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Area 1: Despa Valley Walkthrough

As soon as you select the new game option, Kelesis walks into a cave where he finds the first Wise Woman. She sees he is unequipped for a journey and thus gives him a sword and boots to defend himself. He is then thrust into his adventure.
The first dungeon is a fairly simple platformer. The toughest enemy is the giant snake that awaits at the end of the passage. All you have to do is stay on the floor and slice him a few times when he comes down from his jumps. Once you exit the cave, you will find yourself in Despa Valley.
First thing you should do when you get into the valley is kill enough enemies to get 500 gold. Blue snakes and bees are good for gold collection. Once you have 500 gold, journey to the Northeastern part of the valley and go into the hole. A Wise Woman will sell you a much needed life potion. After this, journey to the Northwestern part of the valley and kill a couple snakes to make a hole appear. Purchase the bible the Old Woman is selling, then head one screen south and you will be at the screen pictured to the left. Kill one enemy to make the tree turn into a hole.
The first Bottom-up scrolling dungeon features a few smaller bats and a giant bat at the end of the dungeon. To defeat it, just keep swinging your sword. Pressing (rather than tapping) the attack button down helps. Eventually it will die and you will meet Despa.
Despa will throw giant snowflakes at Kelesis while moving horizontally, left and right, at the top of the room. Dodge between the snowflakes and run up to strike the demon 2-3 times with your sword, then back away and dodge between the snowflakes again. Repeat until Despa is defeated.
Once you are out of Despa's dungeon, walk to the right one screen and a hole will appear that was never there before. A Wise Woman will sell you your first crystal for 1,000 gold. Buy it and walk one screen North.
Make sure you have the same equipment pictured on the left prior to leaving Despa Valley.
The stone that was blocking the way North out of Despa Valley is now gone and you can go into the next area: Rolick Desert.

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