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Priest Spells

First a little explanation on the table fields:
· Picture: Spell's icon;
· Name: Spell's Name;
· Level: Level of the spell;
· Obtained: Level at which the spell becomes available;
· Discription: A small discription of the spell by... your friend and mine...our own...our beloved...daffy, goodness to his mother... duck.

One more thing, only Fall-From-Grace can use priest spells, and unlike mage spells these are not learned through scrolls and items, but through experience. The more experienced Fall-From-Grace becomes, the more spells will become available to her.

Picture Name Level Obtained Discription
Blessing 1 Level 1 Increases accuracy and saving throws of all allies within a 50 foot radius of the spell blasting point.
Cure Light Wounds 1 Level 1 Heals minor wounds on target.
Curse 1 Level 1 Decreases accuracy and saving throws of all enemies within a 50 foot radius of the spell blasting point.
Detect Evil 1 Level 1 Detects all evil aligned creatures in the area.
Halo of Lesser Revelation 1 Level 1 This spell surrounds all hostile creatures with a halo of light making them easier to hit.
Protection From Evil 1 Level 1 Protects the spell's recipient from evil creatures.
Aid 2 Level 3 This spell improves it's recipient's accuracy, saving throws and health points.
Cure Moderate Wounds 2 Level 3 Heals moderate wounds on target.
Spiritual Hammer 2 Level 3 This spell summons a hammer of spiritual energy to smite your foes.
Call Lightning 3 Level 5 This spell summons a bolt of eletricity to strike down upon your enemies.
Flame Walk 3 Level 5 This spell protects it's recipient against fire.
Prayer 3 Level 5 Increases accuracy and saving throws of your allies while decreasing the ones of your enemies.
Remove Curse 3 Level 5 Removes a curse of the targeted person.
Speak with Dead 3 Level 5 Enables conversations with passed away spirits.
Cure Serious Wounds 4 Level 7 Heals serious wounds of the target creature.
Cure Critical Wounds 5 Level 9 Heals critical wounds of a target creature.
Raise Dead 5 Level 9 Raises a dead party member.
Heal 6 Level 11 Ultimate power of healing. This spell cures all blindness, all disease, and completely restores the target.

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