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I Traveled 1300 Years Into the Future, and All I Got Was This Lousy Seed

Upon entering Arris Dome, you'll receive a rock star-esque welcoming from the awed people. However, unlike most rock stars, you won't pick out the females from the crowd and have a big orgy with them backstage. Which is probably for the best, considering they're all half-dead and probably disease-ridden.
You'll probably want to do some shopping and rest in the Enertron, so do so. Rumor has it that there's food in the basement somewhere, but when you head down there, Doan, the elder tells you nobody has come back alive. Tell him to slag off and head down there anyway.
At this point, there'll be two paths, but the path on the right isn't available yet. So go to the left, duh. The next room has you walking on rafters, and has some sort of rat statue warning you of some sort of impending doom.
Just as you're about to reach the food storage area, you'll be attacked by a giant robot. Attacking the main robot will cause it to counterattack with a Delta Attack that does heavy damage to all three characters, so take care of the smaller robots first. Fire Whirl does good damage on them. After the smaller robots are taken care of, go after the big guy. Ditch Fire Whirl, since fire attacks do no damage to him. Just have all your characters attack, especially if Crono has the Bolt Sword from the Sewer. After the mini robots are revived, repeat the process until the robot breaks down.
In the storage room, Marle will give her expert analysis on the situation by saying that the room "reeks". Afterward, her necrophiliatic tendencies will get the best of her, and she'll dig through a corpse to find a seed that may or may not actually be a gallstone. Examining the corpse also reveals the true nature of the rat, which somehow knows a password to a computer. Anyway, grab the treasure here and get out.
The rat statue has come to life! You'll have to chase it down and catch it if you want to get the password. This can be a bit tricky, but if you don't get caught up on any corners, you'll be able to catch it. Apparently, the rat can talk, and it's more than willing to cooperate by giving you the password.
Go to this computer here and hold down L + R and press A. This should open the passage to the right. For all you emulator users, if you're playing the game on a keyboard, you won't be able to do this. To get around this, assign L and R to the same button, then hold down that button and press whatever you have assigned to the A button.
There'll be enemies running around this part of the dome. The first thing you should do is head straight up and grab this Mid Ether. Then climb up the stairs and head toward the next room.
The next room has more enemies, but they're not too tough. You'll want to make your way north, until you reach this door. Take a deep breath and head in.
Story time! After finding out where your party's next destination is, Marle will once again demonstrate her extreme intelligence by pressing random buttons on a machine she knows nothing about. You'll learn stuff now. When you're done, leave.
When you reach the area with the people, you'll give them the seeds you found, and tell them to plant them and grow their own damn food. In response to this, they'll thank you for giving them "hope". Whatever. They'll also give you a fancy Bike Key.
Now leave that dome and head north to Lab 32. Since there are no bikes around, try jamming the bike key into this car's ignition.
Johnny, The Man (even though he's half tricycle), will come out and challenge you to a race across the ruins. To accept his challenge, examine the car again. You and Johnny will automatically go back in forth, and all you can do is try to make him ram the back of your car to increase your score. You also have three boosts you can use over the course of the race. Watch the map of the course along the bottom of the screen, and try to be in front of him as you cross the finish line (using boosts just as he rams you can really help). If you win, you'll be on the other side, if not you'll be back where you started for some reason.
You can also walk across the Lab, and I actually recommend you doing this once. Here, you can find the Race Log, which is a non-essential, but pretty fun item. This will save your highest scores when racing against Johnny, and it will let you switch between two race modes as well. Well worth getting.
Anyway, on the other side of Lab 32, head south to Proto Dome, where the Gate apparently lies. Your time spent in the future is about to come to an end... or is it?!!?!?!

Item Checklist

Seed (Arris Dome)
Mid Ether (Arris Dome Chest)
Mid Ether (Arris Dome Chest)
Bike Key (Arris Dome)
Mid Tonic (Lab 32 Chest)
Race Log (Lab 32 Chest)
Power Tab (Score over 1500 points in Jetbike (need Race Log))

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