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Walkthrough Part 4: The Path of Dark

Part 4B- The Dark Path
If you have chosen Judge Sleen, his "hands off" style of diplomacy, while quite good, will be of little use, thus the war will continue. Noone's really happy about this. Except Deyja, who are quite happy to have an influx of new bodies. Naturally, Bracada is FURIOUS. But still, the war ultimately ends in a stalemate, and peace reigns, for now. Not to mention you are recognized as the rightful rulers of the Kingdom of Harmondale. Now, you have a great ally in Archibald Ironfist. You now walk the Dark Path, and get a sweet color scheme to boot.

Enter the Pit from the Hall of the Pit in the Deyja Moors, then talk to Archibald in Castle Gloaming in the Pit.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 0XP: 0Gold: 0Other: None.
Now, to get to the Pit, you must pass though the Hall of the Pit. The Hall of the Pit is in the northeastern area of Deyja (18294, 6145). Once you pass through it, you'll be in the Pit itself. Once in the Pit, go south, then east once you can't go any further south (without walking into lava), then south again. Go east through the tunnel into a teleporter. You need to use the teleporter three times (Simply go back the way you came) to enter the area with Castle Gloaming. Go west from the tunnel and across the bridge to reach the gates of Castle Gloaming (-11435, -20277). Now, once inside, go west until the large chamber, then go south through a narrow hallway. Once you emerge from it, there will be a ship to the east. Face the rudder pole and activate it to teleport to the next ship. You want to do this twice. Then go north and down the stairs. Just south will be the throne room (-10337, -18395). Talk to Archibald to get the next quest.

Complete the Breeding Zone and return to Archibald in the Pit.
Difficulty: 5Danger: 10XP: 50000Gold: 0Other: Dark Magic Guild Membership
This one is hard, mainly because of all of the behemoths. They are going to be VERY tough for your level, and are too large to effectively get around with Invisiblity. So you'll have to be quick or fight HARD. That said, from the enterance to the Pit, go forward to the T-intersection and turn right. Continue on, jumping (use the X key) over the break in the path. Then take the first right. Just to your left will be the path to the Breeding Zone (-5333, 403). Once inside, just go forward into the next toom, and jump into the far west side of the pit. If you move right, you'll pass by the Behemoths. If you want to kill them, lure them after you, there's a narrow point that they'll get stuck in. From there, follow the passage until you get to the next room. Directly across from the opening is a secret door. Open it and go north. From there follow the passage east, and continue east through the next passage in the wall. follow that passage until you get ro a room with a stand that has three buttons. Hit all three buttons, and then go back: The wall away form the two tunnels has been lowered. Now, go north to the next room, but don't drop into the pit. Drink from the west fountain to extend a bridge to the other side, and then cross it and hit the button. That opens the way out. Now drop into the pit: but watch out for the Behemoths. Yuo can go west, dodging the Behemoths, and hopefully lure them into a narrow hallway in the room at the end (The hallway leads back to a secret door near the fountain room where you found the first secret door). But the way out is east. Follow that passage until you reach a large area. North is the exit. Once you leave, return to Archibald to complete the quest.

Go to the Mercenary Guild in Tatalia and talk to Niles Stantley within two weeks.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 0XP: 0Gold: 0Other: None.
If you got the Wand of Fireballs from Malwick in Emerald Isle, you'll recieve a messenger with this quest (and a message) when you enter Harmondale a few weeks after you complete Gavin's quest. Otherwise ignore this quest and the next. Just go to Tatalia and go northeast to the small village in the mountains. The Mercenary Guild (17900, 16782) is the building to the far north. Enter it to recieve your next quest.

Steal the Tapestry from your associate's Castle and return it to Niles Stantley in the Mercenary Guild in Tatalia.
Difficulty: 4Danger: 8XP: 0Gold: 0Other: None.
Oh YAY. I'm remembering having to go through Castle Gloaming to get the Lich Jars. It was dangerous then and I finished all the promo quests. This'll be a killer. If you DON'T do this quest, swordsmen and goblins will attack Harmondale, and you'll have to kill them all to access any of the services there. But completing this quest will turn everything in Castle Gloaming hostile to you, which will make any dealings difficult. I don't suggest you do this. But if you really want to... Anwqays, once in Castle Gloaming, go west until you get to the large chamber, then cast Invisbility and go north into the nest large chamber. Take the stairs up and take the north passage. At the end of this room is the tapestry (-3046, 10355). Return it to Niles Stantley to finish this quest. I'd take the attack on Harmondale though: Castle Gloaming is not a place you want hostile.

The next three quests can be done in any order. You'll get them from Archibald's advisors.

Retrieve the altar piece from the Temple of Light in Celeste and the Temple of Dark in the Pit and return them to Kastore in the Pit.
Difficulty: 7Danger: 6XP: 50000Gold: 0Other: None.
This is essentially the same quest that Resurectra gives you on the Light Path, but in this case, the Temple of Dark will be friendly to you... Although Kastore doesn't really care. The Temple of Light is located in Celeste at (-5834, 15137). Once inside you'll find a secret door to the northeast. Go down and take the stairs north and keep going north until you find the altar (-494, 15138). However, just after the stairs, to the left of the main room (-4039, 3862), is a torn page with a hint to opening the altar. Anyway, just before the altar two sets of stairs leading up. Now if you look around, you'll see three buttons in three locations around the altar. Did you read the torn page? If not (that's why you have me), just press the Sun button in the west set, the Moon button in the north set, and the Stars button in the east set, IN THAT ORDER. Once you do, go to the Altar and activate it to open a secret door to the north. Inside is a chest with the Altar Piece (-571, 17731). Fortunately the Dark Altar Piece is easier to get if you can navigate The Pit successfully. The Temple of Dark is located in the northeastern part third area of The Pit (Go through the teleporters twice) at (-1603, -4146). Once inside, go straight north. The altar is not far north, at (-29, 2725). On the side nearest the wall, at the base of the altar, is a button. Push it to move the altar aside to get the Altar Piece. Once you have both, return to Kastore to complete the quest.

Retrieve the Case of Soul Jars from the Warlocks in Thunderfist Mountain and bring them to Maximus in the Pit.
Difficulty: 4Danger: 6XP: 50000Gold: 0Other: None.
The enterance to Thunderfist Tunnels that is closest to the Soul Jars is the Citadel looking enterents on the north side of Thunderfist Mountain, north east of the main town (-7640, -7958). From there, follow the path east and south until you have an elevator to the west. Go south through the four-way intersection and past the lava fountain into a small library. A chest in the small room off to the east (170, -9259) holds the Lich Jars. Simple, hm? Once you have them, return to Maximus to finish the quest.

Destroy the magical defenses inside Clanker's Laboratory and return to Dark Shade in the Pit.
Difficulty: 7Danger: 5XP: 50000Gold: 0Other: None.
Clanker's Lab is located on the island in the northwestern part of the Tularean Forest: it's the northern building connected by the bridge (14670, 12831). Once inside, go north and take the west stairs, and west again. Follow the passage to the end (sticking to the right wall to avoid the Blades Trap), and you'll reach the door to the library. Inside the "hook" off to the right is a book that can activate the secret passage to the shield controls. Check the top shelves or look around inside of it and keep tapping space. Eventually you'll open up a secret passage in the walk south of you. Go south, and at the bottom of the steps, to the left, is a switch that will open the door next to it. Flip it and then go inside. On the north wall (2741, 862) is the teleport controls. Switch them off (The controls will change color) and return to Dark Shade to complete the quest.

Well now! Once you have completed the three quests, you'll have possibly met with Tolberti. Oh, and Archibald had some troubles with his advisors, so he left to Clanker's Lab (Which explains the need for the quest) and took some of the other necromancers with him. Oh well. Now Tolberti has his task for you...

Assassinate Robert the Wise in his house in Celeste and Return to Tolberti in the Pit.
Difficulty: 3Danger: 6XP: 250000Gold: 0Other: Blaster Skill.
Tolberti doesn't actully care if Robert the Wise is killed, as long as he gets the Control Cube. But that's about the only way you'll get it. Now, you should know how to get to Celeste, so go north to the Town Fountain (Or Town Portal if you can risk the Angels), and go east, then north. Robert the Wise's house is all the way at the end, to the west (5672, 12332) The quest is exactly like the Control Cube quest in the Light Path, so the same comments apply, although Robert the Wise is slightly harder since you're on the Dark Path: The dungeon is called "The Small House", and it is small, so Robert the Wise will be amazing easy to find. Go north a bit to find him. Now he's ACTUALLY pretty easy if you have Protection of Magic, since he can Eradicate characters. If not, pray your Cleric doesn't get Eradicated. He does have Power Cure, and that can make it hard to kill him, otherwise he's not a bother. Just keep wailing on him and he'll kick the bucket. Check his body for the Control Cube (And a Blaster, WHOOHOO!), and bring it back to Tolberti to complete the quest.

Now that you have completed all the quests requested of Archibald's "advisors", Kastore will be quite happy to answer your questions as to WHY you are doing this. Go to the Castle Gloaming throne room and prepare of the end of your journey.

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