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Cheating is something real RPG players don't do. At least, they say so ;). I would recommend giving the game a try without the cheats first, but if you really want them, here they are.


1) Unlimited Money

The key to the chest in the forest, can be found near the village. Just go to the entrance to the forest, and walk to the left behind the village walls. There you will find the Silver Key. With this key, you can open the chest.

In the chest you will find a useless object, the Swiss Watch. It will do nothing, but later in the game, when you have reached the Alien Village, you can sell the watch to Caw for $2000. This is all still without cheating. But then, after you have sold the watch, go back to the forest and open the chest AGAIN...... the watch will be there again. Sell it to Caw again, etc. etc.


2) Avalon Cheat Patch

First make a backup of AVALON.EXE. Then download this file: and extract it in your Avalon directory. When you start the game, everything looks normal, except for when you load a savegame (it doesn't matter which one). Now you will have 10000 money, 500 power and 500 defense!


3) ACE - Avalon Code Editor

This is a really cool savegame editor. To install it just unzip it to your Avalon /SAV directory and run it there. ACE will then analyse your savegame files and the following window will popup:

ACE, Avalon Code Editor

As you can see, almost everything is configurable. You can decide with how much money you want to play, the weapons and defense, experience, and even which objects you want to own. Be careful though, some things are just not meant to be! The game follows a certain path and if you give yourself objects that you normally are not allowed to have, this may have unforseen consequences.

A great feature of this editor is that you can enter your character's X, Y code (1-100) and area. This means that you can now walk everywhere, even on places where you normally cannot go in the game!

Download ACE here: ace.exe or click on the screenshot above.

Thanks go to Jeff Titus for this great tool.

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