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Walkthrough Part 2

Walkthrough Part 1

One week later... Go up to Cecilia's room and she will rejoin. Then go to the council room and talk to Johan. He will send you to Milama to visit the Guardian Temple. For each townsperson you saved during the attack, there will be a chest. The full list is: MAGIC CARROT, POWER APPLE, 1000 gella, MISSANGA, MYSTIC APPLE, REVIVE FRUIT, 100 gella, BULLET CLIP, LUCKY CARD, 500 gella. Loot them, then leave the castle. The town is in ruins, but you can still stock up on bullets for you ARM. Save your game and leave town. Go northwest to a signpost. Then turn southwest, cross the bridge, and continue on to the Mountain Pass.

Go through the first room. The next room is dark. Go up until you reach a lantern, then go west. Don't step on the red flowers or you will take damage. Go up and pick up the LIGHTER, Jack's second tool. Go back to the lantern and light it, then circle back left. Run southeast across the red flowers to a chest with a MAGIC CARROT. Then go up to the top of the room and through the door. Light the lamp directly above you, go left for a couple chests with an ANTIDOTE and HEAL BERRY, then take the right path up to the door. In the room on the right is a Save Point, and the door on the left leads to the exterior of the pass.

Go left and down the stairs. Grab the chest to the right, which holds a HEAL BERRY, and go west. As you cross the bridge, Jack will get a Fast Draw hint. It appears as "????" on his spell screen. To learn it, just keep using the hint until you master the technique. The early Fast Draws can be mastered quickly. This Fast Draw is the SONIC BUSTER, which damages a group of enemies. It's not as strong as Psycho Crack, but handy when you're fighting several monsters. Go left, down the first set of stairs, and then go left. Get the chest with an ANTIDOTE and go down the stairs. There's another ANTIDOTE to the right if you want (you certainly don't need it), then just go down the steps and follow the path to the cave entrance.

Light the lantern to the upper-right, then follow the path around, blowing up any rocks in your way. When you come to a fork, go left for the OLIVE BRANCH (gives immunity to disease), then go right and then, at the next fork, go up. Light the lantern and pick up the CREST GRAPH in the chest. Go down to the exit. Bomb through the obvious-looking wall to get the MAGIC MAP, then head outside. Go south until you reach Milama.

Exploring the town, you'll find new helemts (10GAL HAT, CUTE RIBBON, and METAL BAND), a MYSTIC APPLE, a CREST GRAPH, 813 gella (total), a VIOLET ROSE, a HARDY APPLE, and a HEAL BERRY in barrels. In the top, near the upper-right corner, you'll find three big crates. Bomb them open for APPLES and a BERRY. Buy new equipment (both weapons and armor). Sell off your old stuff, but keep all of Cecilia's equipment to use with Mystic. You have two Crest Graphs, so get some spells bound to them. I recommend Freeze and Slow Down. Go to the pub and talk to the owner. He will give you the instructions to get into the temple and give you the HOLY MEDAL. If you have some extra cash, get Rudy's ARM upgraded at the ARMs Meister in the far upper-right corner.

Once you're all done in Milama (and you have the Holy Medal), leave Milama and go north to the Guardian Temple. Take either flight of stairs up. Using Jack's lighter, light the fires at the 2 o'clock, 10 o'clock, 6 o'clock, and 12 o'clock positions (in that order). Go back downstairs, walk up the door, and use the Holy Medal. It will open. Go downstairs and head south for three MYSTIC APPLES. Get the two chests in the main room (MAGIC CARROTs) and go through either side door. Go all the way out on the wing and get the CREST GRAPH in the chest. Now go to the other side and get the CREST GRAPH there as well. You won't have access to a magic guild for a while after this, so go back to Milama and get some spells bound to them. I recommend Revive and Valkyrie.

Back at the temple, go downstairs, pass straight through either of the wings, and go through the center door. Save your game if you wish, and go onto the next room. Light the torches in this order:

3   1
5 7 2
4   6

Go through the door and you will pass through the mirror, where you will split up. As Jack, walk up and use Hanpan to hit switches. You will have to make some diagonal throws. Against groups of enemies, use Sonic Buster. On the second screen, walk out to the corners of the square and use Hanpan to hit both switches. Then take the left path and hit both switches. Go back and up the right path. Enter the room at the top and pick up the sword.

Switch to Rudy. Bomb your way north to the maze room. Use the Hand Cannon on tougher enemies. To get through the maze, just take the following paths at each intersection: left, left, center, center, right, right, left, left, center. Go through the door.

Switch to Cecilia. Go up the left, left, and right paths to next room. Push the right block up one space. Push the left block all the way left. Go up and through the door. Once you get all the characters together, the Guardians Gurdijeff, Moa Gault, and Fengalon will appear. You will get the Summon Guardian Force and their runes (EARTH, FIRE, and WIND). You'll also gain your second Force power, Summon Guardian. Gurdijeff will then teleport you to the location of the first of the three statues that seal Mother.

The Statues

Equip Rudy and Jack with runes (I recommend giving the Fire Rune to Rudy and the Earth Rune to Jack), then go northwest to Baskar Village. Loot the town (crates and barrels) for 898 gella, a MAGIC CARROT, an AGILE APPLE, a HEAL BERRY, a POWER APPLE, and a CREST GRAPH. Unfortunately, there's no Magic Guild here, so you can't use the Crest Graph. Buy new equipment from the travelling merchant, and, as always, hang on to Cecilia's old gear. If you don't have enough money, just leave town and have some fights to get the cash. Also buy a stock of Antidotes (at least five) from the merchant. Talk to the chief, then go to the pyramid at the north end of town. You will try to call Zephyr (the west wind of hope), but fail. Leave town and go north past the stone circles to Mt. Zenom.

Talk to the guard and he will let you in. Push the gray statue up until it clicks and turns blue. Go upstairs and follow the path outside. Kill the Shriekers first during a fight, because they will use Shriek to give you random status conditions. Also, use Cecilia's Mystic with the White Robe to cast Lock State (protects you from status changes). They are weak against fire. When you find a chest with a HEAL BERRY, go straight up for another chest with a LUCKY CARD (partially hidden by a tree). Keep going left, get the BLUE CIRCLET, then go in the cave. Burn the grass with Jack's lighter and continue upstairs. Go outside and head right. Go up the trail for a SECRET SIGN. Hang on to it; you'll be getting a new Fast Draw soon. Go in the cave to the right.

Inside the cave, go right, then down. Push the gray statue to the right to turn it blue. Go up and through the door. Burn your way east and south. Back outside, go south down the trail. Use Hanpan to open the exploding gold chests for five HEAL BERRIES, then go back up the trail. You will get the hint for METEOR DIVE. Use the Secret Sign you picked up earlier on it as soon as you learn it, because you'll be using it a lot. Head west, get the POTION BERRY, and go in the next cave. Go up and left. Burn the grass at the far end of the left section to reveal a switch. Step on it, then go north and up the stairs. Go south and outside. If you go south, you can jump down to reach a ledge with a CREST GRAPH, but you'll have to head back a ways through the dungeon, so skip for it now. You can come back and get it later. Enter the cave on the right and push the two out-of-place statues up into position. Go through the door and get the MYSTIC WORD. Equip it on Cecilia's left hand. Head back outside and go left. Go up the steps and save your game. Go outside and into the next cave. Push the two gray statues right to turn them blue. Push the next gray statue right, then the one above that left. Push the next gray statue right into the line. Push the top one down until it turns blue. Go through the door and heal up. Walk up to the statue. Belselk will appear, destroy the statue, and sic Orga Widow on you.

This is the first boss in quite some time. Rudy should use his Hand Cannon, and Jack should cast Meteor Dive. Cecilia should use Armor Down on her first turn, then cast Freeze. Also have her use Heal and Revive when necessary. When Cecilia gets enough Force, have her summon Stoldark. This will rip the Orga Widow and possibly kill it. Once you get Stoldark in, the fight's almost over. After the fight, you will get the SUMMIT RUNE. Equip it on Jack, then cast Escape and go back to Baskar. Talk to the Chief and he will give you the KIZIM FIRE.

Go northeast from Baskar to the Elw Pyramid. Walk behind the waterfall on the left and go through the secret door there. Walk up to the hole in the wall and use the Kizim Fire. Go downstairs and stand on the green teleporter. You will warp to another Elw Pyramid, near Saint Centour. Grab the HARD GUARD (a better glove for Jack) on the way out. Outside, head south and west until you get to Saint Centour.

When you try to enter the town, you will be repulsed. The guard will explain about the town's shield and then let you in. Explore the town to find 1350 gella, a MAGIC CARROT, a POWER APPLE, an AGILE APPLE, a CREST GRAPH, and a HARDY APPLE. Upgrade your equipment (if you don't have enough money, just buy what you can) and get two new spells (I recommend Awaken and Spark). One guy will give you the KEY PLATE to the Cage Tower when you talk to him. There is also a blind girl in the lower left corner; remember her, she will be important later. You will find a lot of chests and places you can't reach in town. Ignore these for now.

Leave town, but don't go to the Cage Tower. Instead, head east (past the wastleland where the tower is) to the forest and another Elw Pyramid. Enter and teleport. Leave the pyramid and loop around to Port Timney.

In Port Timney, you'll find a HARDY APPLE, 2510 gella, a POTION BERRY, and a REVIVE FRUIT in barrels. You'll also find a CREST GRAPH in a chest. Bomb open the crates at the north end of town. There is a guy in one of the crates. Talk to him and he will give you the hint for the TRICKSTER Fast Draw. Trickster lets you steal items from enemies. There's one more crate partially hidden behind a building (near the upper-right). Blow it up, then walk behind the building to the left, where the crate was. Keep going over to the weapons merchant. Open the chest for a DUPLICATOR key. Get the spell Light Blow bound to your Crest Graph. The same equipment available at Saint Centour is here, but if you want to make some money, go outside the town and fight Sand Beasts.

Go back to Saint Centour. Get healed and save your game. Then go east from town (and a little north) to the Cage Tower. Use the Key Plate and enter. Take the stairs on the left and press the switch. Go back down and up the stairs on the right. Go down and left. Go down the first set of stairs you come to and press the switch. Head back up the stairs and keep going in the direction you were going to get a CREST GRAPH. Loop back to the stairs that you first came to the second floor on (in the middle). Go up and right to another set of stairs down to the first floor. Take these stairs, then go up and back to the second floor. Go up again to the third floor.

Circle across the disappearing bridges and go up to the fourth floor. Circle around again, but walk off onto the small platform. Open the chests for the ROUND SHIELD (a better shield for Rudy's left hand) and a BULLET CLIP. Then put Rudy in the lead and open the ARMs case (the gray container). You will get the PRISM RAY, Rudy's second ARM! It's not as strong or accurate as the Hand Cannon, but it damages a group of enemies. Then continue your loop around to the fifth floor. Go down and turn left as soon as you can. Press the switch and walk back onto the collapsing bridges. Turn down this time and press the switch again. Then cross the remaining bridge to the stairs. On the next floors, just circle around until you get to a room with three staircases. Go up the staircase on the right, then down the one on the left. Go up on the right again to make another set of stairs appear. Go up these and open the chests for three GOAT DOLLS. Goat Dolls are very useful -- equip them in your left hand and they bring you back when you die -- so save them for when you really need them. Then ascend to the roof.

When you reach the top, Alhazad will appear and summon the Night Gaunt. The Night Gaunt isn't that bad a boss. Rudy should use the Hand Cannon, as it does more damage than the Prism Ray. Jack should cast Meteor Dive. Cecilia should cast Armor Down and Slow Down on the Night Gaunt, then use Freeze on the Night Gaunt (healing when necessary, of course). You should be able to win without any trouble. After the battle, Calamity Jane will show up and save you from the cage for 2000 gella (but you got 3500 for killing the Night Gaunt). Then just cast Escape to leave.

If you need items, go the tent just south of the tower. Then go back to Saint Centour, which has been taken over by the demons. You can stay at the inn to heal yourself, then poke around town to get all the previously inaccesible chests. Right to the left of the inn are a bunch of oil drums and two barrels. Stand to the left of the barrels and push the drum to the left (it's the only drum that can be moved left). Stand where the drum used to be, take one step up, then push the drum right. Get the AMBROSIA in the chest and try to save it for when you really need it. In the rest of the town, you'll find the BONE (upper-right corner; casts Lucky Shot when used with Mystic), a LUCKY CARD (south of the Bone), and in the pub, 2 POTION BERRIES and a SECRET SIGN. Now head over to the west end of town. In the upper-left building are some stairs. Go down them. Push the first block all the way up, then push it all the way left. Push the second block down one space. Get the DUPLICATOR key from the chest. Back in the town, in the house below the building with the Duplicator, there's another block-pushing puzzle (go down the stairs). Walk into the middle of the blocks and push the ones to your sides out. There will now be a row of three blocks. Push the outer ones on this row up and the middle one left or right. The chest contains a BULLET CLIP. Then go over to the (former) Guardian statue. You'll get the SAINT RUNE, which you should equip on Rudy. You can also read the diary in one of the houses near the lower-left (where the guy gave you the Key Plate) to find out what happened to the town. The blind girl is still in the lower-left house, by the way... she will be important later. Once you've got the Duplicator and the Saint Rune, you can hit the road.

Return to Port Timney. Go to the tavern and talk to Bartholomew, owner of the ship where the last statue is located. He will ask you to find the Crystal Bud from the Maze of Death. Buy at least five Violet Roses and a few Heat Salves, then leave town and head northwest into the desert. Walk around until the screen starts to zoom in. Keep wandering around until you find the Maze of Death (its name will pop on the screen). Enter.

Push the block up and go left. Push the block to the side and go up. Many of the enemies you fight in here are weak against holy attacks, so you can use Light Blow to give Jack or Rudy's attacks that attribute. Also, if you need Pin Wheels (which cure confusion), you can use Trickster to steal them from Racheals (they will also drop them after battle). Use the Prism Ray to kill the Racheals quickly. Push the statue to the right until you hear a sound. Go back to the main room and take the door in the lower-right. Follow the path to four chests, containing one of each kind of APPLE (oh, and don't step in the green stuff -- you'll lose some HP). Use them, then go back to the main room. Take the door in the upper-left.

Follow the path until you reach a room with several doors. Go right and take the door on the bottom wall. Get the CREST GRAPH and continue south. Push the statue to the right. Go two rooms north. Press the switch in the upper-left corner to make some stairs appear. Go down the stairs and through the door. Push the statue over. Leave the room and take the door to the north. Get the two chests (HEAL BERRY and MAGIC CARROT), then jump down.

In the next room, take the upper-right exit to another statue room. After pushing the statue, go straight south. Press the switch in the lower-right corner and some stairs will appear. Pass through the next room to another hall with multiple exits. Go south, descend the stairs, and circle the pit to get the CLEAR CHIME, an accessory (left-hand item) that makes you immune to confusion. You can get plenty of Pin Wheels, though, so don't bother equipping it. Go back up the stairs and go around the far sides to another statue room. Then go back up two screens and go up and right. You will come to a room with five blue statues. Assuming you pushed all the statues over, you can pass through.

Pick up the CRYSTAL BUD. The Maze of Death will start to collapse and you have 3 minutes to escape (although time does not pass during battles or on the menu). Run south through the statue room, west, north through the door, west at the next hallway, and then take the first turn south. Keep going back to the entry room. You should still have plenty of time, so push the middle block aside and go up. Bomb through the cracked wall. Go down the stairs and through the door. You will be in the center chamber. Go out to the sides to get two CREST GRAPHS, then keep going up. Go down the stairs and ascend the ramp on the left. Heal first, then walk up to the pit and you will have to fight Chaos, a very tough boss.

Rudy should use the Hand Cannon (or the Prism Ray, if it has more attack power) and Jack should use Meteor Dive. Cecilia should cast Armor Down, Awaken, Slow Down, and then Light Blow. If you're Silenced, have the silenced person use a Violet Rose to cure themself. If somebody dies, make sure your other characters are healthy before trying to revive the character (use the Revive spell unless it's Cecilia that's dead). Don't forget, you can Mystic an item to heal the whole party. If things get really bad, you always have the Ambrosia you picked up in Saint Centour. You also have the Goat Dolls from the Cage Tower; these can be equipped on a character and bring the character back when he/she dies. You only have three, so conserve them. Equip them only when you really need them and can't heal otherwise, such as when everybody has been put to sleep (you can still equip items even though none of your characters get a turn -- just choose the Equip icon on the first menu). As for Guardians, most aren't worth summoning. Save your Force to get Condition Green (cures all status conditions). When this happens, immediately use some Force (level 1 preferable) so you can get Condition Green again. Chaos is one of the toughest bosses in the game, but with some patience and luck, you can win. Your reward is the DEATH RUNE, a great rune for Cecilia. It raises her Sorcery a lot and performs an instant death attack when you summon it! Now run back to the entrance and get the heck out of here before the place collapses!

Back in Port Timney, get some spells bound to your nice shiny new Crest Graphs (I recommend you get Vortex, Rage, and Reflect). Go to the tavern and give the Crystal Bud to Bartholomew. After the events, you will be taken to Bartholomew's ship Sweet Candy to prepare for the fake wedding.

Wander around the ship and talk to all the sailors. They will give you hints as to what to do at the fake wedding. After talking to everybody, go to your cabin, save the game, and talk to the sailor there. Choose to rest. The next day, the wedding will occur. Answer the questions as follows: "Bride walks forward", "Olivia Clare", "Bartholomew", "Sweet Candy", "Old Moon", "Right hand", "Crystal Bud", "8th", "Lucadia", "Go for it". Zed the demon will show up and you'll have to fight him.

Zed is a lot easier than Chaos. Use the Hand Cannon and Meteor Dive on him. Cecilia should cast Slow Down and Armor Down, then just use Freeze or some other attack spell (healing as necessary, of course). He's really easy. Meanwhile, Lady Harken will appear and destroy the last statue. You will receive the THUNDER RUNE from Nua Shakks.

Back below deck, go talk to Captain Bartholomew. The better you answered the questions, the more stuff he'll give you. If you got them all right, he'll give you 5000 gella, a MEGA BERRY, a LUCKY CARD, and a FULL REVIVE! Also, no matter what you answered, he'll give you Cecilia's WAND tool, which lets you communicate with animals. Go back to Port Timney and leave town. Go south to a fourth Elw Pyramid. You should have the two Duplicators (one from Saint Centour and one from Port Timney) and the Rod. Use a Duplicator to enter and teleport. On the other side, use your second to leave. You're now at the Elw Pyramid northwest of Milama. Head down southeast to Milama.

Ship Graveyard

There's not a whole lot new in Milama, but with the Rod, you can communicate with animals. Talk to the dog in the lower-right corner of town and it will move. In the house it was guarding is the RADAR tool, which shows the location of treasures. If you have some extra cash (don't spend it all, as there is a new town coming up soon), then upgrade Rudy's ARMs, especially the Prism Ray.

Leave Milama and go to the Sand River to the east. Use the Rod to talk to the monkey, then walk through the wall where he was (just go straight up). Go down the stairs and head left for a HARDY APPLE. Descend another level and go right. Get the POWER APPLE and go through the cave entrance. Bomb through the blocked door above you to get the ORB OF POWER, which raises a character's max HP by 25%. Give it to Rudy or Jack. Go back through the blocked door and loop around to two more chests (POWER APPLE and HARDY APPLE). Go up to the top of the room and jump off the *right side* of the broken bridge. Go through the cave and go right for a LUCKY CARD. Jump in the sand river and ride to the next steps. Grab the HARDY APPLE, then go out through the door in the lower- right. Save your game and continue south. When you see a spot to jump in the sand river, do so. You will be taken to a ledge with two torches. Light them with the Lighter and you will get the hint for HEAL BLADE, Jack's only healing technique. Get back in the river and make your way back to where you were before you jumping in the river. Go down the stairs, go right, and pop up the stairs. Head up and to the right for a POWER APPLE, then go up the stairs. Head south to the exit -- there's no boss.

Go east from the Sand River across the desert to Ship Graveyard. Use the Radar to search the town and find an AGILE APPLE, a HARDY APPLE, 4 HEAL BERRIES, a POTION BERRY, a POWER APPLE, and the SERENADE (a new helmet for Cecilia). At the beach (north end of town), you'll find a TOY HAMMER and a REVIVE FRUIT. Upgrade your equipment, then upgrade Rudy's ARMs with your remaining gella. Talk to Dan, the former Dream Chaser. He will ask you to find his wife's bracelet in the Pleasing Gardens.

Leave town and wander around the desert until you find the Pleasing Gardens (it moves around). When the screen zooms in, you're getting close. At the actual location, teleport up to the gardens. Many of the enemies here are weak against wind, so use the Vortex spell. Head north and enter through the door on the right. Come back out through the door on the left and step on the teleporter. This next part took me forever to solve. Head right through the wall, examining all the windows closely. One of them has no barrier in front of it -- it's actually a door. When you're looking for it, it's easy to see (it's right you pass by a passage leading south). Go north and left to a four-way intersection. Keep going left, then turn down. Pass through the next intersection and open the chest for a HEAL BERRY. Then turn and go back up to the intersection. Go left and press the switch. Return to the main intersection and go down. Use the teleporter. Enter the room for a DUPLICATOR, then teleport again. Go down to a room full of sand. There will be something crawling around under the sand. Time a bomb to hit it as it passes by (this reminds me of Zelda). The Gigmantis will pop out of the ground. Run up to it and you will fight it.

Rudy should use whichever of his ARMs has a higher attack power. Jack should cast Meteor Dive. Cecilia should use Armor Down and Slow Down, then attack with Freeze, healing as needed. When somebody gets enough Force to summon a Guardian, equip them with the Water Rune and summon Stoldark, then switch back to their old rune. Never use the Death Rune on bosses; it won't work. You shouldn't have any trouble winning. After the battle, pick up the Gigmantis's head and throw it at the crystal switch. Go south and pick up the GRAPPLING HOOK. Go two screens north and hit the teleporter. Enter the room to your left and use the teleporter there to return to the hall of windows.

Go all the way left in the hall and go through the door. Pick up the pair of CREST GRAPHS. Go back through the window-door to the big intersection. Head north and use the Grappling Hook to cross the gap. Use the left teleporter, then the top one. Go up and get the FLASH RUNE. Give it to Jack. Go back inside and teleport again. Get the BRACELET and go back south. The teleporter will take you to the start. Jump off to the south and return to the Ship Graveyard.

Give the Bracelet to Dan. Jack will acquire his third Force, SONIC VISION. Get the spells Break and Protect, then go to the docks. Talk to Bartholomew twice and go to the Ghost Ship. None of the barrels or boxes have anything here, so don't bother checking them. Many of the enemies are weak against Holy, so Ione Paua (the Saint Rune) works great, along with Light Blow.

Go left and down the stairs. Get the POTION BERRY, then go back up and out to the deck. Go through the door on the right and down the steps. Light the lantern and head left. Use Hanpan to pick up the chest with a POTION BERRY, and grapple across the chasm. Go through the door to the south. Go left a little bit and then north. Light the lantern and go through the double doors. Push one of the moveable blocks all the way to the side (the only way you can push it) to get a SECRET SIGN. Go back out, light the lantern again, and grapple over to the steps. Descend.

In the hallway, enter the far left door and read the diary. If you want, fight the skeleton in the second room for experience. Enter the room on the far right and fight the skeleton. After defeating it (just use regular attacks and cast Light Blow on Rudy), walk around the right side of the bed and search the upper wall. It looks like this:


% = Bed |%%|X|

- = Wall |%%| |

* = Switch \--/ |

X = Stand Here

When you hit the switch, a door will open in the room. Go down the stairs, cross the long corridor, and head up the stairs. The next room has three blue chests. Ignore them; there's no way to reach them (here). You can get them later. Go upstairs and swing right. Use Hanpan to open the chests (they have a POTION BERRY and MAGIC CARROT), then go out onto the deck and open the chest there (LUCKY CARD). Go back down to the room where you could grapple in two different directions and grapple back to the middle, then to the left side. Go up the stairs to the deck. Get the POTION BERRY and head over to the front of the ship. Talk to the flame and you will fight Captain Geist.

Rudy should use his best ARM, and, when he gets enough Force, summon Ione Paua. Jack should attack with Meteor Dive. Save his Force to use Sonic Vision, which does a lot of damage on any boss. Cecilia should cast Armor Down on Captain Geist, then use Light Blow on herself and start attacking (healing when need be). If you get paralyzed, just wait for Condition Green, then use up some Force as soon as you get it. Geist is pretty easy to beat, as long as you don't get paralyzed.

After you beat Geist, climb down the rope ladder on the bottom of the ship and choose to leave on Bartholomew's boat. The Ghost Ship will sink. You will then acquire the Sweet Candy! On the way out of town, stop at the beach, where you will find those blue chests from the Ghost Ship. They hold a GOAT DOLL, a CREST GRAPH, and the WIND VANE. Bind Silence to your Crest Graph, then leave town and get on the ship.

Giant's Cradle

Sail due north from the Ship Graveyard to Adlehyde. Dock at the beach and enter. The town is being rebuilt. You should have a Duplicator key, so go to the castle and open the locked door. You will get four CREST GRAPHS and a SECRET SIGN. Don't use the Secret Sign; instead, trade it in town for the SOUL BREAKER technique. You can use the Crest Graphs, so get Curse, Prison, Dark Blow, and Suction. At Mayor Cuthbert's house, you can donate money to repair the town. Donate at least 500 gella (the first level donation) to get the inn working. Leave Adlehyde and go north to Lolithia's Tomb. Go in the door where Emma was (in the upper-left) and use the hookshot to cross the gap for another CREST GRAPH. Get Quick with this one.

Leave Adlehyde and get on the Sweet Candy. Pick up the floating bottles near Adlehyde (DUPLICATOR) and Saint Centour (LUCKY CARD). Stop at that beach near Saint Centour and go east to the Elw Pyramid. Use the Grappling Hook to cross the gap and go down the stairs for still more CREST GRAPHS. Teleport to the Port Timney end and grapple across on both sides for the SUNGLASSES, MEMOIRS PEN, ANGEL QUILL, a SECRET SIGN, a BULLET CLIP, and (wait for it)... a CREST GRAPH! (surprise!) Then teleport back to Saint Centour, get on your boat again, and sail south to Ship Graveyard. From there, go east around the edge of the continent and get off at the beach. Walk southwest to Rosetta Town.

At Rosetta Town, poke around with the Radar for 498 gella, a CREST GRAPH (just what you need!), new helmets for Rudy and Jack (HEAD GEAR and the oddly- named MY GRAND HAT), a HARDY APPLE, a POWER APPLE, and the 1 GELLA COIN. Despite what you may have read elsewhere, the 1 Gella Coin does nothing. Get some spells bound to your CREST GRAPHS... you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel now for spells, but get Dispell, Analyze, Field, and Hide. Upgrade your equipment again and buy 10-15 Violet Roses and 5-10 Pin Wheels, then go to the far lower-right corner of town. Look at the flower growing in the Elw girl's yard and she will come out to talk to you. She will come with you to the forest to get the Arnica herb. Go to the Forest Mound to the south and pick up the sparkling HERB ARNICA. Go back to Rosetta and give the Arnica to Mayor Hernandez. Then go to the entrance to town, where you will meet up with Jane and McDullen again. Agree to go with them to the Volcannon Trap.

Get your boat again and go back to Adlehyde. Stay at the inn, save your game, and then take the ship south to a small island with a temple on it. Get off and enter the ruin. Jane will use her "special key" to open the door. Go north and down the stairs. Don't step in the red lava; it takes HP away quickly.

Downstairs, head right, get the POTION BERRY, and then turn south. Open the chest for 971 gella, then walk around to the right of the lava. Use Hanpan to open the chest in the lava with a MAGIC CARROT, then go left to another chest in the lava, containing the SILVER HARP. Go up and get the BULLET CLIP and SECRET SIGN. Keep going up and a tad left. Use Hanpan to open the chest with 1800 gella, then turn and go all the way back south. Go through the door, swing across the lava, and descend. Push the purple pillar -- it's a moveable hookshot post -- down until it is even with the other post. Swing across, then switch to Rudy and open the ARM Case for the ROCKET LAUNCHER, one of the best ARMs in the game. Swing back, then go down and swing across some more lava. Head west and push the purple post above the other. Swing down for a LUCKY CARD, then swing back and keep going to a big pool of lava.

Swing to the first island, then swing south. Walk to the south edge of that island and swing diagonally down and left to a post. Swing right to a chest with a CREST GRAPH (as if you need another one). Swing back left and then swing diagonally up and left. Swing left twice, grab the POTION BERRY, and make one swing to the right. Swing up and get the REVIVE FRUIT. Go left and swing across to two sets of stairs. Go down the one on the right and follow the path until Jane leaves. Then go back up and take the other stairway. Keep going until you come to a big room with a cracked wall. Heal up and investigate the wall. Zed will come out.

Use the normal routine on him -- Rudy use his best ARM (save the Rocket Launcher for later, though); Jack cast Meteor Dive, and Cecilia use Armor Down and Slow Down, then attack Freeze (healing when needed, of course). Guardians aren't that effective, so don't summon them. Use Jack's Force for Sonic Vision and Cecilia's for healing (via Mystic and an item). Zed has a lot of HP, so it will take a while to beat him.

After the fight, go north and save your game. Get all healed up and go north to fight Belselk. Rudy should use his best ARM, and when he gets enough Force, use ARM Lock On with the Rocket Launcher. Jack should cast Meteor Dive and use Sonic Vision when he gets the Force. Cecilia should cast Armor Down (you don't need to cast Slow Down; Belselk is really slow) and then use Shield on each of the party members between heals. He can do a lot of damage to you, but as long as you stay healthy, you can beat him. Go up and get the RED MALICE, then head out. Belselk will reappear, but be killed by the demon Boomerang. The ruins will start to collapse, and Jane will lose the treasures. Head on out. There will be a cutscene in which Mother recruits Boomerang to the Quarter Knights and Zeikfried activates the shield around the Photosphere.

You will automatically return to Rosetta Town. Get healed at the inn and get the spell Confusion. Upgrade the Rocket Launcher; especially its hit rate and bullet capacity. Save your game and head out east on the Sweet Candy. Keep going east past Port Timney until you reach the Tripillar (there is a beach on the way -- if you get off here, there is a tent where you can change your name, although I can't imagine you'd want to at this stage in the game). First, head north a little to pick up a bottle with a CREST GRAPH. Enter the Tripillar and read the slab. You will split up to go up the three sides of the tower.

Send Jack over to the left and teleport. Circle around the first floor, picking up the POTION BERRY on the lower-left platform. On the second floor, stay on the lower level until you reach the right side, then go up the steps and examine the statue. Agree to take the challenge, then just use Sonic Buster to wipe out the enemies. After three rounds, you will get the hint for DIVIDE SHOT. Use the hint whenever you want to do regular attacks until you learn the technique (you are more likely to when you have a high Luck). Go up the stairs to the third floor, ascend the ramp, head to the bottom of the room, and then just circle around to the stairs. Go straight down and out the door. Go back in the door just to the right and use the grappling hook to cross the gap. Descend the ramp, grab the SECRET SIGN, then go up the stairs again. Open the chest with a POTION BERRY, hit the switch, and go up the stairs. The enemies are a tad tougher up here, so use your magic. If you get the Force, always use Sonic Vision. On the second "switch" floor, go up either ramp, hit the switch, and ascend again. Go up the ramp on the right side of the room and shoot Hanpan to the left to trigger the switch. Then go up and stand in front of the statue.

Now switch to Rudy and send him through the right teleporter. Grab the POTION BERRY on the first platform and go up the stairs. Skip the ramps on the next two floors. On the fourth floor, take the left path, go out the door, and back in. Take the path through the ramp, get the BULLET CLIP, and ascend. Like with Jack's tower, the enemies are tougher up here, so use the Rocket Launcher and/or Prism Ray on the Raidbusters, and kill the Gremlins before they can cast Armor Down. Summoning Guardians is also a good tactic. Anyway, get the chest with POTION BERRY, hit the switch, and go up the stairs. Go up the ramp in the lower-left, flick the switch, and then go back to the stairs and ascend. Press the last switch, go up, and stand in front of the statue.

Switch to Cecilia and use the top teleporter. Circle around and pick up the POTION BERRY on the last platform, then go up the steps. Head up the ramp, go south, and go down the ramp. Skip the next ramp and go up the stairs. Head to the lower-left, go up the ramp, and continue on to the stairs. Don't go up any of the ramps, and head south to the door. Go in the next door (by the way, all those blue panels are used for switching characters if you sent them up the wrong tower). Head up the ramp, take the left path, and pick up the MAGIC CARROT. Then go up the stairs and save your game. Go up again, get the chest with POTION BERRY, hit the switch, and ascend. Go up the ramp, circle around to the switch, and ascend a final time. Stand in front of the statue. Everybody should now be in front of a statue, so you will teleport back to the entrance and the blue center door will open. Get healed up, restore your MP if necessary, and go through the door. Open the white chest and you will have to fight the Mage Fox.

Rudy should fire the Rocket Launcher (if it has a hit rate under 80%, only use it with ARM Lock On). When that runs out of ammo, switch his second-best ARM (if both the Hand Cannon and Prism Ray have the same attack power, use the one with a better hit rate -- probably the Hand Cannon). Jack should cast Meteor Dive and use Sonic Vision when he gets the Force. Cecilia should use Slow Down and then Armor Down on the Mage Fox. For healing, use a combination of the Heal spell and Mystic-ed Heal Berries (if you really need it, use Mystic on a Potion Berry). Magic barely touches the Mage Fox (if it damages it at all), so have Cecilia use Protect when she has spare turns. The Mage Fox is tougher than your average boss, but it is still not a big problem. After the fight, you will acquire the BLUE VIRTUE.

Sail back to Adlehyde. Get healed, reload your ARMs, save your game, etc. If you have some spare cash, donate it to help repair the town (at the mayor's house). You'll benefit from it later. Leave Adlehyde and sail east along the coast, past Saint Centour. Get off at the next beach (right before you come to some shallow water) and go north to the Giant's Cradle. Put the Blue Virtue in the left hole (use it as an item) and the Red Malice in the right hole. Enter.

Go in the left door for two CREST GRAPHS (there've been so many now that I've run out of sarcastic comments to make). Save your game, then go in the right door. Walk up around to the top side of the room and throw your grappling hook diagonally down and right to cross the pit. Go down the stairs, stand on the bottom side of the ledge (to dodge the spears), and dash left. Go south and circle through the main room. In the next room, walk up the right of the two narrow bridges and push the block down the left-hand bridge until it just gets off the bridge. Walk back down the right- hand bridge and push the block to the right, then up the right bridge. Then just push it onto the switch:

  ____ 4444*

- = Bridges | |%%%|3|%%

% = Pits |@|%%%|3|%%

* = Switch |1|%%%|3|%%

@ = Block |1|%%%|3|%%

1,2,3,4 = Moves to make 1222222

Go downstairs, move the block down to the lower half of the ledge (but not to the very edge), and then push it left onto the switch. Circle the main room, then dash past all the spears, stopping just as you come to the chest (it has a POTION BERRY). Go down the steps and dash again, stopping as you pass the last spear (press up to stop quickly). Circle the pit and dash past the one spear from the right hand side of the bridge. Go south, circle the main room, and pick up the crate. Line yourself up with the crystal, walk left, throw the crate, and walk out of the spike region (you can see the holes on the ground) through a different route. If you miss, just use the Pocket Watch to try again. Go downstairs, pick up the crate, and cross the bridge. Once you get south past the spikes, throw the crate north at the crystal (don't throw it while you're still on the spikes). Circle the main room, opening the two chests (with MAGIC CARROTs) on your way. Dash past the spears, but tap down past the last spear in each set to avoid the pit. Descend, go south, and pick up the chest with a POTION BERRY. Then go back north, grab a crate, and walk just south of the chest. Throw it at the crystal switch, then dash past the spears. Go south to the giant, which is actually one of the golems. Look at it, then cast Escape and go to Adlehyde. Talk to Emma and she will come with you. Go back to the Giant's Cradle and you will automatically return to the golem. Cecilia will convince the golem to help the party, and then you will be able to ride the Earth Golem!

Walkthrough Part 3