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Area 3: Bachular Graveyard Walkthrough

Welcome to Bachular Graveyard! First thing you want to do is find a bible to raise your max gold to 8,000. Then kill a bunch of red frogs to get 8,000 gold. Make your way BACK to the location in Rolick Desert where the Wise Woman is selling Aruzasu's Shield. Buy it and head back to Bachular Graveyard. MUSIC CHANGE!
This is a screen you will know well if your life potions continuously run low. It's Randar! Enemies are going to be tough until you get the Valley Sword, so keep a green mea handy. Focus on getting up to 7 Life Potions and 16,000 gold max (locations and prices of bibles and additional life potions are located in the maps section under Bachular Graveyard Map Spoilers).
You might wonder why you cannot cross the black area of the ground. It's an abyss! You'll have to wait to cross to the island you see here until you get the Ascent Boots much later in the game.
Get enough bibles to bring your max gold to at least 12,000. Go to the Northernmost part of the graveyard and cross the small bridge over the river. Stop when you encounter some red frogs. This is the area you can gain gold pretty fast. Red frogs do not chase you like all the other enemies. They jump across the screen and are easy kills. Keep gold collecting until you get to 12,000.
Once you have 12,000 gold, go one screen to the right from the red frogs, staying on the left side of the river. Follow the riverbed one screen down and then two screens left. You should be at the screen shown on the left. Strike the grave you see Kelesis striking in the picture twice and go in the hole. Buy the Valley Sword. Enemies should be much easier to kill now! MUSIC CHANGE!
Time for the big fight with Bachular. Make sure you have all 7 Life potions, 16,000 max gold and a green mea. Go back to the area where you were fighting the red frogs. Strike the grave you see Kelesis striking in the picture 3 times and go into the hole that appears.
Another bottom-up scroller. The only danger to avoid here is the one pictured on the left. Just don't go in the middle and you should be fine. The middle ends in a dead end and you have to start from the beginning of the dungeon again.
Bachular will spit 3 fireballs that stick in one position for a long time, hampering your movement. The demon also disappears and reappears at will. Once it reappears, run up and hit it as many times as possible before it disappears again. As you chase Bachular, try to avoid the fires it places about the room.
One screen North of where you find Randar, a hole will open after Bachular's defeat. Crawl in to buy the third crystal for 8,000 gold.
Here is what your inventory screen should look like. 7 Life potions, 3 crystals, 16,000 gold max, Valley Sword, Aruzasu's Shield, Zest Boots and green mea.
Two screens South of Randar you will find that the way forward has been opened with Bachular's defeat. Journey on... to Fosbus Swamp!

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