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Character Editors

First of all: ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BACKUP YOUR SAVED GAMES before using an editor. I take no responibility for any damage done to your saved games due to use of these programs. I mean, they're not even MY creations.

Might and Magic 7 Character Editor (v 3.00) (932 KB)
This one is a nice program that allows you edit the current date of the game along with food, gold, and any character specifics like statistics, skills, spells known, etc. IT's very simple and intuitive to use. I suggest it for anyone who wants something simple.

MM7View (v 1.01) (579 KB)
A little more complex, and it doesn't allow you to manipulate some things (Like awards, like that matters). However, it also allows you to edit other things about the game, such as sprites, character poartraits, sounds, and so on. It is HIGHLY suggested that you backup anything you edit here. You can also view things like monster data (and edit them too). If you want to edit your party, you'll have to go to your saved file and look for "party.bin". All in all, a very nice thing for the entire gameif you like to tinker.

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