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Walkthrough Part 1

The Beginning

At the beginning of the game, you can choose from any of the three different characters. You'll have to complete each character's introductory scenario before they join together.

Start with Rudy's scenario. Rudy is working in Surf Village. Explore the town, breaking all the crates and checking all the barrels for 3 HEAL BERRIES, a POWER APPLE, HARDY APPLE, and 45 gella. Also, if you throw one of the chickens, it will turn into a LIGHT SHROOM! Talk to everybody in town. Mayor Pifer will give you the BOMBS. When you try to leave, a guy will run in and tell you that Tony has gotten lost in the Berry Cave. Buy a few Heal Berries, save your game, and head south to the Berry Cave. (You can also make an optional trip down to Adlehyde to get Rudy's ARM upgraded).

Enter the cave and blow up the big crate with a bomb to get a HEAL BERRY, then follow the looping path to the next room. Use regular attacks on the enemies; save you ARM for the boss. If you need healing, just use a Heal Berry (note that most of the monsters are faster than Rudy, so don't wait until you're almost dead). Flick the switch to move the statue. Continue on (don't miss the two chests with money) until you reach a sign blocking the path. Drop a bomb to blow up the sign, then keep going until you reach a switch. Bomb the big crate, then hit the switch. Go through the door.

Walk across the bridge (do not dash). Once off the bridge, go down and left for another HEAL BERRY, then go right. The HOLY SYMBOL in the chest will remove the "Bad Omen" status you got if you dashed across the bridge. Walk up the right side (if you dash, watch out for the rock), then descend the steps. Bomb open the big crate for another HEAL BERRY. At the foot of the stairs, bomb through the wall to the north to get a POWER APPLE, HARDY APPLE, and AGILE APPLE. Walk under the bridge. Go left (while under the bridge) and bomb open the big crate for yet another HEAL BERRY, and also get the 300 gella to the right of the bridge. Go down, throw the left lever, then the right one, and go down the steps. Pick up and hold on to the BULLET CLIP (refills an ARM) and save your game at the save spot. Talk to Tony, then bomb through the wall. Get the chest partially concealed by the wall (you can just see some red on the right side of the screen) and equip the BANDANNA, then take the HOLY BERRY.

Back at the entrance to the cave, the monster sealed by the Holy Berry will appear. It's a boss! Just use the Hand Cannon ARM over and over. When you have enough Force, use ARM Lock On to guarantee a hit. Be sure to stay healed. The Zombie goes first and takes off 15 - 25, so heal when you get under 50 HP. When your ARM runs out of ammo, switch to regular attacks (the Zombie will be almost dead). After the battle, Rudy will use the Holy Berry to kill the Zombie. However, the townspeople are outraged that Rudy used an ARM and he will be taken back to the town to be judged. Go downstairs and Mayor Pifer will tell you to leave. Leave town and Rudy's scenario will end. You will go back to the character select screen.

Next, do Jack's scenario. Jack and his Wind Mouse Hanpan are exploring the Temple of Memory. Jack springs a trap and falls into a hole. After a very cool sequence (Jack and I agree here), you have to escape. Get the HEAL BERRY in the chest and go left. In fights, just use regular attacks. Go up the left side and shoot Hanpan across the gap (press Square) to pick up the chest. Equip the COWBOY HAT and go right and down. Go all the right, circle the pit, go up and press the switch. Then go back and take the center passage leading up. Ignore the chest (it's empty) and go up the stairs.

Push one of the blocks out of your way and go down the path. If you walk straight through the spike holes without stopping, you won't get hurt. At the bottom, use Hanpan to open the chest, then go right and hit the switch. Go back, take the left path, and go up the stairs. If you get low on HP, use a Heal Berry or wait for a level up (it doesn't restore your HP completely, but you do gain some).

On the next floor, dash to the right (hold X), but stop after you reach the door (there are three spikes). Pick up another HEAL BERRY, then go all the way north. Push the center block into the pit, then stand where it was and shoot Hanpan over to the switch. Go back down and dash to the left, but stop before the wall again. Go up the stairs and save your game. Dash past the spikes to the north. Circle around each torch, hitting the switches on the way (if you move in a circle, you will not get hit by the spikes). Then hit the switch in the middle to open the door.

Go north past the first set of spikes. If you fight Skeletons, use your Psycho Crack Fast Draw. Go left at the next set of spikes, then down at the third set. Equip the HIDE GLOVE as your accessory (left hand item). Then go north and into the small room. Stand on one of the blue switches and shoot Hanpan across to the other. A teleporter will appear. Teleport, then go up to the control panel to activate a message. After it is over, teleport back to the entrance and leave. Jack's scenario ends.

Now it's time for Cecilia's scenario. Cecilia starts in Curan Abbey. Explore the abbey, talk to everybody, and read all the books. One person will give you a CREST GRAPH, and you will find a MYSTIC APPLE APPLE, 20 gella, and a HEAL BERRY in the barrels. Get the spell Blast (Black - Fray/Muse) bound to your Crest Graph (if you want, you can get some other spell, but I recommend Blast). Talk to the librarian and she will send you to get Anje's Pocket Watch. Go upstairs and talk to Anje. She will ask you to use the Tear on the Guardian Stone. Go over to the stone and use the Tear. Anje will give you the POCKET WATCH. Go back to the library and use the Watch. One book will be left behind. Examine it and a voice will tell Cecilia to go to the Sealed Library.

Go talk to Sister Mary, then go around and talk to Anje, Lila, and Jacques (the head cook). Also talk to the person on the far left side of the lower building. You should now be able to solve the puzzle. Go to the courtyard and examine both statues. Press the switches. Reverse the positions of the statues (you will hear a rumbling sound when they are in place), then stand between them and use the Tear. Go up and use the Tear on the symbol on the wall. You will teleport to the Sealed Library.

Open the door with the Tear and go through. Pick up the upper- right box and hit the switch. Follow the passage to a room with a crystal switch. Throw one of the boxes at the switch (from the side), then just chuck the others aside. Open the chests for a MAGIC CARROT and MEDICINE, then go down the stairs. Use the Flame spell on the monsters, or use Blast if there is a group of more than one. In the room with the crate-blocked passage, smash the first two crates, then carry the third. Press the switch on the left to make a crystal switch appear. Throw the crate at it, then open the chests for a pair of HEAL BERRIES. Be sure to keep Cecilia healthy, as she can get killed fairly easily.

Go through the big door to the library. Read every book here for clues about some of the secrets and future plot points (you really should do this). Also open the chests for another MAGIC CARROT and a CAPUCHE (a helmet). Once you're done, get the three green books (one in the lower-right, one in the upper-right, and one in the mid- left) and throw each one on the fire. Go through the door that appears. In the left-hand bookcase in this room is the book De Le Metalica. It's sealed, but remember its location. You'll need it later. Heal up and use a Magic Carrot if you're low on MP. Then read the book sitting on the table. You will have to fight a boss. Attack with the Flame spell and use Heal to heal. Nelgaul gets to go first, so take that into consideration when deciding when to heal (i.e, don't wait until one more hit will kill you to heal; you should heal when you can take about one more hit without dying). If you run out of MP, use Heal Berries to heal and use physical attacks to attack. You shouldn't have any trouble winning. (By the way, is it just me or is the sound that bosses make when you kill them really annoying?)

Following the battle, the Water Guardian Stoldark will appear. You will then get Stoldark's WATER RUNE and teleport back to the Abbey. Although you can't summon Guardians yet, equip the Water Rune, as it raises your Sorcery. Leave the Abbey and Cecilia's scenario will end.

The character select screen will come back up. Pick any character and go to Adlehyde (south of Surf Village, southeast of the Memory Temple, and northeast of Curan Abbey). Go up to the Memory Bird and choose "Change". Pick the other characters and get them all to Adlehyde. Then go talk to Professor Emma (upstairs in the ARMs building) with any character. She will ask you to clear the monsters out of Lolithia's Tomb. Agree, then go talk to the other characters and they will join you. You have now assembled the party!

Now that you have your party together, explore Adlehyde. Stay at the inn and refill your ARM (just talk to the guy with the brown vest). Bullets are always 10 gella a piece (cheap). Buy new weapons and armor at the item store, and sell your old stuff. Hang on to Cecilia's equipment, though; you can use them with her Mystic ability. Unlike many games, in Wild Arms, instead of getting 1/2 of the cost of an item when you sell it, you get 3/4. The "haunted house" on the lower row has a HEAL BERRY in a barrel, a house on the right side of town has 7 gella, the lower-right house has another HEAL BERRY, and there's an AGILE APPLE in the Mayor's house. In a house on the north end of town, there are two big crates. Bomb them open to get a HEAL BERRY and MAGIC CARROT. In the house to the right of that, there are a lot of small crates. Break them all for a POWER APPLE and a HARDY APPLE. In the upper-right corner of town (you have to loop down around the trees), there is a HEAT SALVE in a chest. Finally, to the left of the church is another crate which you can bomb for an ANTIDOTE.

Then go to the castle, where you'll find a MOON STONE (equip it on Cecilia) south of the kitchen, a CREST GRAPH, and 200 gella (on the roof). Back in town, use the money to upgrade Rudy's ARM (talk to Emma's assistant). Get the spell Armor Down with your Graph, then save the game. Leave Adlehyde and go north to Lolithia's Tomb.

Go in the left door and open the chests for 2 HEAL BERRIES and a POTION BERRY. Save the Potion Berry for a later boss. Go in the right door and push one of the side blocks up. Get the MYSTIC APPLE and POWER APPLE, then, in the main room, climb the ladder and circle around to the room where Emma is. Talk to her, then bomb through the wall for the BUCKLER. Give it to Rudy (he's the only one who can use it). Jump down, talk to the guys, and bomb through the rocks. Bomb through the next passage. In the big room beyond, enter the small door, bomb the rocks away, and press the switch. Use Hanpan to open the gold chest, because it will explode (all gold chests are explosive, so use Hanpan to open them or you'll take damage). The chest has a HEAL BERRY. Pop up the stairs, get the 50 gella to the right, then bomb the rock away. Jump down where there's no railing and hit the switch. Go through the door right above you and push one of the blocks to the side. Hit the switch and all the blocks will vanish, but the door will open. Go through and get the CREST GRAPH in the chest.

Return to the place where you jumped down and continue north. Go right, climb the ladder, bomb the rock, and climb the next ladder. Go up the ladder on the right, open the chest (via Hanpan, of course, as it's a gold chest). There's a REVIVE FRUIT in it; hang on it, you may need it on the boss. Climb the ladder, go left, and jump down twice. Bomb away the rock to reveal a switch. Walk as far right as you can and shoot Hanpan over to the switch. Go down the ladder and head left to get a chest with 130 gella. Now go back to the top of the pyramid and go through the door. Save the game at the save spot and continue on.

Go through the door on the right to a room with a sealed door and some blocks. Walk up to the puzzle on the left and stand in the middle of the three blocks. Push the block to your right to the right. Stand where it used to be, walk up, then push the block to your left. Walk up and push the block above you. Get the chest with a MAGIC CARROT. Repeat the same thing on the right, just flipped over, to get a HEAL BERRY. Stand in front of the sealed door and use the Tear. Go down and read the plaque. Go back upstairs and leave the block room through the door on the right. Hit the switch, then go back out the left exit of the block room. Open the chest for some money. Now exit the block room through the middle door. Walk left under the bridges and open the chest with Hanpan for a HARDY APPLE. Then go right to a room with a statue. Press the switch hidden on the back of the switch. Four blocks will appear. Push them onto the squares drawn on the floor around the statue. You will hear a sound when each one is positioned properly. Heal up, then go across the bridge that appears to the door. Use the Tear to open it and try to go through. The Magtortus will appear.

Rudy should use the Hand Cannon ARM, using ARM Lock On if he has enough Force. Jack should cast Psycho Crack (his Fast Draw sword technique). When he runs out of MP, have him attack. On her first turn, have Cecilia cast Armor Down (this is a very handy spell), then heal. If there's nobody that needs healing, have her use Mystic with the Mage Staff (you kept it, right?) to cast Shield (raises defense). The Magtortus goes last, so you'll be able to heal before it can hit again. If somebody dies, use the Revive Fruit from earlier in the dungeon to bring them back, and heal them on the same turn with the other person (whoever's slower should do the healing or it won't work). It's a long battle, but you should be able to win it without too much trouble.

After the fight, go through the door, pick up the two chests, then walk up to the golem Lolithia. Go back to the entrance (if you have the Escape spell, cast it) and talk to Emma. You will automatically go back to the golem to excavate it with the Emma- Motor (the graphics here are great -- look at the shifting beams of light).

Go back to Adlehyde. If you have a lot of extra money, upgrade Rudy's ARM some more. Get a spell bound to the Crest Graph you picked up (Escape is very useful). Go to the inn, reload your ARM, then stay overnight. Cecilia will go back to the castle. The next day, the Ruin Festival will begin. Go to the festival (take the east exit from town). Search the festival grounds for 49 gella and a TOY HAMMER. Talk to Emma and she will pay you 500 gella. In the center of the fair you'll find someone selling flowers. Buy a pile of them; they raise your luck. Talk to one woman and she'll ask you to find her lost kid with a red balloon. This is all you have to do at the festival, but there are lots of bonus games to play. You won't get another chance to play them, so play them now.

In the lower-right corner is a race, but you don't get anything from it, even if you break the record. Play this one only if you really want to. In the upper-right corner is a ball toss; if you can hit the center, you'll get a SECRET SIGN (reduces the MP cost of one Fast Draw by 1). It's hard to do, though. You have to stand a few taps down from where you pick up the ball and throw the ball straight up. Just to the left of that game is the "chicken" game. You have to stop just in front of the wall. It's tricky, but doable. You get a LUCKY CARD. Neither of these games are worth your money, but there's a great game in the lower-left: Lucky Mole Catching! All you have to do here is grab moles and throw them (quickly) as they pop out of the ground. Depending on the number you hit, you'll get different prizes:

You can rack up a lot of Apples and other good items from this game. By counting the number of moles you grab, you can get exactly the number you want to get the prize of your choice. Spend a lot of money on this game; it has great prizes. Save your Mystic Apples (and maybe some Hardy Apples) for Cecilia, when she rejoins shortly.

When you're done at the fair, go back into town and find the kid with the red balloon (near the center of town). Talk to him. Suddenly, the demons will appear and torch the town. Run around town, dodging demons and talking to the survivors (i.e, those not lying on the ground dead). There are ten survivors to find. Do *not* go up to the top, where Cecilia is surrounded by demons. Once you find all the survivors, you can fight the wandering monsters to gain some experience if you want. When you're done, go up to the top of town. You will have to fight two Lizardmen and a Skeleton to save Cecilia. Use Psycho Crack on the Lizardmen, while Rudy kills the sksetons and then finishes off the Lizardmen. Cecilia rejoins your party, then you have five minutes to save people. Of course, you've saved them all before the timer started. So just go up to the castle.

Go stay at the bedroom in the long hallway. Also, at the right end of that hall, you'll find all the people you've saved. Then go to the throne room and talk to the soldier guarding the passageway left of the throne. He will move. Go up to the third floor and talk to the king with Cecilia in the lead. The king tells Cecilia to stay in her room, but Cecilia decides to escape to give the Tear Drop to the demons.

On the second floor, take the exit out onto the walls. Don't touch any of the guards or you will be sent back to Cecilia's room. Walk along the bottom side of the walls and turn down quickly. Hurry along the walls, but don't run or you might run into a guard or wall. As long as you keep moving, the guards can't catch up with you. On the right side of the walls, turn left and go into the door (up just leads to a chest, which you should have already gotten). Go down the stairs and walk up to the next room. Dash left (there is a guard chasing you) and go through the door on the far left side of the hall. You are now in the kitchen. Talk to the cook on the left and he will open a passage for you.

You will drop down to the sewers. Save your game if you want. At the first intersection, go left and then down. Throw Hanpan diagonally to pick up the chest. It contains a POWER APPLE, which I recommend giving to Rudy (he spends most of his time fighting, but has a lower strength than Jack). Also give Rudy your Agile Apples, and give Sorcery and Hardy Apples to Cecilia. Go back to the start and go right. At the corner, use Hanpan to open the chest for a MAGIC CARROT, then continue to the next intersection. Go up, then down at the next branch. When you reach a set of six crates, turn right just after you pass them. Keep going right until you get a MYSTIC APPLE in a chest. Go back left (the path down just leads to a chest with a measly 3 gella) to where the six crates were. Go down and then turn left. Take the next turn down, then go left and you will come to a chest with an AGILE APPLE. Go back right and turn down. When you come to an intersection, walk down a little and shoot Hanpan down to the chest. Then go right for 120 gella. Now go back left and turn up as soon as you can. Then turn right and keep going (make sure to pick up the MAGIC CARROT) until you come to a pair of paths leading south. Take the left one to the exit. Save your game and go up the stairs. Open the chest for a POTION BERRY. Push the blocks aside to get out into town. Dodge the monsters and go to the center of town, where you'll encounter Belselk. Cecilia will hand over the Tear Drop, but you'll get into a fight anyway.

Rudy should fire the Hand Cannon, using Lock On if you have enough Force. Jack should attack with Psycho Crack. Cecilia should cast Armor Down on Belselk on her fist turn. On subsequent turns, if one character is low on HP, have her Heal that person. If the party is generally low, have her use Mystic with a Heal Berry to heal the whole party. If somebody's very low on HP, have Jack use an item to heal that person because he goes first. If nobody needs healing, Mystic the Mage Staff to raise someone's defense (first hers, then Jack's, then Rudy's).

After the fight, the demons steal the golems (look at the way the shadows get smaller as the golems are lifted up!) The king dies, and Cecilia decides to go with Rudy and Jack to defeat the demons and recover the Tear Drop. Then you get to see the opening credits... yes, everything you have done so far is just the introduction!

Walkthrough Part 2