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Avalon (Avalon official download page 1.4 Mb)

Download the complete game here!


Alternate Music Kit (avalonmusicpack.exe 344 Kb)

This enhancement contains two things:
1) A windows front-end for Avalon in which you can modify settings.
2) A complete (!) new soundtrack for the game made with the MiGTracker Pro engine.

How to install: unzip it to your Avalon directory and run AVALONSHELL.EXE instead of AVALON.EXE.


Avalon Soundfont (avalonsf.zip1.9 Mb)

This is a music bank which can be used to improve the sound-quality of the music in Avalon. ONLY download this if you have a Soundblaster card of one of the following types:
- Soundblaster 32/AWE 32 or 64 with at least 2 MB wavebank RAM.
- Soundblaster Live, 128 or better.

How to install: unzip the file and use the AWE Control Panel to load it in your Soundblaster memory. Then start the game.


Chicken Patch ( 62 Kb)

CHICKENS RULE THE WORLD!!! WHahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........

How to install: unzip this file to your Avalon directory. Make sure to backup AVALON.EXE first or else you will be permanently infected with chickens ;)


MiGTracker Pro (mtrkpro.exe 395 Kb)

This is the music program with which the soundtrack of Avalon was made. For more information, visit The MiG Outpost.


PlayMTP (playmtp.exe 10 Kb)

A DOS command-line player to play the Avalon music. The music is located in the AVALON/MTP directory. To use the player, just type:

PlayMTP songname.mtp

To stop the player, repeat that command.


Source code ( 125 Kb)

All the Turbo Pascal 7 sourcecode of Avalon.


Avalon Savegames

Here you can find some savegames for Avalon. I have made a savegame for each chapter and for some other important events in the game. There are no "illegal" (cheated) savegames here, if you want to cheat savegames go to the cheats page.

To use a savegame on this page, just copy it to your AVALON\SAV directory and rename it to SAVEGAMx.SAV, where x is a number between 1 and 5. Be sure to backup your previous savegame(s) first.

Savegame: Chapter 1

Savegame: Chapter 2

Savegame: Chapter 3

Savegame: Chapter 4

Savegame: Chapter 5

Savegame: Dungeon (Chapter 5)

Savegame: Chapter 6

Savegame: Dark Lord (chapter 6)

Savegame for The End of Avalon

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