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Returning Characters:

The Hero: Now the Hero of Spielburg. He followed his friends Shameen, Shema, and Abdulla-Doo to Shapier, where he must once again save a land from destruction. Can he do it?

Shameen: The Katta with a sense for running inns. He runs the Inn in Shapier, along with his wife, Shema.

Shema: The Katta wife of Shameen. She works in the kitchen of the Inn, preparing meals for the guests.

Abdulla-Doo: The fat merchant that nearly lost everything in Spielburg has regained his fortune and luck. He hangs out at the inn with his friends Shameen and Shema.

New Characters:

Ali Chica: This dishonest merchant runs a small shop by the Inn. He has a catch phrase that keeps people coming to him: "Guaranteed the best in town or you no getta your money back!" Okay, so most of Shapier is composed of idiots, but who cares? He also sells maps and compasses.

The Beggar: He hangs out around Shapier sometimes. Giving him some Dinars will build your Honor up.

Harik Attar: The local apothecary sells various pills at his shop. Sadly, he only knows one potion: the all-mighty Dispel Potion. He also sells some magic powder that sets things on fire.

Keapon Laffin: The gnome that runs the local Magic Shop. Like all gnomes, he likes a good joke, no matter who gets hurt in the process. When you step into his shop, not everything is as it seems...

Issur: The merchant at the Weapons Shop is a low-down, good-for-nothing, big-brawned, little-brained, muscle-bound jerk. He is also a member of EOF, the place for muscle-bound jerks. He hurls insults at the hero around the clock, but he's the only place to get weapons, so you can't go elsewhere.

Uhura: A warrior-woman from the Simbani tribe. When she couldn't be both a mother and a warrior, she left for Shapier, where such a dream is possible. She runs the Adventurers' Guild, and hangs out with her child, Simba, and her friend, Rakeesh.

Rakeesh: A liontaur paladin who came to Shapier to stop the evil. He was seriously injured in a battle with a demon, and his leg isn't all it used to be. He has the powerful sword, Soulforge.

Aziza: An enchantress who is one of the most powerful wizards in Shapier. She likes to have cups of tea with her few guests, but sadly, she has a short fuse. Be VERY careful in what you say to her.

The Money Changer: A woman with a flirting tongue and an eye for thievery. She runs the Thieves' Guild in Shapier.

Ali T. Fakir: He sells Sauruses outside the town gates. I'm only mentioning him because he looks like one of the Marx Brothers. *laughs*

Omar: A master poet that recites his works at the Inn occasionally. His prophecies are inserted into his poetry, and they often come true. Perhaps there is more than meets the eye...He hangs out with his interperter, Jafar.

Khaveen: The corrupt captain of the guards of Rasier. Since the Emir vanished, he's been calling the shots. His laws are horrible, and citizens die of despair more than anything else. We need to stop him!

Signor Ferrari: A man with an eye for money. He wants the Blackbird Statue. Khaveen has the Blackbird Statue. Guess who he wants to get it?

Ugarte: An informant/smuggler. He smuggles water; Khaveen's men shut off the main fountain to Rasier, and water can only be obtained through Khaveen's evil minions at ridiculous prices. Ugarte knows a lot, but needs some persuasion sometimes...

Zayishah: The daughter of the Emir, and niece to the Sultan. She's been shut in the Harem by Khaveen, and wants to escape terribly. She needs help, though.

Ad Avis: The Royal Vizir to the Emir. He now rules Silmaria along with Khaveen. He's a powerful wizard and master hypnotist; be careful around him.

Iblis: An evil djinn that sought to rule the world. He was imprissoned by Soloman, and placed in the Forbidden City. However, he can be freed, when the time is right...

The Djinni of the Ring: An inept genie. Although powerful, he can't pull his own, really. He was left to guard Iblis in the Forbidden City.