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Walkthrough Part 3

Court Seim

Get in Earth Golem and head east from the Giant's Cradle across the shallow water. If you go south, there is a tent where you can buy all of the status-preventing accessories (none of which are really worth using). Keep going east from the Cradle, through Arctica, and through more shallow water to Court Seim. Stay on the golem; if you get off, you will have to fight Funbabas, which are difficult.

In Court Seim, poke around with your Radar for a MYSTIC APPLE, POWER APPLE, AGILE APPLE, HARDY APPLE, and CREST GRAPH. With your four Crest Graphs, you should be able to get all the remaining spells (plus one left over)! Talk to Mr. Maxwell -- Jane's father -- in the mansion at the north end of town. You will learn some about Rudy's past, and whose grave that is in the intro. Nicholi will then you give you the WIND-UP KEY to let you enter the Epitaph of the Sea Wind. Upgrade your ARMs if you want, and buy some of the Rings available. Rings are left-hand items that make your attack a certain element, and make you immune to the element as well. For example, the Geo Ring causes you to do earth damage and absorb damage from earth attacks. You can also use the rings with Mystic to cast various spells.

Leave town and head south to the clearing in the forest. Enter the Sacred Shrine. There aren't any enemies, so explore to find 2 POTION BERRIES, the SECRET BOOK (a better left-hand spellbook for Cecilia -- equip it right away), and approximately 6983 gella. There's also a big locked chest that you can't open. There are two rooms that you need a Duplicator to enter, but you only have one Duplicator. Use the Duplicator to get into the room on the far left side of the upper floor (*not* the room just to the left of the locked chest). This room contains a MAGIC CARROT, a POTION BERRY, a REVIVE FRUIT, a SECRET SIGN, and a CREST GRAPH (you now have more Crest Graphs than there are basic spells -- hang on to the extras; you will be able to get advanced spells in a little while). You will also find another DUPLICATOR in a barrel. Use this Duplicator to open the locked door near the locked chest. There's 320 gella in this room, plus a statue test for Jack. Heal up before you take the test, then just use Sonic Buster twice to win. You will get the hint for SLASH RAVE.

Stop by Court Seim to get Jack healed, then get in Earth Golem and cross the shallow water to the east. Get out and enter the Epitaph of the Sea Wind. Use the Wind-Up Key on the robot to make it move, then follow the path to the stairs. Ride the conveyor belts around to a chest with a POTION BERRY, then head south. Bomb through the cracked outline of a door visible on the other side of the wall. Go up the stairs. Go around the left side of the conveyor belt to get a LUCKY CARD, then ride the conveyor. Open the chest, then ride the conveyor spiral to a switch. Hit it and walk back (don't touch any of the conveyors) to the chest with the MAGIC CARROT. Ride the conveyor to your right back to the stairs. Hug the wall to the right and walk down to the next set of stairs. On the next floor, the door will shut and Luceid, the Guardian of Desire, will appear. Use the wand to talk to her, then follow her route exactly to the door. Talk to her again and go up the stairs.

You are in a hall with a number of rooms, most of which are sealed. Go to the lower-left room for a MYSTIC APPLE and AGILE APPLE, then walk over to the lower-right room, which is locked. You can see a switch on the other side, behind a hole. Shoot Hanpan through the hole to hit the switch. Go through the open door and use Hanpan to open the exploding chest. You will get the METAL BIRD book. Hit the switch and go to the upper-left room. Examine the machine and input the password "Metal Bird". The bookshelf in the upper-right room will move to reveal a staircase. Go up the stairs and collect the SKATES. Use them to cross the conveyor and go back to the hallway. Save your game and cross the conveyor belt with the skates. Get the FULL REVIVE and climb up the ladder to the roof. Open the chest for the REFLEX shield (I recommend sticking with the Orb of Power, however). Enter the doorway and go into the room on the right. Use the Wind-Up Key on all three robots, then walk out of the room. You will get the hint for BLAST CHARGE. Then go up the stairs to the roof again and ascend the stairs. Get all healed up. When you go to get the chest, Boomerang and Luceid will appear.

Boomerang's one of the toughest bosses in the game. Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher on Luceid. If Jack has a high Luck, have him use Slash Rave on Luceid; if his Luck is less than "Good", use Meteor Dive instead. When he gets enough Force, use Sonic Vision. Cecilia should cast Slow Down on Boomerang, then use Armor Down on Luceid, then Boomerang (of course, you will have to heal a lot -- use Mystic with a Potion Berry). If one of your characters is killed, only try to bring them back when you're healthy, then revive them and heal them on the same turn (or use the Full Revive you got a while back). If Cecilia dies, use Jack's Heal Blade to heal. When Jack runs out of MP, have him use a Magic Carrot on himself. Once you take out Luceid, the fight gets much easier.

After the fight, Boomerang and Luceid will leave. Collect the RUNE DRIVE and cast Escape to go back to the entrance. Don't leave quite yet; go in the left door and use the Skates to cross the conveyor. Open the chests for a DUPLICATOR and the TALISMAN. The Talisman is one of the best left-hand items in the game. It restores your HP as you walk and during each turn in battle. Whoever you give it to (I recommend Jack) will rarely require healing, except on bosses. If you want, go back up the tower (if you use the Skates constantly, you won't have any fights and you can cross the conveyors) to the locked door and use your Duplicator to open it. You'll get a CREST GRAPH, BULLET CLIP, and SECRET SIGN.

Go back to Court Seim and take care of all your bookkeeping. Then go talk to Nicholi. Go upstairs and talk to McDullen. You will acquire Rudy's PROTECTOR Force. Then Alhazad will appear and demand the Rune Drive. Nicholi will decide to evacuate the town. Leave town and go to the Sacred Shrine.

The demons have de-activated the force field. Go to each room and talk to the people. When you find the dog, make sure you are healed up before talking to it. It will turn into a boss. Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher, Jack should use Meteor Dive and Sonic Vision, and Cecilia should cast Armor Down on Agaless, then attack with Flame, Break, or Freeze. If Agaless uses Armor Down on you, boost your defense with Shield. Other than the Armor Down, this is a pretty generic boss fight.

Once you've talked to every person and killed the demon dog, go to the room on the far left of the upper floor, where there is a kid afraid of rats. Use Hanpan on him and he will move. Then talk to Sister Jessica. Answer all of Hanpan's questions. Alhazad will appear and taunt you. Go talk to the guy who won't lt you through the door to see Dr. Maxwell. You will fight three Ceracenians. Kill them with Flame and the Prism Ray. Heal up, then go up and fight Alhazad.

Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher, Jack should use Meteor Dive or (if he has good luck) Slash Rave, and use Sonic Vision when he has enough Force. Cecilia should cast Slow Down on Alhazad, then Armor Down. After that, have her cast Shield on the party. When somebody runs out of MP or ammo, have them use a Magic Carrot / Bullet Clip on themself. Alhazad can hit hard, but he doesn't have a lot of HP. Once you beat him, talk to Nicholi and get the second RUNE DRIVE.

Back in Court Seim, talk to Nicholi and have him install the Anti-phasing Shields on Earth Golem. Stay at the inn, save, etc., then get in Earth Golem and go up to Arctica. Walk up to the Photosphere and Earth Golem will dissolve the shield.

Inside the Photosphere (which bears more than a passing resemblance to the Magitek Factory in FF6), go up the ramps on both sides on bomb out the forcefield generators. Then go through the center door. In the next room, go up the ramp on the left, go down the steps, and pick up the chest with a POTION BERRY. Then go up the ramps to the very top and jump down to one of the field generators. Blow it up, then go back up, jump down to the other, and blow it up as well. Go through the door in the upper-right and enter the small room for three chests with two POTION BERRIES and a FULL REVIVE. Then climb up the ladder and jump down. Go through the door and blow up the generator. Return to the room where you jumped down to blow up some field generators and go through the center door. Grab the HARDY APPLE and continue on. Go right for another HARDY APPLE, then head up to a double door. Continue right past the door and get the AGILE APPLE. Walk back towards the double door. A blue-cloaked figure will appear and talk to you. Remember this location (we'll call it "Point Bob"). Go through the double door.

Pick up the chests with two POTION BERRIES and go up the stairs. Go right and the Blue Robed Figure will appear again. Keep going right to get the TWIN ORBS ARM, which functions like Jack's Slash Rave. Then go up from the previous room. Climb all the stairs; pick up the MAGIC CARROT at the top. There, you will find (and regain) the TEAR DROP! At this point, you will probably want to cast Escape and go back to Court Seim to get healed. The Photosphere is a long dungeon and you can get back to where you need to be quickly.

Whether you leave or not, return to Point Bob. Go through the door off to the right. The forcefields will be off now that you have the Tear. Go downstairs and save your game. In the next room, you have to dodge the searchlights or you get into fights and are sent back to the start of the room. Go right at the first intersection for REVIVE FRUIT. Go all the way left, down, and turn left again. Go down again and follow the path to a chest with REVIVE FRUIT. Return to the entrance and go down. Go right for more REVIVE FRUIT, then go left and down. Keep going down until to you reach a room with a MEGA BERRY and the GAUNTLET (which isn't worth equipping; the Talisman is a lot better). From the chest room, go up until you reach a turn to the right. Take that turn and follow the path until you come to a doorway. Heal up and go through. You'll have to fight Lolithia, who is one of the tougher bosses in the game.

Rudy should use the Rocket Laucher, Jack should cast Meteor Dive and use Sonic Vision, and Cecilia should cast Awaken, then use Armor Down on Lolithia. After that, have her attack with the Flame spell. When Lolithia puts you to sleep, the Awaken spell will go off and wake you up. Recast it as soon as possible (but heal first). If you stay awake, you won't have any trouble with Lolithia... otherwise, she's tough.

Continue down the stairs until you reach a door with "strange, cold vibrations." Get all healed up and go through to fight Mother. Mother is really easy for the queen of the demons. Use the Rocket Launcher, Meteor Dive, Sonic Vision, and Armor Down. Mother can only do about 200-300 damage with most of her attacks. Occasionally, she'll do a spell that does 700-800 to the party, but you can easily heal by Mysticing a Potion Berry.

After slaughtering Mother, Jane, McDullen, and Bartholomew will come to save you. Back on the Sweet Candy, the Quarter Knights will appear and threaten you, then leave. You will go back to Adlehyde, where Emma will form the Emma Intelligence Agency.

The Outer Ocean

Talk to everyone in Adlehyde and upgrade the Twin Orbs ARM. It's good, but generally not as good as the Rocket Launcher. Sail to Rosetta Town and talk to Mayor Hernandez. While you're here, get some Small Flowers from Mariel (leave the town and come back in to get another one). They boost your Luck. If you're having trouble learning Fast Draws, I think you are more likely to learn them at a higher Luck level. Take the Sweet Candy down to the vortex in the strait. You will enter the Dragon Shrine in the ocean.

If you have any Thunder Rings, equip them, but they aren't needed. Just watch out for the Nagas; they can use Fatal Blow on you. Use your strongest attacks on them. Go left and ascend the stairs, then back down the next stairs. Take the stairs in the upper-left for two chests (MAGIC CARROT and LUCKY CARD), then go back down and take the stairs down in the middle. There are four horizontal rows in this block-pushing puzzle; we'll number them 1 - 4, from the top. We'll number the columns starting from the right of each row. Go up to row 1 and push the block blocking column #3 to the left. Walk down to row 2. Push the block blocking column #4 left. Go down to row 3 through that column. Push the block just to your right to the right. Walk down to row 4 and head left to the exit. Save your game if you want and cross the room to the stairs on the right.

Go to the first puzzle room on the left. Push the block straight up onto the plate (ooh, tricky). Collect the CREST GRAPH. Go to the second puzzle room. Push the top block to the right onto the plate. Push the lower block left against the blocks, then up against the wall. Push it left onto the plate (if you mess up, just use the Watch to reset it) for another CREST GRAPH. Go to the third puzzle room. Push the upper block right until it is lined up with the door. Push the lower block left to the wall, then down onto the plate. Push the upper block onto the plate and you'll receive a third CREST GRAPH. Keep going on to the fourth puzzle room. Tap the center block up until you squeeze by to the right. Push the side blocks down onto the plates. Then move the center block up onto its plate. This time, you get the SHINING CAPE, armor for Cecilia. Now go to the fifth and last room. Tap both center blocks up until you can walk behind the side blocks. Push those blocks down and then over onto the plates. Then scoot one of the center blocks back down and scoot it sideways onto the nearby plate. Move the last block over onto the plate and you'll get Cecilia's fourth tool, the VASE.

Go back to the room with the save point. Save your game and head north. Use the Vase to put out the fire and reveal a switch that opens the doors. Take the door on the left. Push the bottom block right one space (half block-width). Walk through that space and push the second top block all the way right. Push the second bottom block right. Use the Vase on the fires and collect a DUPLICATOR. Go back to the previous room and take the right door. Repeat the same thing you did on the other side, except swap the top and bottom and push the blocks left (i.e., your first move would be to push the top block left one space). Go up and through the door. Heal up and walk up to the altar. The Sea Guardian Lucadia will appear, but then Lady Harken will show up.

Do the same ol' routine -- Rocket Launcher, Meteor Dive (or Slash Rave if you have a high luck), Sonic Vision, and have Cecilia use Slow Down, then Armor Down. You won't have any difficulty. After the fight, you'll get the hint for GUILTY BLADE and the TRITON RUNE. You may want to give the Rune to Cecilia. It decreases her Sorcery (from the Death Rune), but raises her Vitality. It's up to you. Then cast Escape and warp out of the shrine.

You will now be able to sail past the vortex into the Outer Ocean! First, head back to Rosetta Town to get healed. Then sail through the strait and head south. You'll find two bottles on the way. One has a message about the arena on the Isle of Conflict; the other (slighty off to the east) has a CREST GRAPH. Keep going south to the Isle of Conflict (the big island). Dock at the beach on the island's upper- right corner and head southwest. Enter the small clearing in the middle of the forest. This is the Isolated Guild, where you can learn advanced magic. You can assemble advanced spells (consult the Magic section), and there is a person that will go to Adlehyde to start an advanced magic guild there. The woman on the right will heal you. Now, for advanced magic. Dissolve the following basic spells: Flash, Sleep, Air Screen, Confusion, Suction, Field, Hide, Dispell, Quick, Dark Blow, Prison, Shield, Silence, Protect, Reflect, and Rage. This should give you 22 Crest Graphs (the extra ones you had plus the spells you just dissolved). Get the following Advanced spells: Hi-Shield, Hyper, Invisible, Hi-Reflect, Teleport, Lock State, Hi-Revive, Remedy, Restore, Hi-Heal, Saint (Holy attack spell!), Hi-Freeze, Randomizer (a lot better than you'd think), Hi-Flame, Hi-Break, Hi-Vortex, Hi-Spark, MP Drain, Darkness, Hi-Blast, Rainbow, Banish, and Lucky Shot. You now have basically every spell you're going to need.

Head west from the Isolated Guild to the Ancient Arena. You won't have a chance in the Arena, but you can add it to your Teleport list. Also, you can find a POWER APPLE, FULL REVIVE, and DUPLICATOR in barrels. Use the Duplicator on the door above "Duke" Pegucci for three more CREST GRAPHS, then leave. Stop at the Isolated Guild to get Life Drain, Life Guard, and Soul Guard. Then get on the Sweet Candy and keep sailing.

If you haven't learned Guilty Blade yet, raise your luck and keep trying the hint. It's very useful for the sea battles (so is Hi-Spark). Sail southeast to Arctica. Land on the island north of Arctica (the snowy one) and get off. Enter the Snow Ravine just south of the beach (it's an invisible location). Look at the monument and you will acquire the ICE RUNE. Give it to Rudy. Then get back on your boat and go southeast a little to a tiny island of beach (it's not even on your map). Get off and enter the invisible location. Read the monument to get the HEAVENS RUNE. You might want to give it to Cecilia, but I wouldn't really recommend using it. Then sail up to Arctica, get off, and enter the ruins of the Photosphere. You will get the STAR RUNE. Give it to Jack.

Keep sailing south past Court Seim and the Epitaph of the Sea Wind. As soon as you past that area of land, turn west. Grab the bottle with yet another CREST GRAPH and sail through the narrow strait. Land at the beach and go south. Cross the bridge and go through the forest to the clearing between the forest and mountains. There is an invisible location here. Get the BULLET CLIP in the barrels and read the diaries. Then get the OCARINA, which can be used to summon the Earth Golem. Back outside, cross the forest and use the Ocarina. Earth Golem will pop out of the ground. Get in and cross the shallow water to the north. You will reach a tent where you can buy new weapons and helmets. Then cast Teleport to go back to Adlehyde.

If you want, teleport to each town to talk to the people. They will say new things, but none of it is essential. Also, if you remember, there was a CREST GRAPH on Mt. Zenom that you may not have obtained. If you didn't get it, teleport to Baskar Village and go back to the mountain. Use Invisible and run through to the Graph (check the Mt. Zenom walkthrough for its location). While you're at Baskar, if you take your ship east of town, you can find a DUPLICATOR in a bottle. You can also teleport to Curan Abbey, get in your ship (to the west), and look around for another DUPLICATOR. Bind the spell Dummy Doll to your Crest Graph.

Teleport to Court Seim. Sail southeast and stop at the beach. Enter the cave of the Wandering Isle. Go north through the first room. Keep going up and take the fork on the right. Swing from island to island with the grappling hook and enter the cave. Use Break and Psycho Crack on the Wyverns (regular attacks almost always miss). Just walk through here to the hookshot maze. Swing north, west, southwest, and west. Use Hanpan to get the chest with a SIOUX PONCHO, and swing back east, northeast, and east. Walk north, then swing north, west, north, and east. Use Hanpan to get the CREST GRAPH. Swing north, then keep going west to a MAGIC CARROT. Swing southwest twice and use Hanpan to get the RED JACKET. Go back to where the Magic Carrot was and swing to the northeast. Swing north three times and then west to the end of the maze. Jump off the broken bridge on the left to a save point. Then jump down to the exit.

Head south to the Isolated Guild to get healed and get the Counter Up spell. Then summon Earth Golem and use him to cross the water to the Dead Sanctuary. Inside, put out the fires with the Vase and enter. Push the silver statue on the right side up. Cross the bridge and go through the door. Push the statue left to get into the middle chamber. Then move the left statue to the left and go south through the door in the left chamber. Get the WISE SLATE, which you may want to have Cecilia use (althought it doesn't do you any good now unless you leave and go back to the guild). Personally, I prefer the Secret Book. Back in the room with three chambers, move the center statue aside and bomb through the wall. Put out the fires and push the statue on the switch. In the three-chamber room, move the right statue onto the plate to open the left door; enter for a MYSTIC APPLE. Now move that statue off and move the left statue onto the plate to open the right door. Go through and circle the room for a MYSTIC APPLE, then go through the center door.

Go left and down and pick up the ELDER SCROLL. Give it to Cecilia. Go right and head to the lower- right corner. Ascend the ramp and go up for another CREST GRAPH. Go back down the ramp and head straight north, then left. At the intersection, go left again (unless you want to read a plaque about the Guardian Lords) and up. Go down the stairs. Go south to read the plaques, then cross the bridge and go down the stairs. Read the plaque in the lower-left, then go down the stairs in the upper-left. Loop around to the right side and get the pair of MYSTIC APPLES along the right wall. Then go through the door. Put out the fires and go through the middle door. Go through the middle door again, then the left door, then the middle (and only) door.

This puzzle drove me nuts, and you'll soon see why. Put the red statue on the left plate, the blue one on the right plate, the gold one in the middle, and then bomb the green statue. Cheap? I think so. Anyway, go north and down the stairs. Loop around the room to the save point in the middle. Go right to get the LUNAR ROD for Cecilia, then head north and use the Tear to open the door. Get all healed up and go through. Boomerang will show up again and you will fight.

Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher on Luceid, and Jack should use Meteor Dive on Luceid (and Sonic Vision when he gets enough Force). Cecilia should cast Slow Down on Lucied, then Armor Down on Luceid and Boomerang. For healing, use Heal (only use Hi-Heal if the person you're healing is under 600 HP or so). Remedy is also useful. If somebody gets killed, use Hi-Revive to bring them back. Be sure to keep Cecilia healthy. Like the last time, once you take out Luceid, things get easier (although you still have Double Boomerang Dynamic to contend with).

After the fight, collect the three idols. Cecilia will receive her HIGH GUARDIAN Force, which summons a Guardian with increased power. Don't leave just yet. Keep going north to the next room. There is another statue test here for Jack. Just use Meteor Dive once or twice to win. You will get the hint for SHADOW BIND. Now cast Escape and leave. Teleport to Adlehyde to get healed, etc. Pick up the Hi-Prison spell with your Crest Graph and buy a stock of Violet Roses. Then teleport to Milama and sail north along the coast. Head for the island off the coast (press select to look at the map), but, before you enter, go north and collect the CREST GRAPH in a bottle. Then land on the island and enter Demon's Lab.

After the cutscene, go north and bomb out the forcefield generators. Go down the stairs and enter the very cool-looking elevator. Go down the ladder on the right and enter the room to get the BAZOOKA ARM (which is really, really bad). Then go back up and take the ladder on the left. Pick up the REVIVE FRUIT and enter the next elevator. Go in the room on the left for a POTION BERRY and the ENERGY SABER for Rudy, then go in the room on the right for 2 POTION BERRIES and a MEGA BERRY. Continue on through the middle door and down the stairs. Save your game and enter the elevator.

Enter each room and fight the Witch Doctors for experience (this is optional). The room on the far right has the password (Demon Gate); you have to change the data and then display it to get it. Of course, since you have this walkthrough, you don't really need to do that ;-) . Use the password to open the big door, heal up, and go through. You will fight Lady Harken again.

Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher, Jack should use Meteor Dive and Sonic Vision, and Cecilia should use Slow Down and then Armor Down on Lady Harken. Use Restore and Heal to heal. When Cecilia gets the Force, have her use High Guardian (unless she's using the Death Rune). This is an easy battle. After the fight, you will get a hint about Harken's identity (if you haven't already figured it out) and also the MAGNUM FANG Fast Draw (finally, a replacement for Meteor Dive!). Check out the computer terminal, then get the chests hidden behind the machines on the sides for two BULLET CLIPS. Go back to the save point, save, and heal up. Equip a Silver Harp on Cecilia (and another one on Jack, if you have one). Cast Escape and leave the lab. Zeikfried will spirit away you to the Gate Generator and you will have to fight three Amplifiers.

This is a tougher battle than Lady Harken just was. Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher. Jack should cast Meteor Dive and use Sonic Vision. Cecilia should cast Lock State and attack with Saint (you can also Mystic a Holy Ring to cast this spell). The only problem is that you may never get a chance to do anything. The Amplifiers will ruthlessly give you every kind of status change imaginable. Just sit there and wait for it to wear off, then rip them with your strongest attacks. You can also Mystic the Serenade to casts Restore if Cecilia is silenced. If you get Condition Green, immediately use some Force so you can get it again. Eventually, they will run out of MP and you will be okay.

In the Gate Generator, pick up the 2 MAGIC CARROTS and BULLET CLIP (you can win more Clips from the Leprechauns in here, and Carrots from the Dan Tarians) conveniently provided and save your game. Follow the path around to some stairs down (and a door that can't be opened right now). Head south and pick up the HEAL BERRY. Go back north and Zed will collapse the bridge. Use the Grappling Hook on him to cross, then chase Zed up the stairs and through the door. Go upstairs and head south. Zed will electrify the floors. Just use the Skates to cross. In the next room, go north and turn the electricity off. Then go south and head to the lower-right. Throw the lever there, then go down the middle path and throw the lever there. Swing to the hookshot post on the left and open the three chests for a CREST GRAPH, SECRET SIGN (which I recommend hanging on to for later), and a BULLET CLIP. Go back north and then turn right. Take the door in the upper-right and go up the stairs.

Enter the first door for two POTION BERRIES and the FORCE UNIT, a great left-hand item that raises the speed at which your Force gauge fills up. Hang onto it for later. Then go up the ramp on the left and take the south door. Go south for a NECTAR, then go right. Watch where Zed walks, then go over there (the pair of pipes in the lower left) and investigate the wall. Pull the lever and go through the secret door. Go upstairs and into a room with four levers. Throw the first lever, then the second, then the third. Go back and throw the third lever again, then hit the fourth. Zed will enter, but if you have closed the third door, he will just leave (otherwise, he will trap you in the fourth chamber until you use the Pocket Watch to reset the room). Go north, save your game, and restore your HP and MP. If Cecilia or Jack still have Silver Harps, switch them back to the Elder Scroll and Talisman. Continue north to fight the golem Diablo.

Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher or Twin Orbs (refilling his ammo when necessary), Jack should use Meteor Dive (not Magnum Fang) and Sonic Vision, and Cecilia should cast Slow Down and Armor Down on Diablo, then attack with Hi-Freeze. Use Remedy and Heal for healing. Summoning Aru Sulato (the Ice Guardian), especially with High Guardian, is also effective. Basically, any water attacks will work well. Diablo is strong, but not that hard.

Go back and save your game, then continue north to a locked door. Enter any password to open the door and keep going up to fight Zeikfried. Rudy should use Rocket Launcher, Jack cast Magnum Fang (restoring his own MP with Magic Carrots when needed) and use Sonic Vision when he has the Force, Cecilia use Armor Down on Zeikfried (you don't need to use Slow Down) and then attack with Saint. Use Heal or Hi-Heal and Remedy for healing. High Guardian with Lucadia is very effective. As long as he doesn't use Negative Rainbow too much, you won't have trouble with him.

Zeikfried will then create a black hole and try to drag Rudy in. Rudy will cut his own arm off to escape. You and Zeik will be sucked into the black hole (which looks very cool), but the Tear Drop will save you. You will then find out that Rudy is the Holmcross, made from metal like the demons.

The Elw Dimension

You will be back in Adlehyde with just Jack and Cecilia. Get the spells Protect and Anti-Magic, then teleport to Rosetta Town. Talk to Mariel and she will go with you to the Forest Mound. You will then warp to the Elw Dimension, where you will be taken to Tarjon Village. Emiko will send you to talk to Mariel's brother Vassim, creator of the Guardian Blade.

Search the village for a MAGIC CARROT, AGILE APPLE, MYSTIC APPLE, the SUNBIRD HAT, and the BLUE RIBBON. Talk to the elders and one of them will give you the SPIRIT KEY to the chest in the forest that holds the Life Guardian. Save your game by talking to the sloth. Then leave the village and go back to the Forest Mound.

Go north to the pair of rocks. Now walk into the trees to the right and keep going until you reach another clearing. From here, go down three clearings to a chest containing the FULL LIBRA, which makes you immune to status changes. Then go back to the rocks and go south one clearing. Head left into the trees and turn up in the middle of the passage. Keep going up until you stop, then go left and finally up again to two chests with CREST GRAPHS. Then leave the Forest Mound region and go to the Forest Prison, southwest of Tarjon Village.

Head southwest past the squirrel (who lies about how to get through the forest -- never trust squirrels). Use Hi-Spark to take out the enemies. You can steal Full Revives from the Alfases. At the first intersection, go left. Go down to get a CREST GRAPH, then go back up and right. Go right again and then up. Pick up another CREST GRAPH and go right, then up. Get the PRAIRIE COAT armor for Jack. Go right and down to get the WARRIOR VEST (just hold on to it; it's for Rudy), then go back up. Go right to get a CREST GRAPH, then back left and up. Pick up the MIRAGE COAT for Cecilia, then go right three screens. Go down and get yet another CREST GRAPH. Go back up and left. Go down and left. Use the Spirit Key to open the big locked trunk. Odoryuk's spirit will fly out. Go left first to a save point and a chest containing, yup, you guessed it, a CREST GRAPH! Then follow Odoryuk's spirit east through the new passage. Walk up to the lake and you will get Odoryuk's LIFE RUNE. Equip it on Jack. Then head back west and south to the exit.

Back on the map, go southeast to Vassim's Lab. Check the barrels for a MEGA BERRY (outside), DUPLICATOR (inside, first floor), HYPER GEAR, and MAGIC CARROT (both on the second floor). Talk to Vassim. He will tell you to find the Life Guardian (which you already have) and the Illusion Guardian (in the book De Le Metalica). Talk to Mariel and she will heal you. Teleport back to the Forest Mound and return to Filgaia.

Teleport to Adlehyde. With your big stock of Crest Graphs, learn Air Screen, Dispell, Bomb, Eraser, Silence, Dark Blow, and Suction. You probably have a lot of money, so donate some to the Adlehyde Restoration Committee until you're maxed out on donations for now (the kid who asks for money will just say "Thanks for the donation" instead of asking for more). Save the rest of your money to upgrade Rudy's ARMs when you get him back. Then go back to Curan Abbey. Warp to the Sealed Library (use the Tear on the triangle at the north end of the abbey) and go down to the very last room, where you met Stoldark. Remember that sealed book? It's De Le Metalica. Examine it and you will be sucked into the book.

Go down the stairs and through the door. Use Hi-Spark against the enemies. Also, the Necronomic enemies may randomly drop the Necronomicon, the best spellbook for Cecilia. You can also get it by killing them with Lucky Shot (or Mystic the Bone to cast it), but this is easier said than done. Try using Hi-Prison or Prison on them; if the spell succeeds, one hit will take them out. Then use a Lucky Shot on them. Another strategy is to use a Fast Draw or attack that takes off about 1000 HP, then use Lucky Shots. The Necronomicon is certainly not necessary to complete the game, so if you don't get it, don't worry about it. If you need healing, summon Odoryuk if you have the chance -- it will heal you and cure your status.

Continue to the next door. Walk counterclockwise around the stairs, checking the top door each time you pass until it opens. Go through and read the Earth book. Then go through the next door and go south to pick up the book of Water. Take the top route to get the book of Fire (these books don't do anything right now, but it is important to read them all). Go through the door on the left. Save your game if you want and head right to the most annoying and thoroughly stupid puzzle in the game. If you go north, there are five bookcases. Bookcases 1, 2, and 5 mention closing (well, 1 and 5 do... number 2 doesn't at all). 3 and 4 mention opening (sort of). So go south to a room with five chests and open chests 3 and 4. Then go through the middle door.

Moving on, go to the lower-left corner to get the book of Wind. Then go through the bottom door, pick up the book of Lighting, and continue on. Get the books of Nothingness, the Sacred, and Illusion. Presuming you've picked up all the books, Jack will get the hint for PHAZER ZAPP. Keep on going until you reach a pair of doors. This is another lame puzzle. Read the tablet and go through the doors. Take the following path: left, right, right, left, right. Most of this is okay, but how were you supposed to know to go through the *left* door at the start? Anyway, spiral around the big circle. If you haven't yet obtained the Necronomicon and wish to do so, go ahead, but it may take a long time. At the end of the path, you will meet Duras Drum, Guardian of Illusion. You will then get the HADES RUNE (good for Cecilia) and warp out.

Warp to Court Seim and buy two Holy Rings (unless you already have some). Then go to the Elw Dimension. Get healed at Tarjon Village, then warp to Vassim's Lab. Save your game, equip Cecilia with a Holy Ring, and talk to Vassim. Go upstairs and talk to Rudy. You will enter Rudy's dream. After the dream, you will have to fight the demon Elizabeth with just Cecilia. Cast Armor Down, then use the Saint spell to attack and use Hi-Heal to heal. If you are silenced, Mystic the Serenade to cure yourself. When you get enough Force, equip the Heavens Rune and use High Guardian to summon Solus Emsu, then switch back to the Hades Rune. When you get low on MP, just use a Magic Carrot. It's a long battle, but if you keep attacking and stay healed, you'll win.

Following the battle, the Goddess Idol will shatter and you will get the LOVE RUNE. Then you will get Rudy back! Equip him with the new armor you picked up for him in the Forest Prison, and give Cecilia the Love Rune. Put Rudy in the lead and talk to Vassim. Rudy will get his fourth force, FURY SHOT. Also, with Rudy, you can bomb open the box in Vassim's backyard for the SECRET TOOL. Then go back to Filgaia.

Walkthrough Part 4