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Walkthrough Part 5: Endgame

Part 5- The Finale
Now, in this final part, I'll refer to Resurectra or Kastore as "Your advisor", as the quests here are essentially the same. Only two more quests left, and you're done. But until then, you have the new Blaster Skill to work with. Blasters are weak, but insanely fast and accurate: they kill anything VERY quickly. You'll have to remove any weapons if you want to use them however or you'll suffer greater recovery times.

Go to Colony Zod in the Land of the Giants and slay Xenofex then return to Resurectra in Castle Lambent in Celeste.
Go to Colony Zod in the Land of the Giants and slay Xenofex then return to Kastore in the Pit.
Difficulty: 7Danger: 9XP: 500000Gold: 50000
They really don't like devils, do they? That aside, your advisor tells you that Nighon probably dug a tunnel to the Land of the Giants. So Town Portal to Nighon (if you can) and go check it out. It's not really nessecary, since you have to go to Thunderfist Tunnels. But I'm using Nighon as a reference point. From the Thunderfist Tunnels enterance east of the town fountain (11685, 11039), enter the Tunnels, and go east until the tunnel goes north (that is, take your first right), then go north through the small passage. The way to the tunnels to Eeofol is almost directly north from where the tunnel opens up into large chambers (2614, 7541). The Tunnels to Eeofol is actually fairly straightforward, but be careful of the Medusa and the Behemoths. Invisiblity is alright, but hard to pull off with the massive Behemoths, so be prepared to fight. Just follow the passafe north, then southeast, then back north. Just follow the main passages until you reach a large chamber with a fountain and several branches. Go north, then east again and follow the passages. Eventually you'lld go south into another large chamber, that loosk like a sort of dumbell. Go east here. Go therough the zigzag passages and then go north in the next chamber, then go east. You'll get to a sort of pier with an opening in the wall on the other end. Jump the gap, and go south, turning east into the next large chamber and falling in the pit to the south. Continue east, into a very large chamber, and go south, following teh passageway. Once you go north, take the first passage to your right and follow that past a large chamber to a door. Behind it is the exit to the Land of the Giants. Once you leave, you get another message from, of all people, Archibald Ironfist. Apparently he's found out where his brother has been: in Colony Zod. He doens't like the idea of his brother held by then, no matter how much they disliked each other. So he gives you another blaster. It will help greatly. Put that on, and get ready to fight. You start in the far mideastern area, at (21444, -3051). The first thing I suggest you do is go northwest to the shrine at (4221, 17840) and activate the shrine there. This will open a way from the Land of the Giants from the shrine in Harmondale. Now, from the exit, you can go southwest-west to Colony Zod, at (-18429, -11905). One of the tentacles is the enterance, and the location mentioned is the enterance. There are a LOT of devils around it though, and I advise you to take to the air, because some devils can cast Meteor Shower, and this can be deadly even to a high level party. Get inside: at least the devils can't cast Meteor Shower there. Make sure too explore a bit and snag two more blasters from the "chests" that look like cushions. You'll need them later. From the first fork, go all the way west, then north through two doors. That will lead you to a lift: to go up, hit the button pointing away from the lift. Go through the door and hit the buttons then go west, following the passage. Once you reach the four doors, take the second door on the left. There's a platform you can Jump to, jump on top and turn around to face the cage: inside is Roland Ironfist, and click on it to free him (-11166, 8554). He'll give you the Colony Zod Key. Now go back down the lift: If you walked along the passage, you might have noticed a fork, at least on the map. Take this fork now into a large chamber. Go north, and through the door will be another lift. Take it up. Now, go around the wall (There's a hole in the middle of the room going back down) to the east room. Hit the button there, then go to the west room and hit the button. Go to the south room and take this lift up. The door here needs the Colony Zod Key. Have your active char open it. One of the Devil Captains is Xenofex. Kill him and return to your advisor to complete the quest.

While Roland may harbor no desire to kill old Archibald, as proven with Catherine and her late father, she's quite fine with killig off annoying relatives. However, Roland steps in and Archibald gets exiled to Clanker's Laboratory, where he can continue his necromantic studies in peace. Chances are it's not the last the world has seen of him, but all parties seem happy for now. Except your advisors. Be prepared for the final quest!

Now, if you've paid attention to the FMVs, your advisor and thier cohorts are not of this world. In fact they are the heroes of Might and Magic 1-3 (Nice tie-in, there) who have landed on the planet. However, a rift grew between them. The advisors to Gavin Magnus simply want to find a way home. The ex-advisors to Archibald Ironfist want to bring the world into their wise rulership. And to set these plans into motion, then need just one item...

Go to the Lincoln in the sea west of Avlee and retrieve the Oscillation Overthruster and return it to Resurectra in Celeste.
Go to the Lincoln in the sea west of Avlee and retrieve the Oscillation Overthruster and return it to Kastore in the Pit.
Difficulty: 10Danger: 10XP: 0Gold: 0
Yup. From medieval to futuristic. That's the Might and Magic series for you. Make sure to gather the wetsuits from the chests outside the throne room: You're gonna need 'em. Sell off anything you don't need to make room for your equipment. Like your advisor seaid, you can't have any other equipment while you are wearing the Wetsuit. Except for one thing: Blasters. Make sure you have four, if not, go back to Colony Zod to get more. Once you're ready with four Wetsuits and Blasters, go to Avlee. With the Wetsuits, you can walk on water: just simply jump when blocked by it. Now, go as far west as possible. Once in the shoals, go east, and slightly north. When you see a white formation on the minimap, that's the Lincoln. You can enter on the left side of the ship, near the opening (-6894, 5477). Once insiade, REEQUIP YOUR EQUIPMENT. The Wetsuits offer no protection, and you'll need all yuo can get against the security droids. You'll be under attack as soon as you get in. Take out the droids so you have more time to cast spells in relative safety. Also, if you look around the ship a bit, you'll find some uber-powerful Blaster Rifles. Now, you'll probably notice that you probably can't open many of the doors yet: the power to the main ship is off. So our first task is to find the power switch and turn on the ship. The southeast door works fine, so go through that. Go east at the intersection, at the end is a lift, take it up. In the center of this chamber, go to the northwest face of the platform surrounding the pillar and hit space (3885, -887). You should get a "Power Restored" message. If not, circle it and just keep tapping the spacebar. Now from there, go back down and take the south path, going up the stiars. From here take the southwest stairs up and go through the far right door on the south wall. Through the next door is the bridge. in the center of the north part of the bridge is a well-like object (4320, -9255). Examine it to get the Oscillation Overthruster. Once yuo have it, return it to your advisor to beat the game! Once the cinema is over, you're free to explore the world as you like, and finish any quests you have not completed... or set challenges for yourself. Good luck!

You also get a "certificate" pic showing what levels and classes you had when you beat the game, how much game time you took, and your score. Feel free to send it to so I can list your achievement as well. For the record, I do like the last part of the Light ending. What is ti? Go see for yourself!

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