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BrigandDayThese weird guys subscribe to the belief that you can rush up to people and kill them with no thoughts. Just attack them until they die.Dinars
JackalmenNightHalf-man, half-jackal, these guys hunt you in packs. They can win simply by tiring you out with their sheer numbers, but just use thrusts to take them down quickly.Dinars (adds up for each one killed)
GhoulsNightThe poison of a Ghoul is quite unique. Instead of damaging your HP, it drains from your SP. When it reaches zero, the Ghoul will mercifully kill you. Keep avoiding their touch while attacking, and be sure to search them afterwards.Ghoul Claws
TerrorsaurusBothThe Terrorsaurus is the horrific cousin to the conventional saurus. It's the ultimate in ripping you apart. It's usually better to run than to fight these monstrosities.None
ScorpionBothThis ain't your normal scorpion; it's the size of a man, with a tail about as big as your head. If it sticks that tail into you, you'd better take a Poison Cure pill quick, or you'll be pushing up the cacti. Fortunately, they're slow, and the tail shakes before attacking, so follow their movements and attack when they aren't about to poison you.Scorpion Tails
GriffinDayIf you were stupid enough to wake the griffin, he'll attack you every screen in the desert until either one of you dies. He's a damn nightmare, too! At least his death scene is truly hilarious.None