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Rudy Roughnight: A 15-year-old boy with no memory of his childhood. He was brought up by an old scientist, Zepet Roughnight. Much is unknown about Rudy. He currently lives a (mostly) carefree life in Surf Village.
Jack van Burace: A former knight of Arctica Castle, Jack now lives as a treasure hunter. He's accompanied by a mouse-like wind sprite, Hanpan, and a large wallop of guilt.
Cecelia Lynne Adlehyde: The daughter of King Adlehyde has spent almost her entire life studying magic in Curan Abbey. Now approaching her 17th birthday, she must begin to reflect on her life and status as a princess and a person.

Sister Mary: Cecelia's mentor in Curan Abbey; very knowledgable about lots of neat stuff.
Anje: A powerful magic user living in Curan Abbey, in possession of a magical watch that can turn back time.
Emma: The eccentric scientific genius living in Adlehyde, she's responsible for the powerful Emma-Motor, the excavations of the Golems, and the awesome Protowing flying machine.

Minister Johan: The right-hand man of King Adlehyde is a caring soul... sometimes too caring.

Bartholemew: The short-short captain of the strangely-named Sweet Candy has a weakness for dares, especially those coming from the Drake family. He's noble enough to lend you his ship, though.
Dan: A former Dream Chaser who lives in Ship Graveyard and looks for his wife, lost in the Pleasant Gardens.
Tom: The engineer aboard the Sweet Candy who longs for a bigger job. Of course, one comes his way.
Jane: Calamity Jane Maxwell adds to the Western image of the game with her southern attitude, dead-on aim, and thick emotion-proof armor.
McDullen: Jane's out-of-place butler, who follows her EVERYWHERE.
Jessica Maxwell: Jane's elder sister runs the orphanage in Court Seim. Amazing what a contrast you can have in the same family...
Mariel: The only living Elw in Filgaia. A shadowed past is behind her... she still lives here because she was exiled. Only her flowers bring her joy.
Mayor Hernandez: The mayor of Rosetta Town is not only an idiot, he has three idiot sons as well. Mariel is too damn good for him.
Maxwell: A high-powered ARMS meister living in Court Seim. He's Jane's and Jessica's father.
"Duke" Pegucci: The head of the Ancient Arena likes two things in life: violence and pretty women. Fits in quite nicely where he is.
Emiko: The xenophobic mayor of the Elwish Tarjon Village is nevertheless a kind-hearted man and willing to forgive.
Vassim: Mariel's brother had a past regarding the legendary Guardian Blade... and not a nice one, at that.
Elmina: Jack's old flame from the Fenril Knights in Arctica Castle. She was captured by the demons, and her fate remains a mystery... for a while, anyway.

The Quarter Knights (The Bad Guys)
Belselk: A guffawing, green-scaled baddie with a ball-and-chain who's quite incompetent.
Harken: An ex-human, trapped by Alhazad and transformed into a demon. She's strong, but her past keeps coming back to haunt her...
Alhazad: A shapeless, bloated cackle machine. His tactics are less than honorable, shall we say.
Zeikfried: The ad hoc leader of the Quarter Knights and the apple of his Mother's eye. He only wants to occupy Filgaia, but she has other plans...
Boomerang: A demon assassin, who's even killed other demons for hire. Mother takes him into her... er, wing, shall we say, to replace Belselk.
Luceid: The Guardian of Desire, who hangs around with Boomerang for no particular reason, apparently.
Zed: A hapless demon who dreams of being a Quarter Knight, but is continually overlooked. He's used primarily as bait and appetizers, but out of all the demons, even Harken, he's the only one who has a heart.
Mother: The mother of all baddies, quite literally, I think. Not so much evil as totally demented. And very freaky-looking.