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Force Powers


ARM Lock On -- ARM attack with 100% accuracy. Rudy starts with it.

Summon Guardian -- Summons the guardian in the equipped Rune. Found in Guardian Temple.

Protector -- Rudy takes hit for other characters. Found in Court Seim, after Epitaph of the Sea Wind.

Fury Shot -- Very powerful ARM attack with 100% accuracy. Found by talking to Vassim with Rudy in front.


Accelerator -- Jack goes first in battle. Jack starts with it.

Summon Guardian -- Summons the guardian in the equipped Rune. Found in Guardian Temple.

Sonic Vision -- Jack goes first; strong physical attack. Found in Ship Graveyard, after returning the Bracelet to Dan.

Double Command -- Jack gets two turns. Found after defeating Alhazad in Ka Dingel.


Mystic -- Invokes item's secret power (see Mystic list below). Cecilia starts with it.

Summon Guardian -- Summons the guardian in the equipped Rune. Found in Guardian Temple.

High Guardian -- Summons the guardian with added power. Found in Dead Sanctuary.

Dual Cast -- Cast two spells on one turn. Found in Heaven Corridor.

Mystic List

[Where spell names are listed, see the Spells listing for a description of that spell.]

Heal Berry -- Recovers 200 HP to party

Potion Berry -- Recovers 1000 HP to party

Mega Berry -- Recovers 2000 HP to party

Magic Carrot -- Recovers 50 MP to party

Revive Fruit -- Revives all dead characters

Full Revive -- Revives all dead characters with full HP

Antidote -- Cures party from poison

Medicine -- Cures party from disease

Violet Rose -- Cures party from silence

Heat Salve -- Cures party from paralysis

Pin Wheel -- Cures party from confusion

Toy Hammer -- Cures party from forgetfulness

Light Shroom -- Cures party from flash

Bone -- Casts Lucky Shot

Mage Staff -- Casts Shield

Magical Rod -- Casts Blast

Dream Wand -- Casts Sleep

Prism Stick -- Casts Field

Rune Staff -- Casts Dispell

Sorcery Wand -- Casts Silence

Rainbow Wand -- Casts Rainbow

Crest Wand -- Casts MP Drain

Lunar Rod -- Casts Valkyrie

Lunatic Wand -- Casts Confusion

Princess Rod -- Casts Soul Shield (same as Soul Guard?)

Dist Dims -- Casts Soul Guard

Geo Ring -- Casts Break

Aqua Ring -- Casts Freeze

Flame Ring -- Casts Flame

Wind Ring -- Casts Vortex

Thunder Ring -- Casts Spark

Holy Ring -- Casts Saint

Demon Ring -- Casts Darkness

Moon Stone -- Cures one character from poison

Olive Branch -- Cures one character from disease

Silver Harp -- Cures one character from silence

Blue Circlet -- Cures one character from paralysis

Clear Chime -- Cures one character from confusion

Memoirs Pen -- Cures one character from forgetfulness

Angel Quill -- Cures one character from bad omen

Sunglassess -- Cures one character from flash

Full Libra -- Cures one character's condition

Breeze Cloak -- Casts Air Screen

White Robe -- Casts Lock State

Mist Blazer -- Casts Reflect

Magus Robe -- Casts Suction

Chic Bolero -- Casts Anger (same as Rage?)

Ruby Bische -- Casts Anti-Magic

Shining Cape -- Casts Flash

Mirage Coat -- Casts Quick

Garnet Coat -- Casts Hi-Shield

Filgaia Robe -- Casts Eraser

Pret-a-Porte -- Casts Regenerate (see Randomizer)

Capuche -- Casts Analyze

Cute Ribbon -- Casts Hide

Serenade -- Casts Restore

Silver Band -- Casts Quick

Blue Ribbon -- Casts Hi-Reflect

Ruby Tiara -- Casts Hi-Restore (cures party condition)