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Walkthrough Part 4

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You will return to Adlehyde automatically. You will then get the Protowing, the flying machine! Emma will send your party off to get one Gemini Circuit and Jane, McDullen, and Bartholomew off to get the other. Until you get the Circuits, you can't fly over mountains (just touching them will cause you to come to a complete stop; it's kind of annoying).

Your first stop is the Memory Temple (remember? Where Jack's scenario took place). Enter and put Jack in the lead. Enter the password "Emiko" to open the door. Use the Tear to open the next door (just skip the transporter; it takes you to the room with Emiko's message). You can get two CREST GRAPHS and the HOLY PARASOL. Get the spells Field and Quick.

Now, there is an optional quest you can do. If you don't want to do it, skip down to where it says "END OF OPTIONAL QUEST". You really should, though.

Fly north from Curan Abbey to the piece of land across the water. Land and enter the ruins of Heavens Corridor. Use a Duplicator to enter (if you need more Duplicators, see the Hayokonton quest under "The Abyss"). Use the Tear at the triangle symbol to warp up to the dungeon proper. Go north and then head to the center. Use a Duplicator to open the door and collect two CREST GRAPHS. Then go up the ladder on the far right. Search the blue vases to find a hidden switch. Push it, then go back down the ladder and head to the upper-left. Before you go up the ladder, open the semi-hidden chest for a MAGIC CARROT.

Go up the ladder and enter the small room. Walk around the left wall of the room to avoid any of the traps. Outside, go left and get the NECTAR, then climb the ladder. Use a Duplicator to open the door and hug the walls inside. Go outside again and walk along the top of the platform. Use Hanpan to pick up the chest with a CREST GRAPH (don't walk down or you will get nailed and sent back to the start). Pick up the second CREST GRAPH and keep going right. As soon as you can pass the second green-topped building, walk straight down and head right as far down as you can. When you can't go any further right, go up and climb the ladder (you were avoiding a teleport trap just to the left of the pillar).

Next are some tough puzzles. The object is to catch the green gem that mirrors your actions. Circle the room clockwise once (don't walk along the far right wall; stop when you get to the purple block that sticks out), then, when you get back to your starting point, walk up against the purple block in the middle, then ride the conveyor to your left up. If that doesn't work, try just using the skates and rocketing around wildly. You'll hit it eventually. In the next room, go up the left conveyor and get off just on the right (so you're on the lower of the two rows of tiles). Walk straight right and ride the conveyor belt down. Push up against the purple blocks and you should trap the green gem. Ride up the conveyor on the left and touch the gem. Again, if it doesn't work, use the skates. In the final room, circle the conveyors once, then walk directly into the little identation in the purple barriers on the left. Wiggle around in here, then go back and circle the conveyors. There's always the skates if that doesn't work.

Ascend to the top of the Heaven Corridor and stand between the pair of trees. Use the Tear. Dhee will appear and grant you Cecilia's fourth Force, DUAL CAST. Cast Escape and go back to Adlehyde. Get Reflect, Hide, Rage, and Sleep bound to your Crest Graphs (although you really don't need any more spells).


Get in the Protowing and head south from Arctica to the valley west of Court Seim, accesible only from the air. Land on the grass and enter Gemini's Corpse. Walk around the stairs to the top of the first room and bomb through the wall. Equitus, the Sword Guardian, will give you a Fast Draw hint. Try to learn it right away (by boosting Jack's luck with Mariel's Small Flowers); it's COSMIC NOVA, the second-best Fast Draw in the game and the only one that damages all the enemies.

Go down the stairs, pass by the door, and bomb the cracked wall right next to it. Put out the fires and pick up the JEWEL in the statue's chest. Go back out, head right, and go through the door. Bomb the cracked wall in the upper left and descend for the second JEWEL. Go back upstairs and go to the far right end of the hall. Pick up the BLACK PASS and CREST GRAPH, then go back left and down the stairs. Use Hanpan to get the exploding chest to your left (with a MAGIC CARROT) and go right. Bomb through the cracked wall and go north. Walk up to the statue and use a Jewel on it to move it. Ascend and get the PHASER ARM, one of the better ARMs. Be sure to upgrade it. Go back downstairs and remove the Jewel from the statue. Continue south to a room with a ledge and a pit. Put out the fire, then stand back from the chest and use Hanpan to open it for a LUCKY CARD. Continue west and put a Jewel in the statue, then go down the stairs.

Head south and use Hanpan on the chest to get the POUCH, which will give you double gella after a battle 25% of the time. If you want to use it, give it to Rudy. In the long hallway, go through the first door, get the chest with the MEGA BERRY, and bomb through the wall. Use a Jewel to move the statue, go down, and get both JEWELS. Go back up, remove the JEWEL in the statue, and go back out to the long hallway. Go in the next door to the right, then in the first door you come to to the south. Put out the fires and put a Jewel in the statue. Head back through the door, go right, and south through the next door. Go through the now-open door and continue right. Go out the first door you come to a save point, then keep going right and descend the stairs. Use both your Jewels to move the statues and go through the doorway.

You will fall down into a room with a chest. Open it to get Rudy's POWER GLOVE Tool. Go north and punch both statues to knock the chests down, then open them (with Hanpan) for a DUPLICATOR and AMBROSIA. Walk behind the statues and bomb through the wall for two SECRET SIGNS. You may want to use these on Cosmic Nova. Go through the middle door and punch the hookshot post with the Power Glove. Then swing across to it and go north. Heal up and pick up the GEMINI CIRCUIT. You will fight the Mech Drake.

Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher or Twin Orbs. Save his Force to use Fury Shot, which will do incredible damage with the Rocket Launcher. Jack should cast Phazer Zapp and use Sonic Vision, and Cecilia should use Armor Down and Slow Down on the Mech Drake. Use Remedy to heal and attack with Saint and Randomizer. When Cecilia has the Force, use High Guardian on the Love Rune to heal the party and do damage to the Mech Drake. Watch out for Resonance Wave, which does 700-1000 damage to the party. If the Mech Drake silences you, have Cecilia Mystic the Serenade to cure herself, then cast Restore on Jack.

When you beat the Mech Drake, you get one of the Gemini Circuits. Go back to Adlehyde and go to the castle. Meanwhile, the team on the Sweet Candy will find the other Gemini Circuit, but get sunk by the golem Leviathan (the "stone mermaid"). Get the spell Shield bound to your Crest Graph. You can upgrade the Phaser if you want, but you'll soon have another place to spend your money. Anyway, head to Ship Graveyard and check the beach to find the other GEMINI CIRCUIT. Take it back to Adlehyde and give it to Emma. You will then get the upgraded Protowing and can fly over mountains!

Fly east to the Giant's Cradle and land in the small valley northwest of the cave. In the upper-left hand corner of the valley is an invisible location, the Ancient Altar. Enter and collect the SWORD RUNE, which you should probably give to Jack (although you may want to keep the Life Rune). If you do give Jack the Sword Rune, give Rudy the Life Rune.

Back in Adlehyde, use the Black Pass on the bookcase in the weapon and item shop. It will move. Go down the stairs to the Black Market. Here you can buy new equipment, and most importantly, Goat Dolls! You won't need Goat Dolls in the actual game, but you'll never survive the extra quests without them. After upgrading your equipment, use your leftover money (if you have any!) to upgrade the Phaser. If you need more money, see the Ocean of Sand quest under "The Abyss", but be sure to save the game first in case you run into Barbados.

After completing your shopping in Adlehyde, take the upgraded Protowing, fly southeast towards the Tripillar and Port Timney. Keep going past them and land on the small island north of the strip of desert. Enter Pandemonium.

Go north and up the stairs. Head all the way up and open the chest for the MIND GEM, the MP equivalent of the Talisman. I wouldn't recommend using it, but you might want to. Head south and activate the crystal switch on the wall. Continue north and left to a save point. Open the chest and head straight up (just ignore the door on the right). Go up the stairs and go right. Heal up and go through the door. Elmina / Lady Harken will appear, then Alhazad will sic Turask on you.

Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher or Phaser (whichever has a higher attack power) and use Fury Shot when he has the Force. Jack should use Heal Blade to heal, because he can't hurt Turask (except with Sonic Vision). Cecilia should use Slow Down, then cast Armor Down continually on Turask (except when you need to heal), because Turask keeps raising its defense. After defeating Turask, Alhazad will throw you in the prison of Pandemonium.

Talk to Hanpan and you will be able to control him! YEAH! You can run around and even dash! Run around to get an idea of the layout of the dungeon. When you've had your fill of playing as Hanpan, find the switch (in the upper-right) and throw it. Playing as Jack again, go through the door to the right. Use Guilty Blade and Cosmic Nova against the enemies. Go in the lower-left cell and search the pot for a MAGIC CARROT. Search the next cell to the right for a LUCKY CARD, then go up to the second rows of cells. The middle cell holds a SECRET SIGN and the one on the right has a MAGIC CARROT. Take the door on the upper-right and you'll come to a sealed door. Time to switch characters.

Switch to Cecilia and go upstairs. Activate the crystal switch to turn it blue. Switch back to Jack and continue up the stairs. Go right and press the switch. Have Cecilia change the switch back to red and walk over to the sealed door. Switch to Jack and head south to a crystal switch. Change it to blue, allowing Cecilia to continue. Just follow the path as Cecilia (hitting the floor switch along the way) until you reach a blue diamond. Stand on it. Go back to Jack and turn the crystal red. Switch to Rudy and go in the cell to your right to save the game. Also check the pots for a BULLET CLIP. Go upstairs and follow the path until you reach a red sealed door (skip the open door just to the right of it -- it leads to the Demon Prophet, the boss, whom you don't want to fight alone. If you do go in there, just say "Yes" and leave). Have Jack press the crystal switch again (making it blue). Then send Rudy up to the blue diamond switch. Ignore the door to the right of Rudy's diamond; it just leads to the switch Hanpan used to unlock the cells. Finally, send Jack south to his blue diamond.

When everybody is standing on a diamond, the barriers will go down and you regroup. If Jack is low on MP, equip with the Mind Gem so he can regain some. Go back left (the way Jack just came) and down the stairs. Bomb through the cracked wall left of the crystal switch for two CREST GRAPHS and an AMBROSIA. Go back to the room with the blue diamond switches and take the middle passage south. Heal up and enter the doorway to your right. When the Demon Prophet appears, refuse to return to your cell. You will fight.

Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher or Phaser, and use Fury Shot when he has the Force. Jack should cast Phazer Zapp and use Sonic Vision. Cecilia should cast Armor Down, then Slow Down, then attack with Saint. Be sure to stay healed; the Prophet can do a lot of damage. Use Heal and Remedy to heal. Use Hi-Revive and Revive Fruits (if Cecilia dies) to bring back dead characters. Summon the Love Guardian with a High Guardian if you get a chance. The Demon Prophet is a tougher than average boss, but if you stay healed, you'll win. Goat Dolls are also helpful, but certainly not necessary. If you use a Lucky Card, you'll get lots of money when you win.

Go up the stairs. Stand on one switch and use Hanpan to hit the other to open the door. You're back in the main castle. Leave and return to Adlehyde to get healed. Spend your money (buy any equipment you couldn't afford at the Black Market and upgrade the Phaser), then go back to Pandemonium.

Go back to where Elmina and Alhazad were and keep going up. Just head up the passage until you fight Shazam. Rudy should use the Phaser (unless the Rocket Launcher is stronger) and Fury Shot. Jack should use Phazer Zapp and Sonic Vision. Cecilia should cast Armor Down (Slow Down is probably not needed), then use the Soul Guard spell on everybody to prevent them from being killed by Shazam's Fatal Blows. If somebody does get knocked off, use Hi-Revive to bring them back. If you get Silenced, Paralyzed, or Confused, cure the status with Restore, the Life Guardian, or a Mysticed Senerade; ignore the others. The Love Guardian, as always, is useful for healing and attack. Shazam is also pretty tough, especially if you didn't leave to get healed after you escaped from the dungeon.

After you beat Shazam (you might want to use a Lucky Card), continue up to the chamber of the Dark Tear. Alhazad will activate the Dark Tear, but Jack will shatter it. You will then see a flashback from Jack's days as a Fenril Knight in Arctica (if you haven't already figured it out, Jack is Garrett from the intro you see when you leave the game on at the title screen, and Lady Harken is Elmina).

Ka Dingel

Back in Adlehyde, give the Secret Tool to Tom and he will repair the statue of Zeldukes. Examine the statue to get the CASTLE RUNE, which isn't very good. Get the spells Prison and Protect. You can also donate more to the Adlehyde Restoration Committee to add people to the new housing in the upper-right. This is needed for some of the extra quests, but for now, you're betting off upgrading your ARMs.

Take the Protowing to Arctica and land at Arctica Castle. Enter and head in the main door. Pick up the pair of FULL REVIVES and head right, up the stairs. Go south, open the chests with a NECTAR and two MEGA BERRIES, and take the door on the left. Skip the stairs, but open the door with a Duplicator for two SECRET SIGNS. Go outside and open the ARMs case for the WILD BUNCH, which is strong, but extremely inaccurate. The door on the right leads to a room with two more SECRET SIGNS, after you use a Duplicator.

In the courtyard, take the top door. Go up the ramp on the right, grab the LUCKY CARD, and keep going up until you reach the throne room. Put Jack in the lead and examine the throne. You will get the BLACK FERAL sword and get the hint for VOID. Go back down all the stairs and head left. Go down all the stairs and keep going until you reach the elevator (look familiar?). After the elevator stops, go left to reach Elmina. Before you talk to her, go in the room on the left and pick up the BOOM GETTER. It's the best glove, but you're much better off with the Talisman. Heal up and talk to Elmina. You will fight her with Jack alone.

Attack with Phazer Zapp and use Potion Berries to heal. Elmina goes first, so make sure you can take another hit before healing. The Talisman helps out a lot. When you get the Force, use Sonic Vision. If you run out of MP, (you may not) use a Magic Carrot or just switch to regular attacks. It's not that hard a fight. You will get a SECRET SIGN when you win.

The Lion Idol will shatter and you will get the COURAGE RUNE. Personally, I think the Sword Rune is better. Take the door on the right and keep going until you reach the exit. As you leave, the tower Ka Dingel (love that name!) will rise from the sea.

Now that you have both the Courage and Love Runes, fly to Baskar Village and go to the pyramid north of town. The Dragon Idol will shatter and you will acquire the HOPE RUNE. Equip it on Rudy; it's a great rune. Also give him the Force Unit so he can summon Zephyr frequently. By the way, if you're wondering about those stones north of Baskar, it's an optional quest... see "The Abyss" section. Also, if Jack has not yet learned Cosmic Nova, make sure you learn it.

Fly to Adlehyde and upgrade the Phaser. Don't bother upgrading the Wild Bunch. Then fly to the ring of land south of Rosetta Town (the old mysterious ring of land [especially one not on the map]... a sure sign you're reaching the end of the game). Land and summon Earth Golem. Then go up and enter Ka Dingel. You will fight Boomerang.

Rudy should use the Phaser on Luceid, and, when he gets enough Force, summon Zephyr. Jack should cast Cosmic Nova and use Sonic Vision on Luceid. Cecilia should cast Slow Down on Boomerang, then Armor Down on Luceid and Boomerang. If you get the chance, attack with Saint or Randomizer. Use Hi-Heal and Hi-Revive for healing, and High Guardian the Love Rune. If Cecilia dies, bring her back with a Full Revive. Once you take out Luceid, use the same strategies on Boomerang, but save Rudy's Force for Fury Shot and have Jack cast Phazer Zapp.

After the battle, more demons will come to attack you, but Boomerang will save you. You will enter Ka Dingel. Leave and go back to Adlehyde to get healed. Pick up the SABER FANG Boomerang left behind on your way out. If you want, you can complete some of the optional quests (like getting the Chrono Rune) before returning.

In Ka Dingel, go in one of the side doors and pick up both MEGA BERRIES. Against the enemies, have Rudy summon Zephyr constantly. Then go upstairs and take the door on the left. Walk under the bridge and go left. Take the upper door and bomb through the obvious-looking wall. Press the switch and go all the way south and right. Enter the room and pick up the two chests with a NECTAR and LUCKY CARD. Go north another room and climb up the ramp. Go north and hit the switch, then go two rooms south. Head left and cross over the bridge. Go north to a room with a square- shaped ledge. Take the door leading south to your right. Open the four chests (two MAGIC CARROTs, two FULL REVIVEs). Go through the upper-right door and down the ramp in the upper-right. Get both chests (MAGIC CARROT and MEGA BERRY) and head south. Push the statue onto the switch. Go back to the balcony overlooking the stairs where you came up to the second floor (where there were four chests). Take the middle door and go up the stairs.

On the third floor, get the pair of MAGIC CARROTS and go south. If you fight any Hazenbergs, kill them quickly before they can give you all sorts of nasty status changes. Take the upper-right door for a pair of chests (MEGA BERRY and FULL REVIVE), then go to the upper-left door and push the statue into the pit. Go in the lower-left door and push the statue to the upper-left. Go through the open door. What you have to do here is push some of the top switches to open the doors, then jump down and close all the doors with the levers. The lever on the left will swap the open/closed status of the two doors if one is open and the other closed; if they are both the same it will change the status of both of them. The lever on the right does the same thing for the doors on the right. Anyway, press the middle switch and the switch on the right. Jump down, go through the doors, and flick the lever on the right. Go through the open door and up the stairs.

Fourth floor... sporting goods. Go south for some AMBROSIA, then head up the ramp on the right. Get the NECTAR and head south. Head right and up the stairs. Enter the center door for the METAL SHIELD, Rudy's best shield (but don't use it... the Force Unit's far more useful). Go up the stairs to the sixth floor. Get the AMBROSIA and bomb the purple crystal to open the door. Go up to the seventh floor, then just pop up the stairs to the eight. Cross the bridge and ascend to the ninth floor. Bomb the first purple crystal, then the second. Hurry back south before the second bomb goes off. If you mess up, just use the Watch. Go up to the tenth floor, which is just another bridge. Eleventh floor -- head to the upper right and go through the door to a room with a bunch of levers. Throw each lever once, then go through the door. Go up and save your game. Go ou through either door and head up to face Alhazad.

Rudy should use the Phaser. Save his Force for Fury Shot. Jack should use Phazer Zapp and use Sonic Vision. Cecilia should cast Armor Down and Slow Down on Alhazad, then attack with Saint. Use Hi-Heal and Remedy to heal, and use High Guardian with the Love Rune at every opportunity. Alhazad is pretty tough, thanks to his Alhazad Symphony, which does 1500-1700 damage to everyone. Be sure to stay healed. Fortunately, he doesn't have very much HP.

After you defeat Alhazad, you get Jack's DOUBLE ATTACK Force. If you go up, you will reach the Dimensional Elevator that will take you to Malduke, the last dungeon. You might want to leave first to get healed, but first make one quick trip into Malduke. By the way, if you're running low on MP, just cast MP Drain on any enemy that has MP (check the monster chart).

On Malduke, you'll fight Tsar Zeins and Fesel Zeins. Use Meteor Dive, Cosmic Nova, Zephyr, and the Spark spells against them. You can steal Secret Signs from the Zeins as well. Use them on Cosmic Nova. Head down and to the right. The doorway is blocked by a force field, but if you put a bomb right on the corner of the field generator, you can blow it up. Go down the stairs and crawl through the pipe (this REALLY looks like the Magitek Factory, but Wild Arms has cool echoing sounds). You will get a BULLET CLIP Clip and the ARCH SMASH, the best ARM. Now, if you want to leave, just go back to the Dimensional Elevator and back down to Ka Dingel. From there, cast Escape and go back to Adlehyde to get healed and upgrade the Arch Smash.

Whether you leave or not, go up the stairs on the left in the starting room (you'll have to bomb another force field generator). Open the chest for NECTAR and punch the purple hookshot pole across the pit (with the Power Glove). Swing across and go north. Throw the switch to turn off all the force fields, then go back to the entry room.

If you want to save (it wouldn't be a bad idea), there's a save point to the south. Go down the stairs on the right, then head left (if you didn't get the Arch Smash earlier, go get it first). In the hallway, go all the way left, flip the lever, and go in the door to get Jack's fourth Tool, the GUITAR, which will start a fight whenever you use it (don't do this). You need it to fight Ragu Ragla and two of the golems. In the hallway, take the door leading south and then go left. In the next room, use Hanpan to set off the exploding floor tiles. Crawl through the pipe to reach a switch. Flip it, then go back to the hallway and take the door directly above you. Set off the exploding tiles with Hanpan and continue on to a maze of pipes.

Climb in the pipes and go left at the first intersection. At the second intersection, go left again and climb out of the pipe at the first exit you come to. Get the SILVER BLADE for Rudy, then get back in the pipes and head a short distance east to a chest with NECTAR. Keep going right and then down. At the intersection, go right and get out of the pipe to get the PRINCESS ROD. Get back in the pipe, finish going right, and then turn down. Turn left at the split, get the VIOLATOR sword, then go right and follow the path. When you come to an intersection, go up and then curve right. Get the NECTAR and keep going down on the far right side. Get out of the pipe and head south to a statue test. Heal Jack and take the test. Use Cosmic Nova twice to win. You will get TRUMP CARD, the ultimate Fast Draw. Use the hint constantly until you learn it, and use all your Secret Signs on it (you can always steal more from the ever-present Zeins). Go back to the pipe maze and head up. Follow the route of the pipes and get out at the second hole. Walk up to the exit.

Blow up the tiles with Hanpan, then ready the grappling hook. Stand on the border between the middle column of tiles and the column on the right. Walk (don't run) north, and, as soon as you see the post, swing across to it. Go down the stairs and go right. You now have to teleport to three different sections of Malduke -- the Town, the Mines, and the Statue Area -- to retrieve the Wings, Arms, and Eyes.

Save your game and flip the lever on the left. This will set the transporter to take you to the Residential Area, which is not really a town. All you need to do here is head to the graveyard to the north, open the chest hidden behind the big gravestone which holds Malduke's WINGS, and leave.

Back at the save point, set both levers to the left to go the Mines. Go south, then take the stairs on the right. If you want to fight Sado the golem, take the stairs on the left, then the center bototm. Otherwise, take two more sets of stairs on the right to the lower level. Enter the room on the left and get the EYE of Malduke (the other ones are fakes). Once you have the Eye, return to the save point. If you do decide to take on Sado, it's a good idea to save your game first.

Go back to Area 11 (the Traffic Area) and flip the switch on the left. The blue light should be on. Go up to the transport and go to the Statue Area. Go south two rooms to the main region. Go through the door in the upper right and then out through the door in the lower-left of the next room. Jump down twice (don't touch the crystal, but remember its location). Follow the path back to the lower level of the main room. Bomb the rock in front of the ladder and climb up. Go back to the crystal and change it to red. Head through the passage to the lower level of the main room and climb up the ladder in the lower right. Go back to the ladder you cleared earlier, descend, and hit the diamond switch. Return to the crystal (stopping by the previously sealed blue door on the way to pick up three chests with the ASSAULT COAT, JOLLA PONCHO, and FILGAIA ROBE) and change it to blue again. Go to the main room and climb up the ladder in the lower left, then go down the ladder in the lower right. Press the diamond switch, then return to the crystal for the final time and turn it to red. Back in the main room, go through the door previously blocked by two statues and keep going up to a chest with the Arms. Then go back to the Traffic Area (if you want to fight the golem Lucifer, see "The Abyss", but be sure to go back to Area 11 anyway to save... Lucifer's tough!)

Save your game. You can come back to this save after you've beaten the game to do the optional quests. If you have something you want to do back on Filgaia, just set both levers to the right and transport back to the entrance, then go down to Ka Dingel and cast Escape.

Once you have all three of the "effects" (the Arms, Eye, and Wings), head south from the save point room and go left. Take the stairs on the far left down. Pick up the NECTARS on the sides of the room, then go up to the top. Put the Eye in the middle pedestal, the Arms on the right, and the Wings on the left. Go through the door, pick up the pair of MAGIC CARROTS, and descend. Keep going to a room with a moving searchlight in it. Go up to the top of the room for an AMBROSIA. Heal up, restore your MP, then step in the searchlight to fight the golem Berial.

Rudy should use the Arch Smash. When he gets enough Force, have him use Fury Shot with the Phaser. Jack should use Trump Card if he is mostly full on HP or Phazer Zapp if he isn't. Use Sonic Vision when you have the Force. Cecilia should cast Slow Down, then Armor Down on Berial. After that, cast Hi-Shield. Whenever Berial uses Armor Down, use Hi-Shield again. Use High Guardian when Cecilia gets enough Force. Berial hits very hard (1500 to the party, or 2500+ to a single target), so keep using Remedy, Heal, and Hi-Revive to stay healed. If Cecilia dies, bring her back with a Full Revive. Berial is fairly difficult (certainly harder than the final bosses!)

When you beat Berial, the door opens. Go down the stairs. On the far right is a Dimensional Elevator back to Ka Dingel. Don't use it unless you really need it. Head north. There are no enemies in this corridor, so you can equip the Talisman and Mind Gem and just run back and forth until you are fully healed. Then go up to the central control room to face Zeikfried.

Rudy should use the Arch Smash, and Fury Shot with the Phaser when he gets the Force. Jack should use Trump Card if he's full, and Phazer Zapp when he's not. When he has the Force, use Sonic Vision. Cecilia should Slow Down and Armor Down Zeik, then just cast Randomizer. When Zeik uses Hi-Shield, recast Armor Down. Have her use High Guardian when you have enough Force. If you need to restore your MP or bullets, have the person who needs restoring do it to themself.

Zeikfried will then turn into Motherfried. Fight it just the way you fought Zeik. Motherfried can do more damage, though, so stay healed with Remedy. If he/she/it (?) uses Als Magna on you, equip the Life Rune and summon Odoryuk to cure your status. Then switch back to the old rune.

When you beat Motherfried, you win the game... or do you? Get healed up and get in the Dimensional Elevator. On the way back to Filgaia, Zeikfried will show up as Zeik Tuvai and attack! Do the same routine on him, but be sure to cast Lock State at the very start of the battle. He's not very hard, but he can cast Hi-Heal, which is annoying. If you get put to sleep, confused, or silenced, use Odoryuk to cure yourself. You may be disabled by status changes some of the time, but just keep hitting him. Fortunately, he can't do much damage to you (except for the occasional Fatal Blow). When you defeat Zeik Tuvai, you win the game for real.

Walkthrough Part 5