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Walkthrough Part 1-3

Part 1- Emerald Island
Emerald island is where you start your adventure. It is really a tutorial of sorts, allowing you to get a feel for your characters and try out a few things. You start in front of the Emerald Island docks, and this is where you end up when you die. Unless you get in way over your head (like taking all the dragonflies at once), this shouldn't be a problem.

Return a red potion to the Judge on Emerald Island.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 0XP: 500Gold: 0
Easy enough, you can simply make a Red Potion. Bring it to the judge.

Return a seashell to the Judge on Emerald Island.
Difficulty: 1Danger: 6XP: 500Gold: 0
I THINK there's a place where yuo can buy the Seashell but I'm not sure. You can find one in a box in the hut near the northwestern area of the island. However, that area is absolutely infested with dragonflies. Fight your way through them and search the boxes. Once you have the shell, return to the Judge.

Return a longbow to the Judge on Emerald Island.
Difficulty: 1Danger: 5XP: 500Gold: 0
I found the longbow in the Dragon's cave. Search it thuroughly, and once you have it, return to the Judge. It's not that far from the Contestant's Shield. You can also find one on Sal Sharktooth's body in the Temple of the Moon. Providing you kill him.

Return a floor tile to the Judge on Emerald Island.
Difficulty: 1Danger: 4XP: 500Gold: 0
The only floor tile they want is one from the Temple of the Moon. The Temple of the Moon is located on top of a hill to the south of the Dragon's Cave: You can't miss it as a stream leads to it. To get to the actual Temple, follow the cave as far north as you can go. It's hard not to find it. Once you make it to the temple, you'll find one behind a secret door in the south wing (with all the spell scrolls and stuff). Return it to the Judge to complete the quest.

Return a musical instrument to the Judge on Emerald Island.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 0XP: 500Gold: 0
The only one I know of is the lute that Ailyssa the Bard has. She is near the Two Palms Tavern, and will sell hers for 500 gold.

Return a wealthy hat to Judge on Emerald Island.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 0XP: 500Gold: 0
You can get a hat easily by trading a red potion to Brent Filiant for one. Brent is located on the path from the bridge, leading to Dragon's Cave. If you want to though, you can get one in a drawer in the north wing Temple of the Moon.

You get a bonus 1000 XP when you you collect all six items and return them. Once you have them all, complete any business that remains in Emerald Island: You won't be able to come back. Make sure to talk to Lord Markham, then go to the ship. You will end up in front of your new home.

Part 2- Fixing Up the Place
Welcome to your castle. Home sweet home. Unfortunately, it should be better termed "dump sweet dump". Noone has really high expectations for you, and on top of that, goblins holed up in your castle. This place needs some SERIOUS work. Once you enter Harmondale, your "respawn point" will be just in front of Harmondale Castle.

Clean out Castle Harmondale and Return to the Butler in the Tavern, On the House, in Harmondale.
Difficulty: 1Danger: 5XP: 5000Gold: 0
This one is actually pretty simple. You can only explore one level of your castle, so basically kill everything that moves. Not too hard. Once you're done, hit the tavern and tell the Butler.

Talk to the Dwarves in Stone City in the Barrow Downs to find a way to repair Castle Harmondale.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 0XP: 0Gold: 0
Simple. Find Stone City (-2838, 3139) in the Barrow Downs. It's on a plateau, a very large castle. It's hard to miss, but from the Harmondale enterance, take the bridge to the west, climb the nearby hill, and then take the bridge south. Now you need to talk to King Hothfarr IX. He's in the eastern area of Stone City, at (4478, 436). Talk to him to receive your next quest.

Rescue the Dwarves from the Red Dwarf Mines and return to the Dwarf King in Stone City in the Barrow Downs.
Difficulty: 3Danger: 3XP: 12500Gold: 5000
This one isn't too difficult, except for the oozes. The Red Dwarf Mines are in the northeastern area of the Bracada Desert (21088,14663). If you walk west from the Barrow Downs to the desert, you'll find a gap in the hills to your left, you can simply take it and turn abck to find the mines. As King Hothfarr IX warned, watch out for griffins. Anyway, once in the mines, make sure you're prepared for the oozes (Flame Aura works well), and start searching for petrified dwarves. There are seven in total: The first is in the northeastern part of the first chamber (1207, 2853). The second is in the center of the first chamber off to the far left path (-3887, 5173). The third is farther down that path, take the right fork in the chamber then the next right, the dwarf is at the end (-3536, 9732). From the second path to the left in the main chamber, you'll find dwarf #4 near the lift, just go straight and take no forks (552, 11424). The fifth is down the same passage, but take the the right fork, then the left farther down that passage, you'll find him in a chamber at the end (8590, 13721). Taking the second from the right passage from the main chamber, then the first left you see will lead you to #6 (4094, 8815). Dwarf number 7 (Where's Snow White?) is in a chamber at that main passage, in a pool of water (11070, 6275). There's no need to go to the lower levels unless you're trying to complete the Warrior Mage promotion quest as well. Once you have all seven dwarves, leave the mines and return to King Hothfarr IX for your reward.

Part 3- War!
As promised, Hothfarr has been repaired your castle, thanks to your heroic and daring rescue of his miners. There lies one problem though. With it comes the recognition as rulers of Harmondale from Stone City. Recognition by great powers in the region make other great powers notice: in this case, Erathia and Avlee. Both have sent ambassadors to you, and you should meet with them. However, Harmondale wasn't noticed because it really wasn't a success. It's history will attest to that. Now that it has potential, Erathia and Avlee want a piece of the action, considering both kingdoms controlled Harmondale at one time or another. And now... well it can only lead to one thing: war. A good idea might be to talk to Judge Grey in the Arbiter's Hut. He has some useful advice.

The first three quests have a time span of a few months. You can do them in any order, or not at all, but it will be worth it. There are only minor consequences for them, so feel free.

Retrieve plans from Fort Riverstride and return them to Eldrich Parson in Castle Navan in the Tularean Forest.
Difficulty: 3Danger: 4XP: 10000 or 12500Gold: 0 or 5000
You have a month to complete this. The easiest way to do this is to trick King Parson. Just contact Queen Catherine and tell him about his plan. Turn the False Riverstride plans to complete the quest without the bonus. The other way is to infiltrate Fort Riverstride. You can go in through the front door (11116, -2108), or you can use the secret enterance BELOW Fort Riverstride (10531, -1611). This walkthrough will assume you take the secret enterance. In any case, cast Invisibility if you have it. From there, follow the corridor and pass up the first five doors you see (including the doors opposite each other). The room you want is a as an oblong table with a picture of Queen Catherine (She's pretty, but I digress). The plans are in there (-3798, -1151), behind the portrait. Once you have the plans, return to King Parson for your reward.

Rescue Loren Steel from the Tularean Caves in the Tularean Forest and return him to Queen Catherine.
Difficulty: 5Danger: 5XP: 10000 or 12500Gold: 0 or 5000
Like the Riverstride plans quest, you have 28 days to finish this. Like the last quest, you can talk to King Parson and he'll bring you a false Loren Steel to trick Queen Catherine. And likewise, no bonus. And like before, I highly suggest Invisibility. The Tularean Caves are in the Tularean Forest (uhm.. duh!) and you have the enterance in (-13838, 19674), or the secret passage from Castle Navan. This walkthough will assume that you take the front door. Now, there's a chest that will tell you the secret to get Loren Steel: you need to take an invisible bridge. Take the stairs up to your left and follow the passageway at the end of the stairs until you reach the fork, and take a right. Once you get to the platform, drop in. (You could use Jump and get across the blocks, but that ends your Invisiblity). Take the passage to the west (next to where you dropped) until you reach a dead end. Remember Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? At (-4513, 2196) is the bridge in question, the ground is slightly elevated to mark it. After the bridge, there will be a passageway a little to the right (near a set of stairs). Follow that and in the large room, go up the stairs. You'll see three moving "walls". Take the one on the right. To your right is a passage way, follow that or hop from the ledge and go through the door. It'll hurt though. Near the door is a ramp up. At the end of the ramp is a barred door, which houses Loren Steel. Once you have him, get out of the Tularean Caves (You can take the far left teleporter for a quick way to the enterance) and return to Queen Catherine for your reward.

Retrieve Gryphonheart's Trumpet from the battle in the Tularean Forest and return it to whichever side you choose.
Difficulty: 2Danger: 5XP: 10000 or 12500Gold: 0 or 5000
You get this chest a little while into the war, if you enter the Tularean Forest (If you can't do it, try walking from a map back to this one). This one will have to be quickly done. Fortunately, it's easily done. The chest in question is near the Tularean Caves (-14480, 19876). Grab the trumpet from the chest. Now you have three choices: You can return the trumpet to King Parson or Queen Catherine for 10000 XP and 5000 Gold. Or you may protect Harmondale by turning it into Judge Grey at the Arbiter Hut in Harmondale (20937, -6474) for 12500 XP. It's up to you.

Choose a judge to succeed Judge Grey as arbiter in Harmondale.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 0XP: 0Gold: 0
THIS quest, unlike the others, is mandatory. Several months after the war begins, you will be notified that Judge Grey has died. And until a new Arbiter is chosen, a ceasefire will be declared. Ambassadors from Deyja and Bracada will be sent to request you choose their choice. The portential Judges are in the taverns of the respective maps: Judge Fairweather is in the Familiar Place in the Bracada Desert (-13306, 18457). Judge Sleen is in the Snobbish Goblin in Deyja (4472, -12365). Make your choice carefully, as this affects the next part of the game. Once you have a choice, take him to the Arbiter's Hut (20937, -6474) in Harmondale to complete the quest.

If you've chosen Fairweather as Arbiter, click ~here~. If you have chosen Sleen as Arbiter, click ~here~.

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