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Go Rest High on that Mountain...

Head southwest of Truce to arrive at Zenan Bridge. It seems the Guardian army is engaged in a battle with Magus' troops, but they're refusing to do anything until they get their rations. Looks like it's up to you...
Head to Guardia Castle and talk to the head chef. He'll bitch at you a while, so just leave. Before you get out of the castle, he'll stop you and give you a Power Tab, and the rations, which consists entirely of one piece of Jerky.
This guy either must be delusional or think he's Jesus, because one piece of Jerky sure as hell ain't gonna feed his entire army. Not like that lazy army is going to do anything anyway.
Talk to the Knight Captain after giving him the Jerky, and he'll beg you to help him. Answer yes and he'll give you a Gold Helm. Run past the soldiers across the bridge. You'll have to fight a few battles against Ozzie and his skeletal minions. Leave Ozzie alone, and use magic against the skeletons. They should fall easily, and after they're gone, Ozzie will keep running off.
After a few battles, you'll have to fight this dude. Fire and Lightning heals the top and Ice and Shadow heals the bottom. I like to let loose with Lightning and Fire attacks on the bottom, and after it's defeated, go after the top with Antipode. But this guy's not too tough either way. Defeat him, and the bridge will once again be under Guardian control.
Now you should be on the southern continent. Be sure to check the houses in Dorino village until you're find this one. Check the drawer, then talk to this old man. If you have the Naga-ette Bromide from the Cathedral, he'll unlock the drawer in return for the Bromide. Accept his offer and grab the Magic Tab. Now leave before the old pervert can create his Naga-ette love slave...
Also be sure to visit Fiona in the house between Porre and Dorino. She'll talk about some tree-hugging hippie bullshit, but at least she'll let you take the chests in her house (although she'll make you leave HER chest alone...).
Also stop by the Porre market and grab this here Power Tab.
Now it's time to go north of Porre to Denadoro Mountain. You'll know you're there when you're here. The enemies here aren't too tough, but be sure Lucca's with you. Ogans are pretty strong, but fire magic can burn their mallets, turning them into weak Goblins.
Just north of the entrance, don't forget that you can go up this path, which leads to a MirageHand, which is a nice weapon for Robo. You can ponder why there'd be a robot hand lying around in the middle ages while you equip it on Robo.
When you try to climb the first ladder, your suspicions will be correct. Maggie shot Mr. Bur... er.. Tata wasn't the legendary hero after all!
Like just about EVERY OTHER DUNGEON IN THE FREAKING GAME, Denadoro Mountain is pretty straightforward, but there are some easily missed treasures. When you make it to this shady area, be sure not to forget to go up this path for a treasure at the dead-end.
Likewise, try not to forget to go down here to grab another treasure that's easily passed over.
When you reach the watery area, head far to the west and drop off the waterfall here. At the bottom, you'll find the SilverStud and the SilverErng, both of which are fantastic accessories.
When you encounter this monster, keep talking to him until he bribes you with a Magic Tab to leave him alone. Then thank him and be on your way.
There's another tab here. Don't pass it over or I'll hold you in contempt, MAGGOT!
This treasure chest is hidden beneath the branches of a tree, and is very difficult to miss unless you're looking for it. Aren't you glad you have me around?
At the peak of the mountain, you'll see two creepy kids playing. I hope I'm not the only one who recognizes something fishy. Examine the Masamune in the back of the room.
The kids turned out to be Masa and Mune, the cleverly named embodiment of the Masamune. You'll have to fight them, but this battle's a piece of cake. Focus your attack on just one of the twins, and when it is defeated, the battle is won.
But now the two will combine into one giant monstrosity. This battle isn't so easy. Lightning doesn't work so well, so just have Crono attack, or use a Double Tech. When he's "storing tornado energy", that means he's getting ready for a powerful attack on all characters, so heal up quickly. Also, attacking him while he's storing energy will cause him to counterattack with a Slash-like attack. Fight defensively and you should emerge victorious.
Haha! Turns out the Masamune was broken all along! While you're trying to figure all that out, ride the wind down to the base of the mountain.
Visit Tata in Porre, and he'll finally admit to not being the Legendary Hero, and he'll give you the Hero's Medal, while his father prepares to give him the spanking of a lifetime.
Go just west of Porre to the Cursed Woods. The enemies here can be annoying, but this is a small forest, so there should be no worries. Make your way here and climb down the hidden path behind this bush.
Turns out you're in Frog's house! Isn't that convenient? Frog will hop down from nowhere and be all depressed and self-pitying again. What a great host!
Show him the Hero's Medal, and he'll still be all depressed, but at least he'll move his fat ass, and unblock access to the other treasure chest.
While Frog is staring at the wall, tears in his amphibious eyes, your party takes the opportunity to steal the Masamune's broken hilt from the treasure chest. The engraving they find even gives them direction on where to go!
Return to Medina Village, 1000 AD, and visit Melchior again. He'll tell you he can repair the Masamune, but he'll need Dreamstone, which has been missing for a very long time...
Very long time, eh? Looks like it's time to head to 65,000,000 BC. That was a long time ago... wasn't it?

Item Checklist

Jerky (Guardia Castle Chef)
Power Tab (Guardia Castle Chef)
Gold Helm (From Knight Captain on Zenan Bridge)
Magic Tab (Trade Naga-ette Bromide to Man in Dorino)
Mid Ether (Fiona's Villa Chest)
Mid Ether (Fiona's House Chest)
Power Tab (Porre Market)
300 G (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
MirageHand (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
Revive (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
Ether (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
500 G (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
Mid Ether (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
Revive (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
Gold Helm (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
Mid Tonic (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
Mid Ether (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
600 G (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
300 G (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
SilverStud (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
SilverErng (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
Mid Tonic (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
Mid Ether (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
Magic Tab (Monster on Denadoro Mountain)
Mid Ether (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
Speed Tab (Denadoro Mountain)
Gold Suit (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
Shelter (Denadoro Mountain Chest)
Bent Sword (Denadoro Mountain Peak)
Hero Medal (Tata's House)
Mid Tonic (Cursed Woods Chest)
Shelter (Cursed Woods Chest)
MagicScarf (Frog's House Chest)
Bent Hilt (Frog's House Chest)

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