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Enemy Attacks

Absolute ZeroWater attack / all
Acid MissleFire (?) attack / all
Alhazad SymphonyPhysical (?) attack / all
Als MagnaMinor damage / all / status change
Anti-Matter BombEarth (?) attack / all
ArmageddonDamages party
AsraelPhysical attack / single
Banishing Buster AnchorPhysical attack / single
Beam FencerDamages party
Bear HugEvil attack / single
Belselk BreakerPhysical attack / single
Black FangPhysical attack / single
Black Hole BulletDamages one character
Blade LancePhysical attack / single
Blaster HowlingPhysical attack / all
Body Power StealDrains HP from one character
Boomerang DynamicPhysical attack / single
Brutal AttackStrong physical attack
Brutal BlowStrong physical attack
Cold SleepWater attack / all / causes sleep
ConfusionMinimal damage, causes confusion
Crescent FangPhysical attack / single
Crimson StormFire attack / all
Crystal StormHoly attack / single
Cut DownPhysical attack / all
Dangerous Object 666Almost kills one character
Dark QuasarEvil attack / all
Dark RayEvil attack / all
Death WingWind attack / all / random instant death
Direct VoiceRandom status conditions / all
DiseaseMinimal damage, causes disease
Disease BreathMinor damage / all / causes disease
Disrupting FlailPhysical attack / single
Doom BringerPhysical attack / single
Double Boomerang DynamicPhysical attack / single
Earth ShakerEarth attack / all
ElectriggerPhysical attack / single
EM LaserLightning attack / all
Energy PhaserDamages all characters
EsparanzaPhysical (?) attack / single
Evil EyeMinor damage / single / causes paralysis
Evil Sword LuceidPhysical attack / single
Fatal BlowPhysical attack / instant death
Feather ArrowPhysical attack / all
FireballFire attack / single
Fire BreathFire attack / all
Flame ShooterFire attack / all
Flame TongueFire attack / single
FlashDamages one character / causes Flash status
Flash BombDamages all characters / causes Flash
Gamma RayHoly (?) attack / single / causes disease
Garyu IchimongiriPhysical attack / single
Gas CloudRandom status changes / party
Gella EaterTakes money, physical damage
Genocide FlareFire attack / all
Geo StormEarth attack / all
GlumzamberPhysical attack / single
GuardLike your guard command
Harken TempestPhysical (?) attack / all
Hermes Toris MegistosDamages one character
Higi Kaijin-EisatsuPhysical attack / all / sleep
Holy LightHoly attack / single
Horn SpikePhysical attack / single
Human ExperimentationRandom status changes / single
"I Hate You"Physical attack / single
Infra SonicDamages one character
InvadeInstant death attack
Kinjite Yasha-IshmonjiriPhysical attack / single / random status changes
Land MasterPhysical attack / single
Laser BreathDamages one character
Laser SilhouettePhysical attack / single
Large MoonPhysical attack / single
Life DrainDrains HP from party
Linear Rail CannonPhysical (?) attack / all
MaelstromDamages one character / causes confusion
Mantis FistPhysical attack / single
Mind DamageOne character loses a little MP
Minus FlareFire attack / all
Mysterious RayDamages all characters
Negative RainbowAll 7 elements attack / all
Neregate HarlowDamages all characters
Ouji Kyoujin-ranbu Physical attack / single
Oxygen DestroyerWind (?) attack / all
ParalysisMinimal damage, causes paralysis
Phatima's MiracleDamages party / dispels magic
Photon Bow GunDamages one character
PickpocketSteals an item
Pile BunkerPhysical attack / single
PoisonMinimally damages and poisons one character
Poison BreathMinimal damage / all / poison
Powerful BlowPhysical attack / single
Proton BeamPhysical attack / single
Purple ElectricLighting attack / single
Purple Electric revisedLightning attack / all
Reactor TorpedoWater attack / single
Resonance WaveEvil attack / all
Rock GazerEarth attack / single
Rolling AttackPhysical attack / single
Rotten BreathEvil attack / single
Runs AwaySelf-explanatory
Sayfert's GalaxyDamages party
SephirotoDamages party
Shadow Boomerang MaximumPhysical attack / all
ShriekRandom status change(s) / all
SleepCauses sleep / all
Spinning FlailPhysical attack / all
Spontaneous CombustionFire attack / single
StardustEarth attack / all
Stun CloudParalysis + minor damage / party
Super Transmitted Mega CrashLightning attack / single
The 7th MoonEvil attack / all
ThunderboltLightning attack / all
TridentPhysical attack / single
Uncertain TheoryDamage and status changes / all
Volcanic BombFire attack / all
Water GunWater attack / single
"Will Be"Single elemental attack (varies) / single
Wing BladePhysical attack / all
Zeik ImpulsePhysical attack / single
Zero Armor AttackPhysical attack / single / ignores armor
Zero Count ExecutionPhysical attack / single