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Objects in Avalon are things you can use, or with a permanent effect, which means that you will never have to actually use them. Examples of those objects are the Torch (which will instantly be used when you enter a cave) and the Life-jug (which will increase your life when you haven't reached your maximum life total yet). There are also objects which do nothing when you have them but you need to give them to someone.
Below is a list of all objects and their meaning in the game.

Object List

Pic.Object NameAreaUsableEffect
NecklaceForestNoNone (give it to Fleur)
Swiss WatchForestYesWhen used, it gives you the current Avalon time. You do not need this item to finish the game, but you can sell it to Caw (Alien Village) to receive $2000,-. There are no other uses for this object.
Silver Key
Silver KeyVillageYesWith this key you can open the chest in the forest.
TorchVillageNoWhen you go into caves you will be able to see (a circle around you)
Pick-AxeCaveYesThe pick-axe can be used to chop away the rock that blocks your path in the first cave. Its also needed to make a hole in the castle wall to free Lee.
Blue CrystalBeachYesThis object is needed to open the castle gates (use it when you are in front of the castle) It will only work if its keeper knows the correct spell.
Life-jugCastleNoThis object has a permanent effect: whenever you are low on life, you will slowly regain it. Without the life-jug you will only get this effect within villages.
TranslatorAlien villageNoThe Translator has a permanent effect. If you have it, you can communicate with the aliens which would otherwise just talk nonsense.
Golden KeyCastleYesThis object is hidden very deep in the castle and it will allow you to open the door leading to the castle garden.
SpadeHuman villageYesWith this object you can dig for the Master Key in the castle garden. You can get it from John.
Master KeyCastle GardenYesYou can open one of the doors in the castle. Behind it you'll find the access-card.
Access-cardCastleYesThis object is required to open the main entrance to the Dark Room.
AreascannerMountainsYesWhen used, it displays a map of the area. It works only in caves. (The Cave, Eastern Cave, Grey Cave, Endless Cave)
Piece of WoodMountainsYesUse this to fix the missing step in the mountains.
Flower of the Eternal RoamMountainsNoGive this flower to Caddman so he can make the Dark Potion with it
Dark PotionCaddman's HouseNoThis is the antidote you need to defeat Esor Amreh. It protects you from the Dark Poison.
Walkie-talkieGrey CaveYesCaddman will use this to notify you when he finds something. You can do the same but it has no use in the game.