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Item Duplication

You can make 255 copies of any item! 255 Apples (raise your stats), 255 Duplicators (no more Hayokontons!), 255 Crest Graphs (get all the spells right at the start), 255 Secret Signs (all your Fast Draws cost 1 MP), 255 Ambrosias (infinite healing), etc. Best of all, it's a simple glitch and works every time. The following is a simplified version of the trick, sent in by Shahensa.

First, you must sell/use all but one of the item you want to duplicate.
Second, get into battle, then:
Have the first person use a Heal berry on him/herself
Have the second person use a Heal berry on him/herself
Have the third person switch the place of a heal berry and the item you want to duplicate, then attack.
Voila! 255 items. (It should be noted, however, that if the battle ends before the actions are completed (i.e. counterattack kills an enemy before the last person attacks) then the item is lost, but this way only uses one round of battle.)

The following version of the trick doesn't require you to sell all but one of your desired item, but is a bit more complicated. It was created by Nick Joslin (paraphrased slightly):

  • Before a fight go into your inventory and arrange it, with the arrange command.
  • Then go back to inventory and move item that you want to duplicate to the first blank spot.
  • Arrange your items again, then get out of inventory. (Keep in mind where at the end of the list you had the item you wanted to duplicate.)
  • Now get into a fight.
  • Have first person to come up move your Heal Berries to where the item was at end of the list, then use a Heal Berry.
  • Have second person to come up go to your items screen, but just switch the Heal Berries with the blank slot where you had the item in the inventory. (If you just had one Heal Berry left, you will have a blank where the Heal Berries were. Switch those blank spots instead).
  • Now have second person back out of the item screen and Defend instead.
  • Have third person defend.
  • After that round you will have 255 of that item plus the old set of that item.
  • Did you just run out of an item you wanted to duplicate? Well, just do this code on the blank spot where the item was. Do not use the Arrange command.
  • By the way, if you have a list with one or so left of an item and have a list of the same item with 255, and then completely sell the list with 255 items you will still have both lists after the selling.

Fun Stuff

Go to Surf Village and bomb or punch the dog. It will go flying into the air, bounce a couple times, then chase after you! You can also bomb the Memory Bird in Surf to make the chickens attack you.

Game Shark Codes

I found a link to the Game Software Code Creators Club. Follow that link to find more than 900 codes (!) for Wild Arms! If you see a yellow ?? in any of the codes, you'll have to fill those in with a specific digit. For example, if you want to give Cecelia a Dist Dims in her R.Hand, you'd enter 80133E780047 (the first part being the code to change the item in her R.Hand, and the 47 being the "digit" for Dist Dims). Enjoy!