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Death To the Huma... Er... Mystics!

When the four of you emerge from the gate, you'll be in some sort of strange, scary place that's strange and scary. Not even Robo will know where you are, and if a robot doesn't know, nobody knows! Am I right?
One thing to note is that here you can examine this... thing anytime you want to fully restore your party's HP and MP. Good to know.
Talk to the old geezer under the lightpost and he'll explain that you're in "The End of Time", whatever that means. He'll also explain that the balance of time is disrupted when you travel in groups of four, so you'll only be able to have a party of three people (which is the bullshittiest game-explanation of a limited party I've ever heard, but I digress...). By pressing the Y button just about anywhere, you can somehow switch your party on the fly, so it's not a big deal. I suggest taking Marle and Lucca for now.
Before you leave, the old man will tell you to enter the previously locked door behind him. Here you'll find Spekkio, the self-proclaimed "master of war". He'll offer to teach you magic, but only if you run circles around his room like a bunch of idiots. Start near the door and hug the wall while running around his room three times. If you get it right, he'll teach Crono, Marle and Lucca to use magic (if they're in the party). If you mess up, throw your controller across the room in frustration and smash your Chrono Trigger cartridge... Or try again, I don't care. You can even fight against Spekkio if you want (although he can only be damaged by magic attacks). Depending on what level Crono is, Spekkio will come in different forms. Try to beat him during all his forms for some nice prizes. Unless you're seriously over or under leveled, he'll look like this for now.
When you're done playing around with Spekkio, make a quick jaunt back to Proto Dome in 2300 AD (yeah, I know it's where you just came from... JUST DO IT!). There's an invisible Power Tab just below the gate to the End of Time, so walk a step or so below the gate and mash on the A button until you find it. Then return to the End of Time and head to the gate leading to 1000 AD. You'll pop out in Medina Village, home of the Mystics, who hate all humans. Note that you can eat this cake here on the table, but once it's gone, it's GONE. So I suggest leaving it on the table for the rest of the game. Might as well punish the Mystics by letting it go stale, right?
There's not much to do in Medina Village for now. You can check out the human-hating cult at time square, or attempt to use the inn or shop, but the prices will be jacked up to oblivion since you're a human. Do visit the Elder's House though. There are TWO tabs to collect here, one downstairs and one upstairs. Don't miss 'em! And you can visit the Forest Ruins northeast of town to find a Mid Ether. You can also visit Melchior, the swordsmith, west of town if you want to visit a more reasonably priced shop.
Nowhere left to go but to visit Heckran Cave, eh? You'll receive a hero's welcome when you arrive, as you see. The enemies here are extremely resistant to weapons, so it's time to use your newly acquired magic from Spekkio. Keep in mind that Crono's Slash, Lucca's Flame Toss and Robo's Laser Spin are all considered magic attacks too.
In the first large room you come across, be sure to head to the room just to the south first so you can grab the MagicScarf, which is a nice accessory to have around.
The rest of the cave is pretty straightforward. Just keep following along the path, killing Mystics in your wake. Eventually, after walking through a river, you'll come across this save point. Heal up and save, take a deep breath and enter the next room.
The cave isn't called Heckran Cave for nothing! Here you'll have to fight Heckran himself. Like his minions, magic should be employed against him. If you have Marle and Lucca, have them use Antipode, while Crono uses Lightning. Aura and Aura Whirl should be used as needed. If you have Robo, he should use Laser Spin, while Crono and whichever girl you have uses their magic. When Heckran taunts you, DON'T ATTACK. Use this opportunity to heal. Attacking now will cause him to counterattack with a very powerful spell. Just wait for it to say he's taking a brief break from counterattacking or something before you go back on the offensive. If you're careful, Heckran shouldn't be too tough.
After the battle, Lucca will jump to some wild conclusions. Right or wrong, it looks like your party now has a destination in mind.
You'll also find a very small, very deep pool. Not having anything better to do, your party jumps in. If this was real life, they would have surely drowned. However, since this is a video game, they emerge safely right outside Lucca's house.
Speaking of Lucca's house, go in it. Find her daddy and beg him to give you stuff. He'll fork over the Taban Vest, which is a nice piece of armor for Lucca to equip.
Now feel free to explore the town as if you were just starting the game (If you rescued Fritz back in Guardia Dungeon, stop by the market for a nice present. If you didn't rescue him, hang your head in shame.). Also feel free to take Lucca and Marle to Crono's house for a nap in his bed. In addition to the obvious, your HP and MP will be refilled. Now that's a win-win situation if I've ever heard one, wouldn't you agree? When you're ready to leave, return to the fair, and enter the gate near the Telepod Machine.
Looks like another gate was opened in the End of Time too! 600 AD, here we come!

Item Checklist

Power Tab (Proto Dome)
Speed Tab (Medina Elder's House)
Magic Tab (Medina Elder's House)
Mid Ether (Forest Ruins Chest)
Ether (Heckran Cave Chest)
MagicScarf (Heckran Cave Chest)
Mid Ether (Heckran Cave Chest)
Ether (Heckran Cave Chest)
Taban Vest (From Taban in Lucca's House)
Mid Ether x10 (In Truce Market, If You Rescued Fritz)

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