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The Paladin

So you want to go the way of the honorable, huh? You want to become a bad-ass Paladin? Very well, but be prepared for a long, hard process.

If you don't know what the Paladin is, I'll fill you in. The Paladin is the ultimate class in the QFG series. It's basically a Fighter with several extra abilities, such as healing and sensing danger. You can't play as one in QFG2, but you CAN import one into any of the next three games.

Okay, enough jibba jabba. You want to know HOW to become a Paladin! Okay, here's the basic lowdown on what (and what NOT) to do:

*First off, only Fighters and Wizards can become a Paladin. Thieves shouldn't even bother.

*Each class starts with 50 Honor points. These are vital to becoming a Paladin. Doing good actions will raise honor, and doing bad ones will lower it. Also, Honor cannot be raised through character creation or wishes; you have to earn it by yourself.

*Don't steal ANYTHING!!! (This is why Thieves can't become Paladins.)

*When you meet the beggar, give him lots of Dinars and Centimes.

*Buy flowers from the Flower Merchant and give them to women.

*During the EOF scene, spare the swordsman's life (hey, he's helpless, damnit!).

*Train with Rakeesh (it does yield some clues into the whole matter).

*Help Julanar and the Beast in the Desert.

*During the final battle with Khaveen, when you knock his sword away, tell him to pick it back up.

However, doing all this is sometimes not enough. In case it isn't, give more Dinars and Centimes to the beggar.

If everything was done correctly, then the ending will be a tad longer than usual. I'm still not saying what happens, though...