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Part 4A: The Path of Light

Part 4A- The Light Path
If you have chosen Judge Fairweather, he will successfully negotiate a peace between Erathia and Avlee. You get to watch them make a toast with Gavin Magnus, the ruler of Celeste and Bracada Desert. And Queen Catherine is annoyed since she forgot who her real enemies are. But everyone is happy. Except Deyja, quite naturally. But due to the peace agreement, you are now the rightful rulers of the Kingdom of Harmondale, and you gain a potent ally in Gavin Magnus. You now walk the Path of Light. The color scheme is hard on the eyes though.

Enter Celeste from the grand teleporter in the Bracada Desert, then talk to Gavin Magnus is Castle Lambest in Celeste.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 0XP: 0Gold: 0Other: None.
Simple enough, it's time to meet your new ally. Go to the Bracada Desert. Just southeast of the Teleporter Cluster is the teleporter to Celeste. (If you don't want to fly you can take the far west teleporter.) The teleporter is at (-9711, 10059). Enter it to go to Celeste. Oh and cast Fly if you have it. It'll be useful. Anyway, follow the path to the fountain, the go north, then west. Castle Lambent is just ahead. Once inside, go north until you can't anymore, then go west. Open the door and Gavin Magnus will give you your next quest.

Complete the Walls of Mist without killing a single opponent and return to Gavin Magnus in Castle Lambent in Celeste.
Difficulty: 8Danger: 9XP: 50000Gold: 0Other: Light Magic Guild Membership.
Gavin's advisors insist that you do this before they meet with you. And guess what: This quest can be a pain in the ass. Do yourself a favor and have get Invisiblity if you don't have it. Once you enter, you'll find three arches in the middle of the room, and three pillars at the far end. Each pillar needs a key, each arch is a teleporter takes you to the key. Let's start with the East Teleporter. Once in the teleporter, go north to the building and past the moving "wall". Inside is a lift, hit the button to go down. From there, follow the path to a room with three pools in the middle. The side rooms have to pools each with buttons on the rim. Hit all four buttons and return to the main room. The pool at the very far end will be empty. Jump (Not the spell) down and find to find a chest (24365, 12760) with the East Pillar Key. Take the passage north and open the secret wall at the end to return to the pool room. From there, retrace your steps back to the teleporter. To get the Center Pillar Key, enter the teleporter and jump or walk down. In the southeast area of the room, you'll find a platform that moves up when you step on it. Enter the room to find a chest with the key (6126, -23898). Climb back up to the teleporter to leave. In the west archway there is a large room and a passage north leading to a west and east wing. On ledges (facing the room) of each wing are three buttons and a lever. To get the West Pillar Key, you must find the correct combination of levers and buttons. I heard the solution was random, but I've used this one: Press the middle buttons on each side and then pull either lever (I pulled the one on the last button I pushed). If it doesn't work, another solution I heard was to push all three buttons on the east, and the middle button on the west, then pull the west lever. If it works, you'll hear a the "opening sound" and a platform will lower in the center of the main room, revealing a chest (-11471, 12131) with the key. Once you have all three keys, give them to one person (to speed things up) and have that character be the active character when pressing the buttons on the pillars in the main room. Once all three buttons are hit, a secret door will open up in the north wall. On the far end is the exit. Take the exit and return to Gavin Magnus to complete the quest.

Go to the Mercenary Guild in Tatalia and talk to Niles Stantley within two weeks.
Difficulty: 0Danger: 0XP: 0Gold: 0Other: None.
If you got the Wand of Fireballs from Malwick in Emerald Isle, you'll recieve a messenger with this quest (and a message) when you enter Harmondale a few weeks after you complete Gavin's quest. Otherwise ignore this quest and the next. Just go to Tatalia and go northeast to the small village in the mountains. The Mercenary Guild (17900, 16782) is the building to the far north. Enter it to recieve your next quest.

Steal the Tapestry from your associate's Castle and return it to Niles Stantley in the Mercenary Guild in Tatalia.
Difficulty: 4Danger: 8XP: 0Gold: 0Other: None.
Basically, he asks you to steal a tapestry from your allies. Nice. In this case, it's Castle Lambent. You have one month to do so, or Harmondale suffers attack. How nice of Niles to... warn you about this. Now, if you don't decide to do this, after a month, Harmondale ends up infested with Goblins and Swordsmen. Make sure to search your castle thuroughly along with the land. Everyone locks their doors during the attack, so it's pretty inconvienient. If you do decide to do this, then go to Castle Lambent. Do yourself a favor and cast Invisibility. From the enterance, go straight north, as if you are going to Gavin Magnus, but instead, go east. Don't fall in the pit, but turn north and then east. On the wall (near a window) is a lever (2423, 9802). Pull it to raise the water there. Once the water is up, go across to the room to the east. The tapestry is on the far wall (7509, 8585). I should warn you, taking it makes all the guards hostile. Once you have it, get out and return it to Niles Stantley to finish the quest. I suggest though, not doing it, mainly because the guards will remain hostile, making any dealing with Celeste difficult for a while. Besides, you get more experience killing off Niles' goons.

The next three quests can be done in any order. You'll get them from Gavin Magnus' advisors.

Retrieve the altar piece from the Temple of Light in Celeste and the Temple of Dark in the Pit and return them to Resurectra in Castle Lambent in Celeste.
Difficulty: 7Danger: 6XP: 50000Gold: 0Other: None.
This is essentially the same quest that Kastore gives you on the Dark Path, but in this case, the Temple of Light will be friendly to you. So be nice to them. The Temple of Light is located in Celeste at (-5834, 15137). Once inside you'll find a secret door to the northeast. Go down and take the stairs north and keep going north until you find the altar (-494, 15138). However, just after the stairs, to the left of the main room (-4039, 3862), is a torn page with a hint to opening the altar. Anyway, just before the altar two sets of stairs leading up. Now if you look around, you'll see three buttons in three locations around the altar. Did you read the torn page? If not (that's why you have me), just press the Sun button in the west set, the Moon button in the north set, and the Stars button in the east set, IN THAT ORDER. Once you do, go to the Altar and activate it to open a secret door to the north. Inside is a chest with the Altar Piece (-571, 17731). Fortunately the Dark Altar Piece is easier to get if you can navigate The Pit successfully. The Temple of Dark is located in the northeastern part third area of The Pit (Go through the teleporters twice) at (-1603, -4146). Once inside, go straight north. The altar is not far north, at (-29, 2725). On the side nearest the wall, at the base of the altar, is a button. Push it to move the altar aside to get the Altar Piece. Once yuo have both, return to Resurectra to complete the quest.

Investigate the Wine Cellar in Tatalia and return to Crag Hack in Castle Lambent in Celeste.
Difficulty: 1Danger: 7XP: 50000Gold: 20000Other: None.
The Wine Cellar is in the southeast area of Tatalia, at (8239, -10609). Inside are a group of vampires you must deal with, so let's get crackin'. Cast any spells that you need beforehand. Now all you have to do is go in and kill anything that moves. The first room is easy enough, and a wine rack in the northwest corner hides a secret passage. Once in the chamber, be careful. The Necromancers inside have nasty spells. Make sure to check the room to your north, on the east side of that room (-1422, 3258) opens a secret door on the other side leading to three chests. Once everything is dealt with (Your ready light will turn and stay green), return to Crag Hack to complete the quest. This one's quite easy.

Retrieve the Case of Soul Jars from Castle Gloaming in the Pit and return to Sir Caneghem in Celeste.
Difficulty: 7Danger: 10XP: 50000Gold: 0Other: None.
If you're doing the Altar Key quest, you can get this one done too. Castle Gloaming is in the fourth area of The Pit, at (-11205, -20269). Invisiblity, while nice, is an impossibile here. I suggest resting near the teleporter where it's clear, or clearing out the Temple of Dark and casting all the spells you need. Once inside, watch out for the Necromancers. They love to summon Ghosts. Vampires have a tendency to empty your Spell Points too, making spellcasting a pain. All I can say is BE PREPARED. You have one advantage though: the narrow areas of Castle Gloaming make for VERY NICE areas to lead foes into. They'll also hit each other, which is quite effective in making them kill each other. My warnings aside, once you're in, make your way west to the first large room, then take the way north, near a set stairs. Enter the next room, and take the stairs from the south and get to the second level. Once upstairs, go west again and down the stairs. The chest at the west end (-9185, 6551) holds the Soul Jars. Get them and return them to Sir Ceneghem to complete the quest.

If you checked ALL of the advisor's hostels, you probably met Robert the Wise, but he told you that he would give his quest at a later time. Well it's the later time, not. Go talk to him.

Assassinate Tolberti in his house in the Pit and return his control cube to Robert the Wise in Celeste.
Difficulty: 3Danger: 4XP: 250000Gold: 0Other: Blaster Skill.
Do you get any more quests in the Pit? From the story quests, no. Unfortunately it gets tougher. So don't complain. In any case, the Tolberti's house is at the west end of the first part of The Pit, the northwest hostel (-7770, -6722). The dungeon is called "The Small House", and it is small, so Tolberti will be amazing easy to find. Go north a bit to find him. Now he's ACTUALLY pretty easy if you have Protection of Magic, since he can Eradicate characters. If not, pray your Cleric doesn't get Eradicated. He does have Power Cure, and that can make it hard to kill him, otherwise he's not a bother. Just keep wailing on him and he'll kick the bucket. Check his body for the Control Cube (And a Blaster, WHOOHOO!), and bring it back to Robert the Wise to complete the quest.

Now that you have completed all the quests requested of Gavin's advisors, Resurectra will be quite happy to answer your questions as to WHY you are doing this. Go to the Castle Lambent throne room and prepare of the end of your journey.

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