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Magic is an INCREDIBLY important ability in Might and Magic 7. Going without spells would be difficult, and abstaining from magic altogether (Scrolls, wands and such) makes it next to impossible, but it can be done. Unless you want a challenge, why deny yourself an incredibly potent tool? MAgic can quite literally save you time, money and your lives. And I don't just mean the healing spells: Anything that's capably of dealing 100 damage in one shot is worthy of consideration.

Magic is divided into three schools: Elemental, Self, and Mirrored. Elemental magic is Wizard magic, and focuses on damage and utility. This is the magic of Wizards, Archers, and Thieves. Self magic is Clerical magic and focuses on healing and protection. This is the magic of Priests, Paladins, and Monks. Rangers and Druids can use both Elemental and Clerical magic, although not to the extent as specialized casters. The Mirrored magics of Light and Dark are the most potent of spells available, and thus are only available in thier entirety to the most powerful spellcasters: Priests and Wizards. Although Paladins and Archers may dabble in it.

Elemental Magic List
Self Magic List
Mirrored (Light and Dark) Magic List

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