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Knowing your foe is important to winning a battle. You can know your foe by raising your Identify Monster skill, or you can consult this guide. In this guide you'll find a complete list of all monsters found in the game, with pictures (or not, if you wish). Even broken into two pages, the monster list is quite large, so forgive the long load times (especially for the picture list.)

Picture Monster List A-K
Picture Monster List L-Z
Text Monster List A-K
Text Monster List L-Z

This is a quick guide to monster statistics. If you're ever confused about a particular statistic, and you dont' want to consult the key, just hover the mouse pointer over the statistic in question for a popup that explains it.

HP (Hit Points)How many Hit Points it has. You have to do this much damage to end its' miserable exsistance.
AC (Armor Class)How hard it is to hit. You'll have to be more accurate (higher attack bonus) if you want to hit a foe with a high AC.
EXP (Experience Points)Your experience award for turning this particular creature into an inert corpse.
The particular element of the creature's attack, along with the damage it inflicts on a hit. This is a base modifier, various effects on you or the monster will raise and lower it. Some monsters have two types of attack.
What spells a creature can cast. Mostly offensive spells, and some creatures may have two spells available. Their effective skill level is listed below the spell name.
Special AttacksAny sort of special (And baneful) effect a creature may inflict with a successful attack. Status changing effexts are listed in the color of their severity. It doesn't mean that the white attacks are the weakest though.
ResistancesHow resistant a creature is to a particular element (In this case, "Physical" attacks count as an element). Each resistance is color-coded for ease of perusal. The higher the number, the more likely damage from that element will be reduced.

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