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Hive: Mausoleum

When you enter the mausoleum a spirit will approach you and tell you to leave, say you are there to help and he'll let you pass.
Note: Advance carefully, there are a couple of traps in these halls.
Note: If you are below lvl 5, I suggest you go lvl up or pick up Dak'kon, this quest might be a bit tough if you are at a low level.
If you are in a big hurry, keep going south until you reach a passage to the Inner Chamber to the west. If you are not in a hurry, then I'd suggest exploring these halls carefully, there are lots of goodies lying around.
Since there are lots of corridors in this floor, I will only mention the sections of the map I consider relevant (the ones with items).
There is a grave with 7 copper commons on the center-north part of the floor, a couple of skeleton workers are near it, dirtnap 'em and take the loot.
A little east of the grave you will find a Giant Skeleton, these bastards have lots of health and pack a mean axe, be careful! You should have Morte take point since he's harder to hit and all.
South and east of the Giant Skeleton there are a couple of graves, one has a rag, and the other a bone charm. There is another grave north of these, there are bandages in it.
More to the center of the map, there is a grave with 2 bandages guarded by a couple of skeletons, you know what to do.
On the westmost side of the floor there is an open grave with a silver ring inside it, this one is also guarded by skeleton workers.
On the eastmost side of the floor there are a couple of open graves, dispose of the skelies guarding them and search the graves for 1 rags, 2 bandages, 1 clot charm and 11 copper commons.
In the south section of the floor, there is a heart charm and 3 bandages stashed in a grave, take them.
Proceed now to the southwestern part of this section to find another Giant Skeleton and a passage to the Mausoleum's Inner Chamber, dispose of the skeleton and go through the passage.
Here you will find the man responsible for this hole walking dead mess. A mage named Strahan Runeshadow, listen to his intentions and get ready for a bit of the ol' ultra-violence.
Note: Have Morte use "litany of curses" on Strahan to prevent him from casting spells.
After taking care of Strahan (975 exp) be sure to search his body, and the sorrounding area for some nice treats. Strahan drops a bracelet (Magus Guard) and some random treasures. On his secretary you can find his diary, a scroll of strength, a scroll of chromatic orb and a dagger (Bone Dagger). There is a skull, on the open grave here (useless).
After exiting the mausoleum's inner chamber, the Guardian Spirit will thank you (2000 exp). Return to Norochj for the rest of your reward.


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