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Below you can find a detailed list of nearly all characters in Avalon. I only left out some unimportant ones that are not actually involved in the storyline, like the shopkeepers Mark, Alfa, Neorej and Knarf.



Mace (20) is of course the main character in the game. On earth he was a soldier and therefore knows how to fight. He doesn't have much experience though, especially not against alien creatures. Everybody in the village likes Mace, for he is a nice young man with courage. During the first alien attack, it was mostly thanks to him that the village manage to hold the aliens back.



Fleur (17) is a beautiful girl who is in love with Mace from the very beginning, only she is to shy to tell him about her love. She was one of the first to encounter alien creatures, when she was exploring the forest. During that encounter, she had to flee very quickly and she lost her Necklace in the woods.



Lee (32) is the charismatic leader of the expedition to Avalon. He is a very brave man, but unfortunately for him also very na´ve. After the monsters attacked the human village, he thought he could solve the problem himself, and he went to talk to the aliens about peace. This had no effect, except that he was captured and is now being held captive in the Dark Castle.



Tracer (45) was a very rich man back on earth, and he literally bought his way into the ship that would bring the last of humanity to safety. Though he was a strange addition to the crew, he was always very helpful. Until they arrived on Avalon. Since then he acted strange, and he talked Lee into going to the aliens, which was fatal for him. Tracer took control of the village after Lee was gone.



Rednael (35) was a farmer and his knowledge of farming was very useful to the villagers on Avalon. His specialty is chicken-farming, and the chickens that walk around in the village, are his. During the first attack of the aliens on the human village, Rednael was missing, and believed to be killed by the aliens.



John (51) is the oldest member of the village. He helped defending the village during the first alien attack but has no actual combat skills for on earth he was a rocket scientist who helped to build the spaceship that brought them to Avalon. He is very willing to help with everything and he's also very smart.



Frank (33) is not a very important character in the game, but he has some very strange habits. He's not very brave and was a computer-scientist back on earth. He is married with Saskia. Because all the computers were lost during the alien attack in which the spaceship was destroyed, he fills his time with playing games like golf and tennis. He has great plans and wants to build various recreation facilities on Avalon.



Saskia (30) is married with Frank, and is expecting a baby from him. She also smokes a lot, which is a very bad habit for a pregnant woman. Because of her pregnancy, she wants Mace to succeed more than anyone in the village.


Willy and Wally

Willy (16) and Wally (16) are two twins who are very smart. They were the inventors of the fuel-enhancement that made it possible to build a spaceship that would reach as far as Avalon. Allthough they know a lot about physics and math, they are absolute nerds and often say stupid things.



Caddman (37) was a commando back on earth. His real name is Nekerps et tiu Gitsal, and he was born in Mongolia. He was the first to discover that Avalon was not as safe as they all wanted it to be, and he started to take precautions. The other villagers just thought that he was mad, and when he disappeared suddenly after the alien attack, they thought he had left them to die. Mace doesn't believe this story to be true, but it is a fact that Caddman left on the critical moment and is yet nowhere to be seen.



Kreznjerk (age unknown) is the leader of the small tribe of aliens (called the Syuglooc) that would not participate in the Dark Force alliance against the humans. His kind is very peaceful and advanced, but weak. Kreznjerk thinks that the coming of the humans is their only chance for survival and he observes the humans from the moment they arrive on Avalon.



An alien (age unknown) with a lot of gold to spend. He also has some very strange hobbies for an alien. One of those peculiar hobbies is that he buys everything that 'ticks', such as watches and clocks, objects that are very rare on Avalon.


Sram Sram

Sram (age unknown) is one of the brightest aliens, and always busy creating new machines. One of his latest creations is a translator which can be used to translate all kinds of languages into others (he called a "Babel Fish" but he was not sure why) and he is very eager to sell it. Unfortunately for him most aliens are not very interested in his goods.



The chickens (age unimportant) were brought from earh and they provide eggs and meat to the little village. Though they do not want to die, now and then a chicken gets slaughtered. Of course all chickens think this is very cruel, but because they also get to walk around in the village freely and are fed everyday, they tolerate this human behaviour. All they ever say is: "Tok" or "Tok tok!". Just wanted you to know... :) they're cool aren't they? Whatever.

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