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I wanna be King of Teenage Pangaea, I Wanna Rule the Scene...

When you arrive in 65,000,000 BC, the gate will open up about 50 feet in the air, and your party will careen toward the ground, instead of killing them, they land, unharmed, on their feet, and immediately proceed to be surrounded by strange creatures known as Reptites. They fend them off for a while, but when the Reptite numbers become too great, a mysterious blonde woman wearing a fur bikini comes out of nowhere and saves the day.
She then proceeds to dry-hump Crono while introducing herself as Ayla. She invites the party to a kick ass shindig at the village, and promises them "plenty stone" if they come.
Back at the village, it's probably worthwhile to stop by the lower-right tent, where you can drink Sweet Water at any time to restore your HP and MP for free.
Visit the Chief's Hut and talk to Ayla there. Time will instantly fast-forward to night, and the party will be underway! Crono can run around and talk to people all he wants, but the way to get the ball rolling is to talk to your party members and Ayla, which will make them do stuff. When they're done doing stuff, talk to them again.
Eventually, Ayla will challenge Crono to a soup race. Not unlike the Soda Guzzling contest back at the Millennium Fair, the way to win this is to press A as fast as possible. However, this race is actually winnable. And even if you can't win it on your own, eventually Ayla will forfeit. Long story short, you'll win yourself a Dreamstone. Huzzah!
As your party wakes up to a wicked hangover, you'll realize that your Gate Key has been stolen. No Gate Key means you'll never be able to time travel again! Talk to Ayla about this situation in the Chief's Hut, and she'll join your party. With Ayla, a guy in one hut will donate a Tonic (cheapskate), and you'll be able to trade for stuff at the trading hut.
The Gate Key can wait. I'll instruct you on how to get Petals, Horns, Feathers and Fangs to trade with. Northeast of the village is the Hunting Range. Fight enemies here to win these items. When it rains, a Nu appears somewhere. A Nu's only attack is to reduce a character's HP to 1, so it can't kill you on its own. Beating a Nu will net you 3 of each of the trading items, and the first time you beat one, you'll get a Third Eye, which is a handy accessory. There are three places the Nu can appear. The first is here in the Southeast.
Nus can also be found here, in the northeast.
And bet your bottom dollar that you can also find a Nu here in the northwest.
When you're done hunting and trading for new equipment, head south of the village to the forest maze, here you'll find out that Ayla's boyfriend, Kino, took the Gate Key, but it was stolen by the Reptites. After some domestic violence, your party runs into the maze to chase after the Reptites.
Despite its name, the forest maze is actually a peninsula pretty easy to navigate. The enemies here aren't tough, and there's plenty of treasure lying around for the pickin'.
What you'll want to do is make your way to the southeast corner of the forest and make your way up this ramp.
Eventually, the ramp will lead you to more treasure, and this spot right here. When you're ready to leave the forest, just walk south from this spot, and you'll be at the Reptite Lair.
The Reptite Lair is very short, and not very tough. It can also be one of the most frustrating dungeons if you're a perfectionist when it comes to collecting treasure. To advance, you'll have to climb down the holes, but if you go through certain holes created by EvilWeevils, you can collect treasure along the way. The difficulty lies in waiting for the EvilWeevils to dig holes and for them to dig holes where you want them to. So you'll need the luck of the Irish and the patience of a saint to get everything here. Oh, and when you encounter Megasaurs, be sure to have Crono cast Lightning on them first. kthxbye
There are alternate paths to the lower-left, lower-right, upper-left and upper-right, so be sure to wait for the EvilWeevils to dig holes in all those areas to get the treasure you want. Also, there's a second alternate path on the second level. Go to either of the alternate paths on the right side, and wait again for the EvilWeevils to dig. These EvilWeevils are more stubborn, and often flat-out refuse to dig at all. If it makes you feel any better, there's really nothing too great on any of these alternate paths. It's mostly stuff like Tonics and Ethers.
Whichever way you end up going, you'll end up here, surrounded by Reptites. In this room, there are two treasure chests, so be sure to grab them both, then go into the room on the right.
At this point, you can either go up, which leads to the boss, or through the room on the left, which will take you back to the top of the lair (so you can try more paths and try to get different treasure). Yeah...
When you make it to the boss room, you'll meet up with Azala, the leader of the Reptites, who has the Gate Key. Azala will ask you a question, but whichever way you answer, the end result will be the same...
You'll have to fight Azala's bodyguard, Nizbel. Nizbel's defense is extraordinarily high, so cast Lightning on him to lower it. This will lower his defense to more reasonable levels, but after a few turns, he'll release a powerful lightning attack on all characters, and his defense will be back up again. You'll have to keep up this cycle for a while if you want to win. The most important thing here is to fight defensively, and have lots of healing power on your side. Hopefully, you should emerge victorious.
After Nizbel is defeated, Azala will give you back the Gate Key and high-tail it out of there. Ayla will then proceed to leave your party.
Now that you have your Gate Key back, you can return to the End of Time. Now go back to Medina Village and visit Melchoir again. Since you have Dreamstone, he'll be able to repair the Masamune.
Ah, the Masamune. A sword of awesome power that is approximately twice the size of Lucca. Time to take it to Frog.

Item Checklist

Berserker (Mystic Mountain Chest)
Dreamstone (After Ayla's Party)
Tonic (Given to you by man after Ayla joins)
Third Eye (Defeat Nu in Hunting Range)
Mid Tonic (Forest Maze Chest)
Revive (Forest Maze Chest)
Mid Ether (Forest Maze Chest)
Mid Tonic (Forest Maze Chest)
Revive (Forest Maze Chest)
Shelter (Forest Maze Chest)
Mid Tonic (Forest Maze Chest)
Heal (Forest Maze Chest)
Mid Ether (Forest Maze Chest)
Mid Ether (Reptite Lair Chest)
Ruby Vest (Reptite Lair Chest)
Full Tonic (Reptite Lair Chest)
Mid Ether (Reptite Lair Chest)
Full Tonic (Reptite Lair Chest)
Full Ether (Reptite Lair Chest)
Rock Helm (Reptite Lair Chest)
Full Ether (Reptite Lair Chest)
Masamune (From Melchoir)

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