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Old Spells

Spell NameWizard Only?DescriptionMP Cost
ZapNoThis powers up your weapon for one attack. The next attack will do much more damage than before.3
OpenNoOpen sesame! Actually, this can open doors and chests from a safe distance.2
CalmNoThis spell causes a monster to relax from a safe distance, allowing you time to escape. It cannot be used in close combat.4
Flame DartNoThis shoots a fireball at the target. Good for damaging things from a distance.5
FetchNoSomething out of your reach? Just use Fetch, and you'll be able to get it!5
DazzleNoThe "hidden" spell from QFG1 is back, and just as useless. This blinds enemies, rendering them temporarily immoble. Calm has the same effect, and lasts longer, but this one can be used in close combat.3
Detect MagicNoA quick casting of this spell can reveal any magical enchantments in the area. Very useful in certain parts.2
TriggerNoMagical traps are nasty. The Trigger spell can "trigger" them from a safe distance, thereby avoiding the deadly effects.3

New Spells

Spell NameLocationDescriptionMP Cost
Force BoltMagic ShopA Force Bolt doesn't damage a target as much as a Flame Dart, but can knock things over, and can also bounce off walls for a bank shot.6
LevitateMagic ShopYou can't fly, but you can float straight up and down using this spell. Good for avoiding those long falls and some projectiles, but goes through MP like popcorn.7 (plus 7 for each second used)
ReversalWITReversal creates a magical barrier around the caster. Whenever a spell comes into direct contact with the caster, the spell bounces off. This doesn't always mean that it goes back to the adversary, though...8