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Before reading this walkthrough I recommend reading the story first. (The story will also be told briefly in the introdemo) During play, remember to save your game often!


Chapter 1

You begin in the village which the villagers built when they came on Avalon. The demo does not tell you much about it so walk around, talk to some of the villagers and listen to what they have to say. Then walk to a little girl who sits in front of her house (the house is in the upper-left corner of the village) and talk to her.

She will tell you she lost her necklace in the forest, and of course you offer her to get it back for her. This is your first task, but do not do this yet. Go to the weaponstore first and buy yourself a Knife for $100,-. Then go to the forest. There is a passage to the forest eastwards of the village.

When in the forest, fight some monsters to gain experience. The best creatures to fight at this stage are the weak ones, so be careful for a Green Slime because this monster is to hard to beat with only mininal experience. If a battle does not work out the way you want, just flee and go back to the village to regain your strength. Note that in villages you will regain your life (though slowly).

Fight creatures until you have collected enough money to buy an Autralian ($200) defense in the weapons shop. This will make your fighting a lot easier, so buy it as soon as you can. Then go back to the forest and kill creatures until you reach your next experience level.

Now you are strong enough to explore the forest some more. Fleur's necklace can be found somewhere in the north-east part of the forest. If you want to know where exactly check out the forest map. When you go for the necklace, it is important that you have talked to Fleur first, or you will not be able to pick it up. When you have it, just return to Fleur and talk to her. You will then give her the necklace back.

Next, go to Tracer. He will tell you how incredibly brave you are (which you already knew of course, but the villagers had to be convinced) and he will ask you to accept another task. The task is to free Lee because he was captured by the monsters. Accept it, and Lee will give you the Torch.

This is the end of chapter 1.


Chapter 2

With the torch you will be able to go into the cave. Do not do this yet, because the monsters in there are generally a lot stronger than in the forest. Kill some more creatures in the forest first until you have enough money to buy either the Longbow ($300) or the Short Sword ($500). When you have a better weapon you are ready to go into the cave.

When you go into the cave, the torch will work automatically, you do not have to use it. Explore the cave a little and fight some monsters until you have gained another experience level and $85,-. Then go back to the village and buy a Handgrenade ($60) and a First Aid Kit ($25) at the items shop.

Go back into the cave, and look for the Snake. He can be found somewhere in the cave at the end of a relatively large room which is crowded with monsters. This is the first boss, and you can defeat him easily with the Handgrenade. Before or during the fight, depending on your health, you can use the First Aid Kit to restore your life.

When you have defeated the Snake, explore the cave behind him and you will find out that a large stone blocks your way. To get rid of this stone, you will have to find the Pick-axe, which can also be found in the cave. Just go back to the entrance and then go up first, and then take next turn right. For the exact location of the Pick-axe check out the map of the cave.

Now that you have found the Pick-axe, go back to the stone and use the Pick-axe on the stone. The passage is clear now. Find the exit and you have reached the beach area, but do not go there yet. First level-up a little until you have reached an experience of 400, buy yourself a Leather Jacket ($300) or better at the weapon shop. Also, you really need at least a Short Sword ($500) at this point.

During your walk to the other side of the beach (the beach is an excellent place for levelling, so you might want to kill some monsters on your way), you will see an alien standing there. The alien will tell you that he is friendly and wants to help you. He will give you the Blue Crystal which you will need later to enter the castle he mentions. You will also learn about the Dark Force alliance and their plans to annihilate the human race.

To the right of the alien (Kreznjerk he calls himself), there is a cave called the Eastern Cave. You can find two chests here, one with $500, and another with a Heavy Grenade. There are no further secrets in this cave. When you have collected the items in the cave you can go to the next area: the sea. Before you go there I recommend you level first until you have bought the best weapon available at the weaponstore (Heavy Axe $1000) and an experience level of 800.

The sea can be reached via the pier which you can see next to the alien. Find your way to the other side, while gaining some more experience points. Remember that you can go back to the village to heal at any time. It may not be a bad idea at this point to buy some Medic Kits to be able to fight more creatures without having to return to the village every time. There is also a secret cave with five Media Kits 2000 in this area, which can be found somewhere in the left part of the sea.

When you have found the way to the other side, take the stairs up and you will enter the next area called: 'The Entrance'. Walk up and you see a castle guarded by two Dark Guards. Do not fight them yet but go to the absolute upper-right point first. There you will see a weak point in the castle walls. Use the pick-axe on it and enter the hole you made.

Here you will find Lee and he will tell you about the attack the Dark Force has prepared on the human settlement. Then he will return to the village. He will also tell you the words he thinks will open the castle gate. After freeing Lee, go back to the castle gate and fight the two Dark Guards. The easiest way to defeat them is probably with two Heavy Genades.

When you have killed the guards, try to open the main gate using the Blue Crystal. This will not work. Be sure you have tried though, because if you go back to the human village, you can ask Lee why it doesn't work. He will advise you to go to Kreznjerk and ask him. When you go back to Kreznjerk, you will find out he is not there anymore! But do not panic ;) just walk down and you will see the door in the blue walls has opened up. If you walk through, you will enter the Alien Village.

Once you are in the Alien Village, you will find out that you cannot talk with anyone. When you ask Kreznjerk about this he will advise you to buy a translator. Buy the translator ($500, from an alien walking around somewhere in the village) and you will be able to talk to the aliens. Check out all the houses and buy some new weaponary if you have enough money.

Then go back to Kreznjerk's house and he will give you the spell you need to enter the castle. Go back to the castle and when you use the Blue Crystal this time, the gate will open.

This is the end of chapter 2.


Chapter 3

After opening the castle gate, you can enter the castle. In the castle, you can do a variety of things but I would recommend going to the dungeon first by walking somewhere to the bottom-right. If you want to see an exact map of the castle go to the maps page. Note that the castle has three floors and a cellar. (the castle is the biggest area in Avalon)

When you are in the dungeon find Rednael (for more information about Rednael, check out the characters page), he is dying and will give you the location of the key for the main door to the Dark Room. He tells you that the key is buried somewhere near the southern wall in the castle garden, ten steps from an 'altar' located there. After Rednael dies, go back into the castle. There are three things which you should do in the castle at this point:

  1. Find the Life-jug object.
  2. Pick up some gold ($750)
  3. Find the key for the closed door in the left part of the castle.

I recommend doing those three things in the order they are listed here. The Life-jug is a very useful object, because it restores your life as though you were in a village, which means you don't have to return to the village every time to regain your strength. The key is necessary to open the door in the left part of the castle.

The Life-jug can be found in the room you see at your right when you go into the castle (the room with all those chests). When you have found the room, check out all six chests in there exept one (the third from the right), because that is a trap. You will get the Life-jug, a Heavy Grenade, two Large Medic Kits, three HIV Virusses and 500 gold.

Then go find the key, it is very difficult to find if you do not use the map, and you will have to go through almost the entire castle.

Once you have found the Golden Key in the castle, go and find the door which you can open with it. You can find this door in the left section of the castle. Open this door by using the Golden Key in front of it. When the door opens you are able to enter the castle gardens where (if Rednael was correct) the key to the Dark Room is buried somewhere. Of course the monsters here are even stronger than in the castle so be sure you have enough experience and weaponary before you go on.

After you have aquired some new weapons and defense in the Alien Village, visit Kreznjerk and he will tell you that you need a spade to dig out the key in the castle garden. This spade can be obtained from John, in the human village, so go back to the village and get the spade. Then return to the castle garden.

Now enter the castle garden, go to the top of the screen and walk to the left as far as you can (you can go behind the bushes). Then go south until you reach the southern wall of the castle garden. Note that you can walk through some of the bushes that appear to be solid.

On your way you will encounter some Living Trees. These monsters are hard to defeat, even with the best weapons. You will need to lower their defense with at least two DefPens and suck their power with two or more Strong PW Suckers. Beware that you will first encounter just one (relatively easy), but when you are past that one there is another block of three Living Trees which will attack you one at a time.

If you have managed to defeat the Living Trees go and find the altar, it is right behind them. This 'altar' has no use of its own, but you can find the key to the Dark Room "...ten steps to the right " as Rednael told you before he died. So when you are before the altar press the right-cursor ten times and dig (using the spade). If it does not work just dig around the place, the key is buried somewhere there.

Allright, now that you have the Master Key, go to the main door inside the castle. You will find out that the Master Key is NOT working. Mace even asks himself if Rednael had lied to him... Well not quite, he just had not told you the whole truth. There is another door in the castle that you have not opened yet. It can be reached via the cellar. Go to that door and try the Master Key on it. It will open. Behind the door you will find a chest with an access-card. Use the access-card on the main door and voilą, you're in!

This is the end of chapter 3.


Chapter 4

Now that the main door is open, walk up until your way is blocked by Tracer. You wonder why he is in the castle, and it turns out that he is actually not really Tracer at all but an evil alien from the Dark Force called Esor Amreh. He will tell you about the attack that is currently going on at the human village and then he will try to destroy you.

Esor Amreh is incredible strong, so you will again need plenty of items to destroy him. Power Suckers will not work on him, so I suggest using Paralysers. But even if you are strong enough, you will discover it is impossible to defeat him because he will use a strange poison called the "Dark Poison" when you've brought him below 2000 life. He will very nearly kill you with it, but Caddman saves you, just in time.

You will wake up at Caddman's house. Caddman confirmes the story of Esor Amreh that an attack happened on the village and all villagers have disappeared. Something has to be done, but first you must defeat Esor Amreh. Caddman knows where you can find an antidote for the Dark Poison. It is a little flower called: "The Flower of the Eternal Roam", and it can be found only on the highest point of the mountains in the east.

Go and get this flower, but first explore the forest surrounding Caddman's house. You will discover that Caddman's house is actually right next to the village, and in the forest you will find a chest with 2 paralysers in it. Note that you are unable at this point to return to the village or any of the other areas. When you go eastwards you will find Caddman's boat. Use it to go to the mountains.

When you have reached the mountains, the first thing you should do is get the area-scanner object. To get it, just go up with the stairs two times and walk to the left (it is a little blue thingy lying on the ground). The area-scanner is very useful when you are in caves because it generates a map of the current area.

To reach a higher level in the mountains, you need to go through the 'Endless Cave'. So find the entrance to this cave. You will find it at the the right-bottom of the mountain area. Go through the Endless Cave and try to go to the upper-left first. When you have found the exit, you will be at a higher point in the mountains where you can find a piece of wood.

Pick up the wooden piece and go back into the Endless Cave. Now you will have to go to the upper-left of the cave, because there is a second exit which leads to the Flower of the Eternal Roam. When you have found this second exit, go and find the flower. The stairs to it are broken so you will have to fix them with the piece of wood.

The way to the flower is blocked by a Rattlesnake. He is very sneaky because he first lets you pass to get the flower, but then he blocks your way so you cannot escape anymore! You will have to fight him. He is not very hard to kill, you will only have to hit him five times because he has only 5 life. Paralysers won't work on him and you are lost when he uses a medic kit, but it should not be too hard (after trying a couple of times) to defeat him.

Okay, so now that you have the flower and defeated the Rattlesnake, go back through the endless cave and the mountains to Caddman's house. Give him the flower and he will prepare the Dark Potion with it, which is the antidote to the Dark Poison. Then you will both go to the castle and agree that you will go to fight the Dark Lord, while Caddman tries to rescue the villagers.

Enter the castle and fight Esor Amreh for the second time. You will need five or six Paralysers to kill him and three DefPens. The Dark Potion will save you this time against the Dark Poison. After defeating Esor Amreh you will not only get the usual experience and money but also a new weapon: the Vaporizer. This was Esor Amreh's weapon and it has a power of 500. Very good compared to your old rocketlauncher which had a power of only 270.

This is the end of chapter 4.


Chapter 5

Now that you have the new weapon, you are ready to confront the Dark Lord. When you enter the Dark Room, check out the two rooms at the left and right first. In the left room you will find three chests with two Media Kits 2000, a Strong PW Sucker and 1200 gold. The other room also contains three chests with a Heavy DefPen and a Paralyser. Be careful with the last chest at the right though, because it is a trap and a monster will come out of it.

After collecting the items, walk on until you reach the Dark Lord. He will tell you why he is so 'evil' and it turns out that by his version of the story, there is no way it can be settled other than by the death of either him or all of the humans. After telling this, he will attack you. Defeating him is relatively easy with all the items you have collected or purchased.

However, you will not be able to kill the Dark Lord because he flees via a secret passage. This secret passage is behind the painting on the wall, you can walk through this painting. If you do so, you will enter the 'Grey Cave'. This cave has no exit, but you will have to explore it entirely before you are ready to go on in the game, so I suggest you do this first and be sure to save your game after you have finished your search.

If you use the Area-scanner in this area, you will see a lot of passages which cannot be reached and look like secret passages. Most of these passages are 'fake', they have no meaning other than to mislead you.

When you have searched the cave, but found nothing, you can go back to the castle and head for the dungeon. There Caddman will be and he has saved all the villagers. You will be able to talk to them and they will express their gratitude towards you.

A funny detail at this point is that Fleur has already gone back to the village with Alfa and Mark. If you go there (this is not necessary) you find out that they wanted to correct their mistake with Caddman, and that they are rebuilding the village walls in such a way that Caddman's house would be within it.

When you speak to Caddman and explain to him what happened you will both go back to the Dark Room. There you will show Caddman the secret entrance and again you will enter the cave. Here Caddman will give you a Walkie-talkie so you will be able to communicate with him, and you agree to search separately for a way out of the cave.

Caddman will search in the southern part of the cave, so you do not need to go there. Instead, go to the northern section and walk as far to the right as possible. Then walk down alongside the walls until Caddman calls you on the Walkie-talkie. If he does not call you immediately just keep exploring the cave and check all the walls. Eventually (in a corner) he will call you on the Walkie-talkie.

Caddman will tell you where he is and says he has found something. You should go to him. When you are there, he opens a secret passage. Then he agrees after some argueing to stay behind to protect the village, and you go into the secret passage in search of the Dark Lord.

This is the end of chapter 5.


Chapter 6

Follow the ways that in the end will lead to an area called "The White Tower Entrance". You can take no wrong turns here because the way will lead directly to where you need to go. At the entrance, just find your way through the trees until you reach the White Tower. (It is only white on the inside ;)

Be careful when you enter the White Tower, because the monsters here (called Sinnet Guardians) are strong and you cannot flee from them. Especially facing two of them can be difficult. When you enter the Tower, walk up and read the sign there. It is just a warning message, but Mace will learn to use the translator on the signs because they are in an alien language.

Find your way through the White Tower and try not to fight any Sinnet Guardians. Somewhere in the upper-left part of the tower is a terminal, on which you can enter a code. A hint is given as well on how to get this code:

"Only they who know the extent of our loss will be allowed to enter the sacred room..."

This means, that you will have to count the coffins in the tower, because that is the amount of dead Sinnet. The exact number of coffins in the White Tower is: 52. When you enter this code on the terminal, do this with a leading zero, so type: 052. The Terminal will now grant you access to the Sacred Room. Be careful not to enter a wrong code, because you will then be killed.

After entering the correct code on the terminal, nothing is happening appearantly, but when you are in front of the terminal, just walk to the left and then up (behind the pillar). A bridge will form to the Sacred Room, and you are ready to face the Dark Lord who is waiting for you there. Again, before facing him, be sure to carry enough items such as powersuckers, defpens, media kits and paralysers. When you have enough items, defeating the Dark Lord is easy.

When you have fought and won the final battle against the Dark Lord, (this time he is really dead) Caddman comes to congratulate you and you will both go back to the village. There you can talk to the villagers and they will of course be happy that you have saved them. The monsters will be gone everywhere, so you can go back to some areas if you like. Be sure to go to Lee's house as well because there is a stereo on which you can listen to the entire soundtrack of the game.

Finally, you should go to Fleur, and she will tell you about her love and you will live long and happily. The end demo will follow, so sit back and relax... you have just completed Avalon!

This is the end of chapter 6, and of Avalon.

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