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Apothecary Items

Healing PillApothecaryThis restores some HP. Very important. (In this game your HP sinks like a rock.)3 for 10 Dinars
Vigor PillsApothecaryThis restores some SP. You'll need them. Trust me.3 for 5 Dinars
Mana PillsApothecaryRestores some MP. If you're a Wizard, you'll need this constantly (especially at WIT).3 for 15 Dinars
Poison Cure PillsApothecaryThis removes the effects of poison. If you're going to go hunting scorpions, you'd better bring these along.3 for 12 Dinars
Dispel PotionApothecaryThis removes magical enchantments. However, in order for the potion to work, a hair of the victim must be added into the mix. Also, Harik is missing two ingrediants: a Griffin Feather and a Fruit of Compassion..Free (after giving ingredients)
Powder of BurningApothecaryHarik is running low on the stuff, but will give you some when you need it. The powder explodes on impact with any surface.None

Weapons and Armor

BroadswordFighters start with oneYour old sword, still with you from Spielburg. It'll hurt those monsters like heck!None
Fine SwordWeapon ShopAn upgrade for your old Broadsword. This baby can slice, dice, and even make Julian Fries! It also hurts monsters.100 Dinars
DaggerWizards and Thieves start with one, Weapon ShopNot much use up-close, but at a distance, this can take down the opposition. Also easily concealable and lightweight.5 Dinars
ShieldFighters start with oneA device that can remarkably block enemy attacks. Fairly decent.None
Leather ArmorWizards and Thieves start with itLightweight and soft, this armor can protect against minor blows, while also not restricting movement or spellcasting.None
Chainmail ArmorFighters start with itAlthough quite heavy, this armor can provide excellent protection against the slings and arrows of a Fighter's everyday life.None
SoulforgeRakeesh gives this to FightersThis sword was given to Rakeesh when he took up the Way of the Paladin. The flames that flow across the blade can damage creatures weak against fire. Just be sure to give it back to Rakeesh when you're done.None

Thief Items

LockpickImported Thieves start with oneNo real use; after all, you have a Thieves' Toolkit!None
Thieves' ToolkitThieves start with oneThis baby contains all the pointy and picky tools needed for everyday thievery.None
Thieves' Guild LicenseThieves start with oneThis basically says you're licensed to steal. Kinda like the IRS...None
Silver Tea ServiceMetal Worker's HouseA very beautiful tea service, made completely out of silver. It must be worth a fortune.None
Silver BowlMetal Worker's HouseAnother very valuable item, this time a bowl. That Metal Worker must have a lot of Dinars...None
Silver DaggerMetal Worker's HouseThis final item in the Silver Trilogy is the Silver Dagger. It's useless as a weapon, but still worth a lot.None
BlackbirdKhaveen's HouseThis is weird. Ferrari claims that it's worth a Sultan's ransom, and yet it looks just like a regular statue. Maybe there's something else to it...None

Other Items

Food RationsFood StandWhen you're away from the Inn, you'll need to use Food Rations. Without these, you'll starve to death.5 for 1 Dinar
WaterskinLeather ShopWater is the basic difference between life and death in the desert. You start with one Waterskin, which will gradually deplete itself. You can refill your skins at the fountain and oasis.1 Dinar
Scorpion TailDead ScorpionsA Scorpion Tail is a vital component in poison antidotes. Harik will gladly buy these from you.None
Ghoul ClawsDead GhoulsNothing exists yet that can fully combat a Ghoul's touch, but Harik is working hard on something. He'll buy these from you.None
Whirl of BeardDervish's BeardA tuft of hair from the Whirling Dervish. Keapon Laffin uses these in some of his spells, and will buy them from you.None
MapAli Chica's ShopThe Map is, without a doubt, the most important item in the game. Unless you actually LIKE to go through the streets all the time, buy the map! It also allows instant travel to any place you've already visited.1 Dinar
CompassAli Chica's ShopNot quite as useful as the map, but still good. It'll show what direction you are currently traveling in.1 Dinar
Empty PotPottery ShopA basic empty pot.3 Dinars
Pot of DirtPlant StandThis is a pot of simple, everyday dirt.None
Brass LampBrass MerchantA normal lamp, used to light dark places15 Dinars
Magic LampDefeat Fire ElementalThe lamp can now be turned on and off with a simple rub. Convenience at its best.None
BellowsWeapon ShopThe Bellows can be used to suck up the Wind Elemental, then blow stuff away.None
Cloth BagCloth MerchantThis can be used to carry sand and dirt.50 Centimes
Bag with Earth ElementalBeat Earth ElementalThe evil Earth Elemental's essence has been captured. Now let's make him do something good for once!None
Waterskin with Water ElementalBeat Water ElementalThe Water Elemental resides inside, thus placing a limitless amount of water in one source.None
Griffin FeatherGriffin's NestThe feather of a Griffin is essential to Dispel Potions, but dangerous to get, due to the nature of the beast.None
Fruit of CompassionJulanar gives this to youA magical fruit that can only be found as a gift. This is for those who act without self-interest.None
Gold CoinsEvery class starts with themThe old currency from Spielburg. These aren't worth anything here, so they must be exchanged.None
Sapphire PinJewelry StandA valuable piece of jewelry that identifies you as a friend of the Kattas. No enemies can see it.A LOT (but you can get it for free)
EOF BadgeJoin EOFA badge that signifies you as a member of the Eternal Order of Fighters. Not any real use.None
Change of ClothesJust before you leave for RasierA spare set of clothes, in case you lose your other pair.None
VISARasierYour passport into Rasier. Don't leave town without it!Priceless
MirrorZayishah gives this to youThis is a basic hand mirror, useful for reflecting images and light.None
Djinni RingForbidden CityThe good news: this ring contains a Djinni. The bad news: the Djinni is just an amatuer. Still, it can grant wishes...None
X-Ray GlassesMagic ShopI refuse to go into these. I mean it. Using these only signifies you as a big pervert. I will never allow myself to be disgraced by such garbage. If you want to use this, then go ahead, but don't say I didn't warn you...15 Dinars