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The World of the Future... Today!

You'll arrive in a cold, barren, unforgiving, desolate land. Kind of like Canada. You start out in Bangor Dome, but there's nothing you can do there yet, so head south to Trann Dome. Here you can talk politics with the locals, buy supplies, and restore your HP/MP for free at the Enertron.
Now head north to Lab 16. The plant monsters here are annoying because they heal their comrades, and the octopus guys are annoying because they drain your HP, and the rats running around are annoying because they steal your Tonics. It's a pretty annoying place. The first thing you should do here is head to the right and collect the Berserker, which may come in handy.
The Lab itself is pretty straightforward, and you should be powerful enough to not have much trouble with the enemies here. Be sure to grab the Lode Bow along the way, as it's a nice weapon for Marle. Keep going until you reach the second section. Here you'll find new enemies. The Mutants are strong, but nothing you can't handle. The Shadows cannot be damaged, except with Magic, so have Crono use Slash, Lucca use Flame Toss, and Marle will be free to continue reading "The Cat in the Hat".
After emerging from Lab 16, you're supposed to go to Arris Dome. But since I'm crazy like that, I'll be taking you to the Sewer Access. It'll save you some trouble later on. Feel free to stop by Arris Dome to heal at the Enertron there if you'd like, though.
Just as you enter the sewer, some weird one-eyed guy will tell on you, and report your presence to somebody named Sir Krawlie. As incredibly intimidating as that name is, trek on.
As a note, Crono's Slash attack is Lightning based, so it does a good job against the fish here. You should go to the right first where you'll find some moolah.
Going left, you'll find some frogs whining about some bridge nonsense. There's wisdom in their stupidity, though.
Downstairs is the Nereid nap room, apparently. Making even the slightest noise will wake them up, and boy are they ever cranky! So, if you want to avoid confrontation, don't pet any cats, don't kick any cans, don't examine any cheese (you know, a rat might pop out for some reason), and don't use any fake save points.
You'll find your way back upstairs. The first thing you should do is go up a bit, then walk through this wall and hit this switch. This will open that door, leaving you WIDE OPEN to walk through it.
See? You're walking through the door. Because it's open. Aren't you glad you opened the door so you could walk through the door since it's now open?
When you find this Rage Band, I recommend equipping it on Crono. Counter-attacking is the shiz in this game. Also be sure to heal up HERE, since, as you can see, there's a rather large creature just to your right.
Krawlie's not too hard, but he can be if you take him lightly. He has an attack that takes away all of a character's HP but 1, so Marle will be important. Anytime a character is damaged, have Marle use Aura. If things really start to deteriorate, have Marle and Crono use Aura Whirl. For offense, have Crono and Lucca use Fire Whirl. Krawlie doesn't have too much HP, so you should emerge victorious.
Go past the exit, and follow the path here. Grab the Bolt Sword and hit this switch. This will open up the bridges the frogs were talking about earlier. Now go back to the exit.
In this southern continent, there are two places to go to, Death Peak and Keeper's Dome. Go to Death Peak first. There's a strong wind here that'll blow you off the peak a few seconds after you enter, but if you run and hurry, you should be able to run up to the Power Tab that's near the right wall.
In Keeper's Dome, you can meet an old inventor dude and his strange assistant, but you can't really do much else.
Time to go to Arris Dome for real... which means you'll have to go back through the Sewer. Bummer? Not quite. The bridges that appeared when you hit that switch opened up a shortcut back to the other side of the Sewer Access. Aren't you glad you went through the Sewer already? No? Shut up.

Item Checklist

Berserker (Lab 16 Chest)
Lode Sword (Lab 16 Chest)
Lode Bow (Lab 16 Chest)
Ether (Lab 16 Chest)
600 G (Sewer Access Chest)
Rage Band (Sewer Access Chest)
Bolt Sword (Sewer Access Chest)
Power Tab (Death Peak)

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