORDER (Water - Wind - Fire), and this secret passage will open up.
Inside, you'll have the opportunity to fight 6 Nus. There are actually two types of Nu here, three are of the type you're used to from the Cursed Woods and Hunting Range that knock your HP down to 1 (the bottom, upper-left and upper-right Nu are of this variety), and the other three have an attack that reduces your HP by 1 (The top, lower-left and lower-right Nu are of this variety). So they can kill you if you're not careful. Frog is useful here, since casting Heal will heal all your characters. I like to have Ayla with me too, so I can use Falcon Hit. Anyway, beat the Nus and you'll win a Magic Tab and a Speed Tab.
From Enhasa, go down the next Skyway you reach, and up the next Skyway, and you'll reach the main island. You can visit the Blackbird if you want, but there's nothing there yet, so head to Kajar. In the northeast room, you can search here for a Speed Tab.
Open the three books the same way you did in Enhasa. The water book is in the northwest, the wind book is in the southeast, and the fire book is in the center.
After apparently watching the Chipmunks Movie, the game designers thought it would be a good idea to hide a Black Rock in a Poyozo Doll. Anyway, examine the Poyozo Doll to get the Black Rock, which will come in handy much later.
From Kajar, go up a series of caves to reach Zeal Palace. When you find this Nu walking around, talk to him, and you'll learn the PERFECT spot on a Nu's back to scratch.
Your Nu-back-scratching ability only has one use, so you might as well make use of it now. Return to Kajar and go back to the room where you found the Speed Tab. Scratch this Nu's back, and he'll spit out a Magic Tab for you to use.
Alright, back to Zeal Palace. Find this lady and talk to her. Tell her that you like plants, and that she should secretly plant the plant she has. This will pay off big time later on, trust me!
Now go into the room in the northeast. Here you'll meet Schala, who is the sister of the creepy boy you met in Enhasa. She is summoned by her mother, the queen, so she leaves. Better follow her!
Go into the room due north of the main room in the palace. Here you'll see that Schala has a pendant identical to Marle's, and she can use it to open this sealed door.
Anything Schala can do, Crono can do better, right? Have Crono try his luck at opening the door, and you'll find it more difficult than it looks. In fact, you'll find it impossible...
Now enter the northwest room, and you'll find the Mammon Machine. The Mammon Machine will react with your pendant if you examine it. Hmmmmm....
Huzzah! The door now opens!
However, the people behind the door aren't too thrilled to see you.
You'll have to fight a Golem now. This is a battle you're SUPPOSED to lose, but you can win it too. Golems counterattack with like-attacks, so if you attack them with Lightning, they'll counterattack with Lightning, and so on. Don't attack them physically, because they have nasty attacks like automatic HP-halvers and stuff. Also, Ayla can charm a Magic Tab in this battle. Even if you plan to lose on purpose, it'd be worth your while to charm yourself a Magic Tab first.
Whether you win or lose the battle, you'll end up imprisoned by the Queen. Schala will try to rescue you, but she'll be stopped by the mysterious prophet, who orders you to be banished from this time period.
After forcing you back through the gate, the prophet will make Schala seal the gate, so you'll never be able to use it again...
You'll end up back in 65,000,000 BC, but your Pendant will still be charged up. You'll even have a flashback to remind you of what to do with the pendant. Time for some unsealing mayhem!

Item Checklist

Magic Tab (Beat 6 Nus in Enhasa)
Speed Tab (Beat 6 Nus in Enhasa)
Speed Tab (Northeast Room in Kajar)
Black Rock (Hidden Room in Kajar)
Magic Tab (Scratch Nu's Back in Kajar)
Magic Tab (Charm Golem)

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