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Trial of the Millennium

After returning to your own time period, Lucca will run off, and Marle will beg you to come home with her. Looks like all your hard work is about to pay off. *wink, wink*
But, when you arrive at Guardia Castle, as you can see, things don't go quite as planned.
You'll be put on trial for the kidnap of the princess. Remember all that nice stuff you did earlier? Here is where it'll pay off. Hopefully, you did good on your date with Marle (not eating the guy's lunch, returning the girl's cat, not grabbing Marle's pendant before checking on her, not trying to sell Marle's pendant, not dragging Marle away from the candy stand, etc.). There will be two questions Crono is asked. Answer "I did" when the Chancellor asks who bumped into whom, and tell him her fortune didn't tempt you at all. If you did it all right, you'll be found not guilty.
However, guilty or not, you'll be sentenced to be killed in three days. The only difference is that if you're found not guilty, you'll receive an Ether from some sympathizers. Anyway, you can either bust out of jail yourself, or wait 3 days, and be rescued by a nerdy friend of yours. I'm gonna show you how to bust out yourself.
Keep shaking the door of your jail cell until the guard gets pissed off and comes in to do some prison-style brutality on your candy ass. Since the cell door is now open, now's your chance! You can either run out the door, and fight both guards (you'd think they'd have taken away your sword...), or you can just smack the guard in the back with your sword and just fight the other guard. Either way, kill 'em both and get outta there.
Head east, and you'll encounter a room with two Blue Shields, and four exits. Take the southeast exit first. Keep running until you reach this door. The way to open cell doors here is by pulling these switches. So... pull this switch.
Inside is treasure. Your tax money paid for this stuff, so you might as well take it.
Fight your way back to the Blue Shield room, and if you want, take the northwest exit. There's really nothing much here but a cool skeleton that gets brought to life by a fiery blue sperm. That's worth the trip, is it not?
Now take the northeast exit from the Blue Shield room, and the game will go into Metal Gear mode. You can either rush up on the guards and smack them when their back is turned, or fight them normally. Fighting them gives you experience, but when you knock them out, sometimes you'll find Mid Tonics on their corpses, so it's up to you.
Keep going right, and you'll be in the torture/execution room. Seems Guardia is after this poor guy's head, but they forgot to do the deed after locking him in the guillotine. Be a nice guy and set him free, it'll pay off in the end. Also, be sure to grab all the treasure in this room, and the room just to the north. Now, go back to the Metal Gear room, and go north and west to make it to the second Blue Shield room.
If you take the southwest exit from the second Blue Shield room, you'll find a treasure, and a man who will give you a horrifying vision of your very near future if you examine him.
Now take the northwest exit from the Blue Shield room. You will find a hole in the wall that leads you outside. Apparently, Crono was bitten by a radioactive spider at some point in his life, so he can climb up and down walls with the greatest of ease. Climb down as far as you can go, and enter the hole in the wall you find.
After getting the treasure here, climb down this hole, and you'll find some serious cash and a Lode Sword. Equip the Lode Sword and make your way back to the second Blue Shield room.
Take the northeast exit this time. You'll meet up with Lucca, who was going to save you (and would have, had you chosen to wait the 3 days in your jail cell). After Lucca joins up, check the guard's corpse for some Mid Tonics, save, and move on.
Looks like you'll have to fight some sort of Dragon Tank now. What you'll want to do is kill the head, then go after the rest of the body. Fire does no damage to the head, so just have Crono use Cyclone, which will hurt all three parts, and have Lucca shoot her gun or heal with Tonics. After the head's gone, have Crono keep Cycloning, and the rest of the Dragon will die quickly.
The tank will explode, and the Chancellor and two guards will make a convenient bridge for Crono and Lucca. I don't know why Crono doesn't just cut off the hands of the guard in front after crossing them, but... Anyway, continue on.
Don't forget to grab this treasure on your way out.
A bunch of guards will appear, Marle will do a kickass strip-tease, and you'll end up outside in the forest. You have nowhere to go but east, so go east.
Looks like you're trapped! Luckily there's a gate. Who knows what sorts of evil lurks behind that gate!? But you'll never know if you don't hop in!

Item Checklist

Ether (If You Were Found Not Guilty)
Ether (Guardia Dungeon Chest)
Mid Tonic (Guardia Dungeon Chest)
Mid Tonic (Guardia Dungeon Chest)
Ether (Guardia Dungeon Chest)
Mid Tonic (Knock Out Guard)
Mid Tonic (Knock Out Guard)
Fritz (Rescue From Guillotine)
Mid Tonic (Guardia Dungeon Chest)
BronzeMail (Guardia Dungeon Chest)
Mid Tonic (Knock Out Guard)
Shelter (Guardia Dungeon Chest)
Shelter (Guardia Dungeon Chest)
1500 G (Guardia Dungeon Chest)
Lode Sword (Guardia Dungeon Chest)
Mid Tonic x5 (From Knocked Out Guard in Blue)
Shelter (Guardia Castle Chest)

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